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Luna is finished being second. A little persuasion goes a long way, and Twilight follows her down to the castle to show Celestia who the true rulers are.

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Man that imprisonment really screwed with her mind. :rainbowderp:

6914046 Kek, to be honest I wrote this story in three hours because my PC was down and felt the need to share it with the world because I had nothing better to do.

6921213 Still good though, it really does seem like Celestia still puts Luna on the back burner.

6923110 "Hey, let's share the ruling duties, sister! I get the daytime where everything happens, and while we all sleep, you can... well, just sleep during the day, I don't care what happens otherwise."

6925144 Uh huh. Call me ignoramus but I don't see them doing anything or showing anything depicted in loving Luna's night or showing her a little respect.

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