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Bringing life back to the wastelands seemed to be an impossible task, yet for Eve Roseheart who is an average pony trying to survive, who grew up in the wastes and never knew its pre-war state it seemed unthinkable. As she had done for most of her life, she has wondered across the equestrian wastelands since she was young, not know what life was like before the mega spells swept across the land. Every day is tough for Roseheart but when she finds a young stallion that has seemingly just emerged from a stable coming to her claiming he has a spell that can bring back Equestria to its pre-war form, everything changed.
Based around the original fanfiction Fallout: Equestria by KKat.
Art work and planning can found on my deviant art page by the name of Dashie4ever :http://dashie4ever101.deviantart.com/

***warning- Contains bad language and some very gory content. readers discretion Advised***

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ooo, more FoE. I always need more FoE :pinkiehappy:

Edit: But... I do have high standards. Funnily enough, you have the opposite problem I encounter most often: People usually don't have a well-developed story but good grammar and spelling. You seem to have an excellent story structure going (I really liked the beginning sequence of events, nice way to introduce the story) but... there are enough spelling and grammar errors to be distracting. Some common ones:

PipBuck. Not Pitbuck.

Rucksack, not ruck sake

Raised, not razed, at least in the context I saw it in.

A proofreader would do you wonders. Anywho, keep at it! :twilightsmile:

That's weird I'm in the middle of playing fallout and this pops up on the site 0.0


Um, reading from the description of the story, wasn't there the Gardens of Equestria that could restore Equestria back to the green and lustful country? *Has read every single chapter of Fallout Equestria* It kind of makes this whole story meaningless.

Also, Will and Eve, not very pony names if you ask.

pre reader please :facehoof: I would do it but I got my own FoE but use Gdocs when your typing it, and every new paragraph or when you press enter needs a tab space and the story is a bit fast for my taste but its pretty good other than that

Let me guess.. then she had fight with raiders she use STATS? I like how it looking. :twilightsheepish:

You need an editor. Go to the writers forum on the FOE resource site and post a link to your story there. I'm sure someone will help you out.

769552 yeah I know thanks for the advice, I've never really had time in the past but I'm more likely to now

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