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Megan the Adventurer - Catrina37

Megan is kidnapped by Ahuizotl, and it's up to the Knights and Mane 6 to save her and Daring Do

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Megan's Spirit and Ahuizotl's Heart

Ch. 8: Megan’s Spirit and Ahuizotl’s Heart

After escaping Ahuizotl and Jet, the heroes stop at the Saltlick Café to celebrate their victory. Daring Do proudly looked at the Crystal Scepter.

“This scepter is just what I need to prove I found the Lost Treasure of Quetzalcoatl,” she said, “I couldn’t have gotten out if it wasn’t for you and your friends, Rainbow Dash.”

“Thanks, Daring Do, but Megan deserves most of the credit,” Rainbow Dash says, “Even though the bad guys made us, she was thinking more about your safety, and ours too. She could have ran and saved herself, but she stood by and helped us no matter what.”

“Like you, Rainbow Dash, I never leave my friends hanging,” Megan says, “I’m willing to help my friends, even when I had to do something hard. Which reminds me. You guys aren’t gonna tell anyone about what I did with Ahuizotl, right?”

“You mean when you two actually kissed?” Pinkie said.

“Ixnay on the Isskay, Pinkie,” Rainbow Dash said.

“You what?” Thorne said.

“It wasn’t a kiss; it was a fake-out make-out,” Megan said.

A slight pink blush came onto Megan when she saw the tiara on her head, and she took it off without hesitation.

“Would you like this tiara, Daring Do?”

“N’ah. You keep it, Megan,” Daring Do said, “Consider it a gift for your loyalty.”


Megan put her crown down and continued to eat her salad. While she was eating, she did a lot of thinking.

"Man! I can't believe I kissed Ahuizotl! And that I actually I told him what his fur felt like to me! And how handsome he was! Everything!" she thinks to herself, "Still, that kiss...I never had my first kiss before, but it felt...amazing. He looked so handsome after that happened, and I told him that before it. And I was telling the truth about his fur. it did feel soft and comfy.

Without anyone noticing, the crown glowed sky blue like Rainbow Dash’s coat.


Back at Tambelon, Grogar is yelling about their recent failure as he tries to zap at Jet.

“The Knights and the Ponies were within your grasp, and you let them escape! How dare you fail me!” he yelled viciously.

“Blame Ahuizotl, Sire!” Jet said, “He was distracted by that human girl Megan. One kiss from her, and he was under a love spell.”

Ahuizotl is looking out the window, daydreaming about Megan while not paying attention to what’s going on. He snapped out of it when Grogar levitated him and took him to the balcony above the courtyard.

“Hear me, Ahuizotl,” he said, “If you ever think about betraying me and my cause to that human or those pony friends of hers, you’ll suffer the same fate as the resistance members we caught.

Ahuizotl looks down and sees statues of different creature in the courtyard. They are Tambelonean who stood against Grogar and his laws, and were captured.

“Rest assured, Master!” Ahuizotl panicked, “I will never defy your cause!”

“Good! Now both of you get out of my sight while I come up with another plan!”

Jet and Ahuizotl leave Grogar to fume in the throne room.

“Does that mean you’re giving up on that girl?” Jet asked.

“Of course not, Jet!” Ahuizotl said, “Megan is unlike any woman I’ve ever known. Where else am I going to find one with such fire in her spirit?”

Jet sighs and leaves Ahuizotl lost in his daydreams.

“Something tells me this is gonna be a new obsession for him,” he said.

After Jet says this, he walks away in a moping manner to relax after the ordeal today.

"Someday. Somehow. Megan will be my queen, and we'll be together forever," Ahuizotl thinks to himself while he daydreams."

He soon daydreams of him and Megan as king and queen, in beautiful royal attire.

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