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Every day, Sonata gets bullied when leaving school. Every day. And it might never stop. Might. Not on Aria's watch.

Art done by merryyy87!
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Way to go, Aria. :yay:

This was sweet.
Have a like.

That's sweet, Aria. Glad to see you looking out for your young sister.

Well done for Aria.

Aww that was sweet nice job Aria and good job writing this gen.

Sweet and short, hits hard

I hopes thats how aria is next equestria girls caring for her sisters

I wish Aria was like this in the movie.

Good but I don't think Aria would seem THAT sympathetic at first. I'd figure she'd be more like "oh, God, what's she crying about?" then reluctantly decide to go check up on her.

Still good. : twilightsmile:

Awesome little fic! No one messes with aria!

It was short but damn was it cute.

10\10 :pinkiehappy:

OMG, that was AWESOME, Way to go and attack him aria blaze

This is cute. Good work!:pinkiehappy:

Aria is a bit too soft on Sonata here. There needed to be a few moments of tough love and a bit of neglect, with eventual thawing of the heart. Otherwise, very enjoyable.

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