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Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy each have their fair share of amazing students, both academically and athletically. None, however, are quite as notable as Rainbow Dash and Indigo Zap.

A short time after the near-disastrous events of the Friendship Games, the two star athletes from each school arrange to meet up for a chat at a city park, where they find that they're not as different as they may have thought.

The artwork for this story was made by IJAB.

This story was graciously edited by Dubs Rewatcher.

Featured on Equestria Daily 31/03/2016.

This story now has an audio reading! Done by the ever amazing Lotus Moon

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Hey, I was thinking a story like this after I watched Friendship Games. You beat me the idea.

Anyways, this characterization of Rainbow is better than Shadowed Bolts. This is really how Rainbow should have been written in that story.

You deserve a sundae.

I'm sensing a ship here.

6942153 Good, 'cuz I'm shipping 'em!

This story is getting a lot of positive feedback, and I can see why, this story is very well written :D, not that I can talk about well written xD My story sucks in comparison. But I freaking love this ship, and I normally stay out of shippings, (I get a bit sea sick :moustache:) this story is really great keep it up, following.

Scuse me, but, if this is a ship then why is there no romance tag? :unsuresweetie:

6943209 Does it need a Romance Tag?

Well I guess it would, I dunno man. If it was me I would add it since it's a romantic pairing. Just a tiny lil baby suggestion. By the way it's a really nice idea for a story :0

Indigo Zap has the right cutie mark in the story, right?

6943528 Seems to me just to be a friendship. Not every story that has two characters interacting for more than 5 minutes has to be a shipfic. Friendships are acceptable, and in my mind more probable, than full on ships. Not really any romance here, just the start of a beautiful friendship. No romance tag needed, in my opinion.

AWSOME story I really hop to see Indigo Zap in the next EG movie

Huh? I swear this story had a romance tag. :rainbowderp:

6946309 There's a bit of a debate going back and forth as to whether or not I should have one.

Until there's an answer that outweights the other, I don't know whether or not to tag it as a romance fic...

I think not. Because the story never says that they kissed or anything romantic, you just wrote that they talked about what happened in Friendship Games, then they hugged and then they have a soccer game.

Ship! Ship! Ship! Ship! Ship!

6947579 I've been shipping these two since I played Assassin's Creed Syndicate at Christmas.

And I shall do the rest with the other Shadow Six and Rainbooms in the future.

So expect a SugarJack, RariFlare, LemonPie, SourShy, and a Sunlight story in the future...

"When everyone's different, it makes things much more exciting. If we all had to wear stuffy uniforms, then it kinda sucks the life outta you."

I agree Rainbow Dash. I agree. School uniforms make the color in you leave and don't give a lot of personality.

I like that headcannon. :yay:

Better than the original.

Nice bit of world-building there.

FWIW, right now my wish-list for DHX is headed by a wish for a set of 10-minute Friendship Games or Legend of Everfree shorts that have the Six and their Shadowbolt counterparts interacting so that we learn a bit more about them.

Hey, congratulations on getting on Equestria Daily. Well done!

I thought your Rainbow Dash's voice was pretty authentic, so you should be proud of your work.

I also like Indigo Zap, so it's all good for me! Good stuff!

What is up with the word count?

7092332 I really don't know, man...

6944591 Actually she does, we just don't get to see it on her outfit. Check the wiki if you don't believe me.

Good job, enjoyed it :) :pinkiehappy: :heart:

This story was indeed adorable:twilightsmile:

Me too. Man, I need to stop watching Silver Quill ship Lightning Bliss with Flash Sentry.

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