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I am a french unicorn who likes to write stories. I do hope you will enjoy reading them as much I enjoy writing them!


Equestria is the homeland of ponies, surely one of the most powerful kinds that have ever existed. Ponies have control over the weather, magic, the sun, the moon and so much more. They have developed an unspoken pride for their kind that gave them overweening self-esteem. It brought them to completely ignore the other kinds of the world for centuries.
As the Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle wants to renew with the other kingdoms of the known world. Thus she embarks herself into diplomatic visits. Accompanied by Applejack and a young airship captain, she is planning to visit numerous locations such as Griffonstone, the bat ponies’ caverns, Yakyakistan, the Minos Empire and much more in order to meet the chiefs.
But she wasn’t expecting to fall in love with her friend Applejack. Between diplomatic visits and her own feeling, she has to be a diplomat. A heart diplomat.

Note: I am currently in search of an editor for this story, if you are interested in, don't hesitate to contact me.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 12 )

" develop Equestria's neighbours and their history"
You managed to fit Season Six's theme. . Explore Equestria

So far so good:pinkiehappy:

You even did a research? Amazing! !
I love the story u told in Author's Notes.. it's interesting. .

I'm not a TwiJack shipper but I like it. .


Hello, thanks for your comment and I'm glad you like it so far!

Like you, I am not really I Twijack shipper but I haven't read a lot of stories about this theme. Besides these characters aren't exactly a perfect match so I figured it could be a fun experience to write it.^^

I am often making researches while writing. To say the least, every upcoming destinations are based on a ancient culture or myth - except for Griffonstone which has already a solid basis.

I sure hope you will like the end of the story! Thanks you for your comment again :twilightsmile:

I hope this is still updating!
looking forward to seeing more!

yes I am a Twijack fan though that's not how I found this! this seems to have the adventure aspect I have been looking for in a Twijack too, so that's a bonus!

7102002 Thank your for your interest, and yes this is still updated! I've just been quite busy the last few months and I try to keep my two stories at the same time :) I'm currently writing the third chapter, I must have made a third of it so far :)

7103821 awesome, I'm looking forward to it!

"Hello captain. Thanks you. That very sweet of you,"

remove the 's'

"Do you need a kick if the back to move, ponies?" Goltor almost yelled behind the group.

change 'if to 'in'

Thought there would be more interaction between the king and the girls before the attack, but oh well. It's not bad


Thank you for your corrections, I'll apply them as soon as I can!

I feel I should have made more contact between Gregaire and the girls indeed, but I was afraid to make this too long or awkward. Anyway, I have planned to get some interaction during the beginning of the fourth chapter ^^

and yet... I still did not see when you updated this... well time to read then!

Damn I love this story even though not much has happened yet!
Also I can't wait to see this next part.
Keeping us on a cliffhanger... I guess you can't see my glare and my shaking fist... Oh well...

I hope to see more soon!

Thanks you for your interest, I'm happy to see that you enjoy this story that much! The fourth chapter is on the way, but some issues have hold me back from writing. But I hope to add a new chapter in the upcoming week!

And I can imagine your shaking fist.:pinkiehappy:

7305739 eh I understand what life can throw at you, so no worries! I can wait... I have read stories that I waited 2 years on... not fun and i have to reread like all of it, but usually worth it!

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