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A wise woman once said, " Fuck this shit." And she lived happily ever after

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i want to read it but at the same time I know if I read it im going to regret it but if I don't its gonna bother me until I do.

6912747 just read it! It's not THAT BAD

6912778 ok so then your just saying that your description is a lie then......................

well then......... just for the hell of it I read it
I regret doing that
it is trash

6912787 no but it's not THAT bad. I promise

6912798 I did. You're right- it is trash. I even upvoted your comment

6912799 ok.
1) never do this again.
2) please if your going to do a foalcon fic. take a real long hard think about it. because it could cause you to lose followers. (A.K.A me but im forgiving)
3) ever heard the phrase TMI. yeah that describes the clop part in all of its degusting detail.

“She’s sicker than a three peckered billy goat stuck in a swamp.”

That has to be the strangest "countryism" she's ever made. It's funny, though. :rainbowlaugh:

She wished that Dash would tie her up, beat the crap of her and sexually abuse her so bad she would never recover.


Your Scootaloo is seriously masochistic. Is it really "abuse" if the object of one's affections wants it?

I could, just barely, see either my Dashie or the vanilla-Dashie being attracted to Scootaloo -- if she no longer saw Scootaloo as a child. Rainbow Dash would never want to hurt Scootaloo for real, but she might be willing to play with her if she knew Scootaloo wanted it. My Dashie (who is bisexual, with has a weak sex drive but is secretly a really sentimental romantic) has pretty much accepted that everypony else is weird and really into sex by her standards, and she's okay with that if she loves them.

I think I see how your Scootaloo's masochism works. She's been abused by others so she feels that abuse is the only way somepony could relate to her in terms of passionate emotion -- but she wouldn't mind if it was play-abuse from somepony who really loved her, which Rainbow Dash actually does (just not sexually at present). I know that this story isn't entirely serious, but the psychological mechanisms make sense.

Heh, the twist at the end was sick. And funny.

6912832 ok I don't know what that's for but.....
who downvoted my comments they are perfectly justified :rainbowhuh:

Congrats you wrote a story with baby rape in it, I didn't think that was possible (i mean obviously it is but i was sure no one would ever actaully do it) but you good sir/madam have proven me wrong and now I'm going to flush my eyes out with bleach.

Premium filly humping! Silly Shining.

Great story! Thank you so much for being my favorite horny filly-abuse writer.

One big difference between your Scootaloos and mine is that yours have been badly abused; mine have merely been bereaved. An abused Scootaloo might plausibly act exactly like yours.

Shining wouldn't do what you have him do, but then I understand you were going for black comedy there.

6912822 Your jimmies sound delicious.

6912910 um im not gonna say anything except if I hear anything about that again I might have to report you.

So, this is why you had to keep changing the batteries out in your vibrator?

Well then...

Quickly! Everyone to the cliff!

6912963 I can block you too yah know right?

6912994 Namaste. Blocking won't stop you from getting notices for replies in this story's comments. I think you're misunderstanding my intentions in any case.

I'm basically saying, chill out!

6913048 oh ok next don't be so...................weird about it

6913050 Weird is my modus operandi.

Well as another person said, i never thought you would write a story about someone this young. I don't know whether to applaud you or be disgusted by it.

Well the story was... How do I put this gently..
Erm well how bout messed up 9 ways from Sunday? X 10 idk the story was good at first but then it kinda declined.

6913567 You can be disgusted if you want.

6913630 well that's the thing, it's a good story but the age.

its prity good i like it

Well....that was unexpected

6913999 it was, it was so random.


I was thinking more the baby rape thought you said you couldn't do that?

6914006 oh no .. I can't. I never used the word "baby". I just can't write baby. Can't do that.

6914412 :pinkiehappy: *rustle-rustle* :heart:

6914281 the fact that you find scootaloo fantasizing about abuse while masturbating on a baby "mild" is disturbing.

Even if you didn't use the word baby you made it clear that flurry heart is an infant, this goes way beyond simple foalcon. I agree with
6912853 , this typeof thing shouldn't exist.

Yall sods need to quit your bitching. There's a description, there are character names there. No one said any of you had to come here and bad mouth this story.

6914566 WHY do you appear at EVERY ONE ONE OF MY STORIES and insult them?!
If I didn't know any better I would say you didn't LIKE ME! Which is a shame because I'm an awesome woman to know!
So now be sure to add this to rage reviews so it can get slammed on.. I'm waiting!
Incase you weren't aware this is a FICTION STORY. Which means it isn't REAL.
It's a story! It's a troll fic designed to cause the stoic to squirm and I see I've succeeded.

6915288 Wait, this is a troll fic? But, I.. er... squirmed, in a different way...

Does that make me a monster?

6915402 absolutely NOT. If you enjoyed it- u enjoyed it. They're PONIES, cartoon ponies!! I enjoyed writing it. Glad you squirmed. :heart:

6915409 Ah, darn. That means I won't grow fangs.

6915288 there's a lot to unpack here.

1.) I'm pretty sure I don't show up on all your stories, not even most of them. When I do show up its because you write Scootaloo, and that's my niche.

2.) I don't like or dislike you. I dislike fics where Scootaloo gets raped, and as a member of the community I have just as much right to say "I don't like this" as you do to write it because other people do like it.

3.) If this really was meant as a troll fic, then you can't really be angry that people got angry, that's what you wanted.

4.) I'm not going to rage this, especially if this is a troll fic because the group tries not to rage troll fics, but even if it's not I dont need to subject myself to this again.

5.) I'm not sure why your hiding behind the argument that is not real. No one said it was, it at least I didn't. I get that it's fiction, I just want my talking magical horse fiction community to not have baby rape fics in it. And I don't have to read it, but if enough people agree with me and maybe voice their opinions, maybe you'll write regular non rape clop, which I couldn't care less about.

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