• Published 13th Feb 2016
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The Last Derp-up - DeathFox4

The Round-up just occurred. Everypony is happy that AppleJack is back home, and everypony plans to pitch in to help repair the town hall. Just one question...how does Derpy feel about destroying the town hall?

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The Last Derp-up

Point of View: ??? (Derpy) Hooves

I peek outside of my home. I see the night stars twinkling brightly and I tiphoof out of my house. I flap my wings and I bash my head against the wall. I flinch from the blow and hurriedly look around. I breath out a sigh of relief as no pony pokes their head out.

“Okay, you can do this. No pony's looking. But no flying. I don't need the whole town looking at me again.”

I walk out the door. I see Twilight's library, and I turn away from it. I don't want to see anypony, and I know Twilight can keep awkward hours. I gulp.

But, in order to avoid her, I'm going to have walk through the entirety of town. I see the town hall in front of me, destroyed and in pieces. I whimper quietly.

“Please, no pony, don't see me. I can't take it.”

I walk to the steps of the town hall. My hoof pokes at the broken rails. I yank my hoof back as a nail falls to the ground. I whimper.

“I'm sorry everypony. I'm sorry for everything. I swear I didn't mean to do it...but I never know how you are used to me.”

I feel a tear trinkle down my cheeks. As if in response to my tears, I feel raindrops begin to drizzle, and then finally the storm breaks. I break down sobbing and I feel my cheeks being wet, but by my own tears or the rain I cannot tell.

“Why Celestia? Why did I have to born this way? It's bad enough that I have to be cross-eyed! But I have to be a clumsy fool at it too? WHYYYYY?”

I jump to my hooves and flap my wings hurriedly. I feel my hooves tangle up in something and I crash into the wall of the town hall. I shiver as the wind blows over my wet body. I let out a quiet whimper as my one good eye traces the outline of a jagged piece of wood.

“No one wants me here. I'm useless at everything that I do.” I inch towards the wood.

“I've hurt Twilight.” I inch closer.

“I've hurt Dinky.” One more inch closer.

“I've even hurt Rainbow Dash.” The wood is in within grasp.

“I caused this town thousands, if not hundred of thousands bits of damage.” I stretch out my hoof to the wood. My eye flickers to the hoof.

“I have hurt myself.” I see the scars on my hoof. I glance backwards at my wings and see the fresh scars. The scars of missing feathers.

“No one is here.” I grasp the wood.

“No one cares tonight.” I see a nail poking from the wood.

“No one wants me here.” I poke at the nail and feel the sharp nail bite into my hoof.

“No one cares if I leave.” I place the sharp end of the wood wedged against the floor. I feel a wet liquid trickle down my cheek...but I cannot tell if it is my tears, or the rain. It doesn't matter anyways.

I bend the nail to point with the jagged edge of the wood. I back away slowly and I see the wood facing my eyes. I step backwards.

“It will be quick.” I step backwards.

“It will be painless.” I stop and stare at the wood.

“I already know pain...so it doesn't matter if there is pain.” I plant my hooves on the ground.

“No pony cares anyways.” I jump towards the wood.

“I'm sorry.” I feel a tear drip down from my face as I see me heading towards the sharp edge of death. I close my eyes as a memory flashes across my mind.

Dinky stares back at me. I freeze in place as Dinky looks at me. I hear her soft voice speak to me.

“Mother...why are you pulling your feathers?”

“Dinky...I am...” I gasp as a burst of inspiration hits me. “I'm preening!” I continue pulling at the feather.

“Mom, you're pulling the wrong feather.”

I freeze in place. She notices?

“That's a primary!”

“Uhh...oops?” I chuckle weakly. “Must be the eyes eh?” I extend my wing towards her. “Care to do it?”

“Sure thing!” She runs quickly at me and begins cleaning my feathers. I sigh in relief. I cannot let her find out about my habits.

Doctor Hooves stares at me. I back away hurriedly, furiously looking for the exit.






“IT REMINDS ME OF THESE EYES!” I point my hooves to the cross-eyed vision. I see him flinch as he sees my hooves. I frown as I see the blood red color dripping from my hooves. But I don't let down my tirade.


“That's not true...”




I cover my eyes as the tears come to my eyes. I feel the warm embrace of a pony hugging...and I just cry.

I walk into Twilight's hospital room. I freeze as I see the white covering her body. I turn to run...and I find myself covered in a purple aura. I hear a gentle voice.

“Don't run please.” I try to break out of the aura.

“I want to see you, Dewdrop. I'm not mad, I pinkie promise.”

I freeze in place as I hear my name. “You...you...” I turn to face her. “You know my name?”

I see a weak smile cover her muzzle. “Yes. Yes, I do.”

“But...but how?”

“Just a hunch.”

I weep silently. “You're the first to call me by my name in so long. Thank you.”

“You're welcome.”

“I'm still sorry for dropping a piano on you.”

“It's fine. Say, could you do me a favor?”


“Could you hook up a pair of binoculars to the bed-frame? I still have more research to do.”

I smile. “Sure.” I grab the binoculars from the nearby night-stand. I look at the bed-frame. “Uhh, how do you want this?”

“Make it so I can look out the window.”

I see Twilight point to a place on the bed-frame. I smile, and I tie the straps to the bed.

“Thank you Dewdrop.”

“No...” I smile at her. “thank you.” I give her a wing hug. I turn around and walk out of the door, happier than I have been in a long time.

“I'm sorry everypony. I tried...I really did.”

I close my eyes. I feel something grabbing me. I open my eyes and see a rainbow trail in front of me. I look back and see Rainbow's determined face.

“Rainbow? Why...I...thought...”

She places me on the ground. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”

“I...thought. I thought no one cared. I thought you hated me when you snapped at me today. I thought that no one cared...that everypony...hated..hated me for destroying the town hall.”

Rainbow smiles at me. “I'm sorry for snapping at you. I just...I was not mad at you. I love you helping out, but for those few seconds, I had forgotten.”

“Why did you save me? I'm worthless.”

“I love your lovable actions. Your actions never cause me to hate you, rather I love you. But I have two strong motives to do so.”


She pulls out a gray feather out from her mane. I stare as she lovingly gives it a hug before handing it to me. “Careful with this.”

My eyes flicker to the blood specks on the end of the feather. I flinch as I hear her speaking.

“I know you don't think I'm kind, but that's no fault but my own. But I love you, and I will give up my wings before I leave you alone. Because...I've been here before...” She pulls another feather from her mane, this feather a bright blue color. She hands me the feather and my heart stops as I see the blood specks on the edge of the bright blue plumage.

“I've been here before...Dewdrop.”

I jerk my head up and gape at her. She smiles at me.

“You...Rainbow? You know my name?”

She nods. I gasp. “But how...?”

“Well, Twilight told me.”


“She knows how much we love you. And by we, I mean the town. But because of your...well...eyes, most of us have no idea how to express it. Twilight recognized the shifting in your body expression and told me...”

Twilight looks at the empty door-way. She looks at her hoof and sees the gray feather in the hoof. She smiles.

“I know you will be fine.” Her eyes catch the speck of blood at the tip of the feather. Smiling still, she continues speaking to the feather.

“You are prepared to take glares, thinking they don't care at all. But we here love you, even if we are impervious to your sadness.”

She holds the feather up. “I'm going to frame this feather. Remind myself that she is still a mare within, and she needs us.”

Her keen eyesight catches sight of another gray feather on the ground. She levitates it nearby. She smiles at the feathers, before laying both on the counter top. She levitates a quill and pen to herself.

“Dear Rainbow Dash,

Dewdrop visited me today. She wanted to apologize for the piano fiasco, but it doesn't matter. Don't worry about me.

Please do me a favor. Keep an eye on Dewdrop. I can keep track of her on the ground, but in the air, I need the best flier to keep an eye on her.

No, I'm not talking about her derpy actions. Far from it. I believe that she feels like no pony cares, so I want you to help me show her that we care for her.

Enclosed in this letter is a fine specimen of a wing feather. It's her. Keep it, and remember her. And please, help her stay happy.

Your friend,

Twilight Sparkle.”

I gape at Rainbow Dash. I mutter out a question.

“She...she did that for me?”

“Indeed. She always makes sure that there's a packet of muffins supposed to be delivered to nopony so that you can have it.”

“She did that!?”

“Well, Pinkie baked the muffins...most of the time.”

I catch the slight hesitation. “Most of the time?”

She smiles. “Pinkie, being Pinkie, has been inviting several ponies to help her cook the muffins for you.”

I inch closer. “Who?”

“The CMC, Cherilee, the Cakes, Mayor Mare, Thunderbolt, Fluttershy, Lyra Heartstrings, Bonbon...”

I listen in shock as the list goes on and on.

“...Luna, Cadance, Shining Armor, Velvet, some random party pony, and apparently a Deadpool.” She shrugs. “I don't know him. Just ignore that name, it's Pinkie.” Her voice shuts off as I rush forward and give her a hug.

“Thank you Rainbow. Thank you so much.” I feel the tears dripping off my muzzle and I bury them into her. She freezes for a second and then I feel the gentle embrace of a wing-hug back.

“You're welcome Dewdrop. You're welcome.”

Author's Note:

So I actually have not tried to write Derpy before...hmmm...TIME TO WRITE! Hope you enjoyed. Well...not enjoyed...how do I put this? :derpyderp2:

Inspiration from BlackGryph0n and Baasik – Tell me

Scared, standing there, while a million people stare
Prepared to take glares, thinking they don’t care
But there’s so many reasons to be hopeful again
Instead of living days, watching night beginning to end.
But you couldn't fight it, holding on to pride, it tore you up inside and, even if you totally denied it
You feel so small.

Oh, even if the night is cold
And even if the rain comes pouring down
You might think you're all alone
And no one wants you around
But that's not true, Cause we need you
And you'll never be on your own
As long as you know, that this is your home
You're not going through this alone.

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Comments ( 6 )

This story made me cry like a baby, I hope you know that.

Well done. It'as a wonderful, heartfelt story.

Consider it added to my faves and you to the authors that I am proud to Follow.

Keep up the great work, okay?:twilightsmile:

Thank you. This is my favorite piece of writing so far. And so far, it's my only story with a overall positive reaction. Thank you, it's cause of people like you that I keep writing. :)

Though....I swear....I've seen your name before...and not with a comment...but with a story....meh...idk. Thanks though!

6941084 You're quite welcome.
Good to hear that, too. I think we all have a story that's out favorite.
Hmmm, that's weird. You're an excellent writer. I wonder why you don't get this kind of reaction more often?
And again, you're very welcome.:twilightsmile:

6941110 Hmmmm, that's rather weird that you've seen it connected to a story because I don't have any of mine up here yet.
Truly strange.:applejackconfused:

I never said it was here....but I swear, i know that name....


Dear grief, i hope I'm not pulling a Pinkie and breaking the fourth wall or the future.6941202

6941214 Hey, it's cool.

Hehehe, that's okay. It happens to the best of us.

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