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You Are Corporal Punishment! - LightningSword

There was no justice in Equestria . . . until you came along! Those ponies better watch their plots . . . .

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You Spank Sunset Shimmer for Becoming a Raging She-Demon (by Jmaster99)

You walk up to the castle that belonged to Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship and former student of Princess Celestia. You can't help but look in awe at how impressive it looked. You always thought that the Royal Sisters had a nice castle, and that the Crystal Kingdom looked amazing, but this just blows you away.

You stop at the big, yet pleasant-looking door before knocking. You heard a faint, but friendly voice respond: "I'll be right there."

After waiting for some time, the door opens and you are greeted by none other than Princess Twilight.

"Yes?” she asks with a vivid blush. “H-how may I help you?" No doubt she remembers you from… an earlier transgression of hers….

"Hi. I was sent to help you clean your library by…." You can't even finish your sentence as you are encased in a magical aura and yanked into the castle.

Reminds me of that one time when I just started working….

"Perfect. Why don't I show it to you right now?"

"That sounds wonderful," you reply. Twilight proceeds to show you the Library, which is a lot bigger than you thought it would be.

What catches your eye isn't any book, but some weird device with a book in it, hooked up to a mirror. "What is that?"

Twilight looks at you before following your line of sight, and lets a small chuckle.

"That? That's just a magical mirror that leads to an alternate world that contains humans." That last word confused you.

"Humans like me?" You are more curious than confused.

"Why don't I show you?"

After what feels like one of the longest lectures ever, you finally understand what this world is. You think that it’s weird, but you understand. As she walks away, the book starts glowing and vibrating. Twilight brings the book down to open it and write something in it.

"What are you doing?"

Not looking up, Twilight answers your question while stopping you in your tracks at the same time. "Writing to my friend Sunset Shimmer."

Sunset Shimmer? That can't be. She...

"Sunset Shimmer."

"Yep. My friend."

"Sunset Shimmer."

"Um... yeah. That is who I am writing to right now."

"Sunset Shimmer."

"Why do you keep saying her na..." Twilight stops when she sees your shocked face.

"I know her, or rather, I’ve met her. She was more stubborn than a mule. She was terribly rude. She treated everyone else like they were lower than dirt because they weren't her. Trixie is more pleasant to be around. How can someone like you be friends with someone like her?"

"Well, I am a rather forgiving, and she needed the friends. She felt awful for what she had done to me and some of my friends." Much to her surprise, you look at her with a rather curious face rather than an angry one.

"What did she do?" Twilight starts shuffling her hooves in response, avoiding eye contact.

"None of that matters right now. She felt terrible after..." You put your hand in front of her mouth. You didn't mind that she was a princess, and you even respected what she had done with most of her former enemies in making them her friends rather than punishing them with jail time, but you wanted an answer.

"What did she do?" She let out a deep breath and looked at the floor.

"She stole my Element of Harmony, used it to turn into a she-demon and hypnotize an entire school, and tried to kill me and the human versions of my friends."

You bring your hand up to your head as you try to register everything she just said. Eventually, you bring your hand down and look at her.

"The only reason she stole it was because she felt that she deserved it, and she was upset when Celestia didn't make her an Alicorn and..."

You bring your hand up to stop her again.

"So she basically threw a temper tantrum like a filly does when her parents don't get her the toy or candy she wants, right?" She nodded her head right before her book vibrated again. "Well, I am glad that she is acting so much better, but she needs to punished. If she is going to act like a filly misbehaving, she is going to be treated like a filly misbehaving. She needs to be spanked."

"Right now?" You just nod as Twilight thinks about what to do. "Alright, but don't overdo it."

"I won't overdo it. She’ll still be able to sit down."

"All right. Here goes." Twilight starts writing in the book with a nervous look on her face, and you really can't blame her. You, a being whom she has had the displeasure of experiencing before, showed up originally meaning to help clean her library, and now you are planning on going to go to an alternate universe to spank Sunset Shimmer for her actions. You do feel somewhat bad, but you know that this has to be done.

"And done,” says Twilight, putting the book down. “She knows you are coming, but I decided not to tell her what you were going to do. I just hope that she doesn't get too mad."

"She shouldn't, I hope." You look at the mirror as you walk up to it. "So what do I...?"

"Oh. Right." She realizes that something is off. She grabs the book with her magic and levitates it up to the little stand it was on before. Doing this causes a light that gives the glass a rippling effect. "Now you just walk through and do what you need to do."

"Thank you." You wave good bye as you walk through the mirror into the world of Canterlot High School. Looking around, you see a girl with her back to you, with some familiar looking colors, that appears to be waiting for something. "Excuse me. Sunset Shimmer?"

She turns towards you with a small amount of happiness in her face, as if she was seeing a long lost friend. You start feeling bad; she looks so happy, and you’re here to spank her. But personally you know that this needs to happen.

"Are you the one Twilight told me was going to come?" Sunset asks as she approaches.

"Yes. I am. It is actually nice to see you again."

She looks a bit shocked to hear that. "We've met before?"

You let out a small cough. "Yeah. I was young when we first met. I went to clean your room when you were still Celestia's student."

She seems to be lost in thought for a while before her memories start coming back. "Oh. I remember you now. I am so sorry about back then. I was completely different and..." You brought up your hand and stopped her before things derailed any further.

"It's alright. That actually isn't why I am here. I am here for something else." She looks surprised to hear that. "I am here because I heard from Princess Twilight about you stealing her Element of Harmony and how you acted when you put it on. Quite frankly, you acted like a spoiled filly, and what happens when fillies misbehave around their parents?"

"They get spa... you can't be serious! You are going to spank me?! This is ridiculous. Twilight would never—"

"She is actually okay with this. You were like a spoiled brat that didn't get what you wanted. You need to be punished."

"I felt terrible. That has to count for something... right?" You shake your head at that response.

"No. It doesn't. I am glad that you are a better individual and are nicer all around, but you hypnotized an entire school and tried to kill Princess Twilight and her human friends. What was your punishment? The school disliking you for what you did? That’s just drama. It’ll always be there. You never got punished the right way. It seems that if you had been spanked when you were younger, none of this would've happened."

She winces at your words. You’re right, and she knows it. "Alright. If Twilight feels this needs to happen, then you can spank me. Just... don't be too rough, okay?"

"Okay. Now do you know of a secluded place where we can do this?" She brings her finger up to her chin and thinks for a brief second before an idea pops into her head. She starts walking towards a secluded part of the building in front of you two when she waves towards you.

Alright. Here goes nothing….

After entering a small, empty locker room, you sit in a chair as you hear Sunset shuffling behind. You didn't blame her for being nervous. After all, she was dealing with someone who claimed that she deserved to get spanked for what she had done, and it wasn't even someone she knew entirely. You start turning your head backwards when she shouts at you.

"Don't look!! I’m still getting ready!!"

You turn back around, feeling slightly embarrassed at the thought of almost catching a peek.

"Listen. If you..." Your words feel dead in your throat. You looked at Sunset as she walked in front of you. She had removed her jacket and replaced her pants with some tight elastic material. She looked heavenly in your eyes. You watched her as she bent over and rested her stomach on your lap with her butt straight up in the air. "Guess we should start now."

You raise your hand up in the air and bring it back down with a decent amount of force. The smack sounded through the air as she tried to stop herself from letting out a gasp. You repeated this with a little bit more force each time until she started making a squealing like sound after each smack.

This isn't that bad. At least she will learn her lesson. After all she….


...just moaned. Wait? What? She’s... enjoying this?

Coming out of thought, you notice she’s making more noises than you thought could be made. With each smack, her legs would have a little spasm as your hand comes down each time. What shocks you the most isn't her reaction, but yours. You were enjoying it, as well. Perhaps a little too much.

You stop with one final spank, probably a bit too hard, but it had to end. You finally notice that you’re breathing as hard as Sunset. All you need now is for her to get up and you could end this. "Excuse me, Sunset, but I need for you to..."

Your sentence is cut off by Sunset pushing her lips into yours for a kiss. A passionate kiss. After your initial shock wears off, you wrap your arms around her and bring her in closer. She starts getting more hands-on when you break the kiss.

"Sunset, wait." Trying to keep your focus as she was kissing you all over proved to be tougher than you thought. "I don't know what to do. I’m not sure..." She brought her hand up to your face as she leaned in and whispered:

"Relax and follow my lead. I got an ‘A’ in anatomy."