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Some time ago, Adagio said something odd that stuck in Sunset's mind. Now, she decides that it might be time to finally ask about it, and when she does, she learns a lot more about the Siren than she ever expected to.

Part of the Rainbooms/Dazzlings/Shadowbolts storyline
Cover art by Siansaar

Chapters (13)
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Another tale of the Sirens, eh? And with Adagio as a mommy? Interesting...

I'm still against the idea of anyone having to 'earn back' what they were born with (and even if they weren't, have already quite 'earned' what they had by then) and had ripped away from them in circumstances like this, but it's nice to see that Aria and Adagio weren't plain left out after all. :pinkiesmile:

Also strangely gratifying is that there's no beating around the bush with this one; it's given in the title and tale starts almost right away. Please carry on. :raritystarry:

Yay....I tried doing a story like this once...except it was a bit more cliche and traditional.

A little tale of Adagio being a mother. This'll be good. You, my friend, have caught my interest.

Hard to imagine Adagio being a mom. I wonder if this story she's telling will show why she acted the way she did in the present for a while.

FWIW, I have no problem imagining that, in their millennium of life on Earth, the Sirens may have, on occasion, been mothers and raised their children. One of the reasons that they behave in such a psychotic way is because, I strongly suspect, losing their mortal offspring and slowly drifting away from the families that took them in was such a painful experience that they walled themselves off from all of their stronger emotions.

It's gonna be like having a wicked step-mother just without the 'step' part... :twilightoops:

Huh. When a wimpy heir was mentioned, I thought he was Aria's, but I guess she kind of had her turn in another flashback/backstory thing.
Then again, maybe he is... Will find out eventually!

I thought Aria's crush from ancient times was a farmer, not a prince?

Maybe, but confidence-challenged guys are apparently her type and there's no reason she can't have more than one over the ages. Or such was my thinking. :duck:

Hmm, true. Your logic is reasonable.:twilightsmile:
Wait, reasonable logic on the internert?:twilightoops: Wow.

"Listen to me, my boy."

Get out of my head, Harkinian!

Supposedly Aria's crush was Homer, but yeah, that was during Greecian times. This appears to be around the Dark Ages or Medival era.

I already like where this is going. Please continue.

:rainbowderp: This'll be interesting.

She works fast.

...Though this reminds me I have my own Adagio-infiltrating-royalty-to-influence-a-nation-as-part-of-a-sinister-plan story that I haven't updated in a while. :twilightsheepish:


...Though this reminds me I have my own Adagio-infiltrating-royalty-to-influence-a-nation-as-part-of-a-sinister-plan story that I haven't updated in a while.


Also yay new chapter

Indeed, been something like five months now. It's not a particularly popular story of mine and I've been trying to get those finished first, not accounting for other random ideas that keep popping up. Eventually, though. :pinkiesmile:

In Hellenic literature, Sirens were always portrayed as seductresses, mostly with their voices and magic. So, it makes sense that Adagio would have this sort of approach to this problem.

So, did Dagi use her magic to make the guards leave or are they, as she implied, currently 'amusing' themselves with the girls the Prince refused? Horrific? The Late Bronze Age was a nasty time. Life was brutish and short and women were lucky if they were perceived to be precious possessions rather than disposable sex toys.


This is going to be fascinating...


I literally screamed YES as soon as I saw this. I can't wait to read it.

Adagio is going to scream bloody in ecstasy in like a RCV.

Adagio Dazzle was like Lady MacBeth in the past. That's so cool!

You have me interested.

While it's still fairly early (too early to really say much of anything), what you've got going here definitely shows a good bit of promise for drama.

Probably a good reason there was no Romance tag on this one, huh? :twilightsheepish:

Can hardly wait to see where this one goes!

Damn Adagio. Damn...You're so cold and calculating yet I'm still attracted. What's up with that?

You know... There are lots of Greek tragedies/histories that have a similar theme and concept. I'm wondering if Adagio's child (son?) went on to have a very storied life and that the surprise attack of that night may ultimately lead to his destiny.

Poor Prince, i can't help but feel sorry for him...I hope Adagio at least felt something for him. It be a little sad if she felt nothing when he died.
Anyway can't wait for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:


They've been alive for centuries already and don't exactly have much of a means to survive otherwise. Come to think of it, it seems likely that Equestria, even back in their time was a little more up to date than it is in our world.

Naturally that's how people survive back then. Think about it, if they use their magic they'd be branded witches and burned probably. Besides when you think about it running was probably the smart thing, since odds are that castle would be overrun and her child would be in trouble. Not trying to completely defend her actions just saying.


I was honestly expecting the guy she slept with to be King Arthur of all people. Would have certainly made sense or been a nice twist....Either that or have her child be Arthur that would be nice to.

Alrighty, that strikes trauma-induced miscarriage off the list of ways she could have lost her baby, I guess. If anything, that might have been a less tragic possibility than raising him for any length of time and then losing him, but the tale (presumeably) isn't over yet. :eeyup:

BenRG #36 · Feb 8th, 2016 · · · Birth ·

I've got this weird feeling that Adagio is going to end up taking Sunset to the Museum of Antiquities and show her the statue of her son, King Forte Dazzle, legend of that world's Classical Era.

6916172 Yea, that or for him to be some sort of historical figure. Anything that would cause Sunset to go, "Wait, that was your son!"

Finally something that shows just how OLD the sirens actually are.
I'm beginning to think that those three are the particular ones in Greek legend.

Aww!!!!! Forte sounds so cute!!!! :rainbowkiss:

That didn't go as badly as I expected. Really expected everything to go wrong when the sword was picked up. Still, there's more to this story yet.

Can't wait to see more.

Well, this is going to be interesting.

...dang. Well Dagi, your son's discovered that you've got magic powers. What do you do now?

Well...this is problematic. Have to wonder how her son's going to respond to the fact that his mom and aunts have honest to god magic.

Never saw the Rainbow Rocks mini movie...I'm not a fan of Equestria Girls.

Still, this is an interesting read. Greek mythology was a thing for me in my younger days.

If I was Forte, I would simply try and unlock...
My Inner Siren!
Or faint.:trollestia:

6919488 Yeah pretty much.

Sirens are traditionally female, so would Adagio's son possess the same hypnotic powers as his mom? :duck:

They just roamed the countryside for a few years? Was there no kind of new plan, or were they content to raise the kid for a decade or two? I can understand that that span might be like a matter of hours for immortals, but it seems odd somehow. :rainbowhuh:

If they get caught well...

I'm just leaving Monty Python references everywhere

Mmmm what's the plan now mom??

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