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In the process of writing an OC warfic. It may take some time to complete as I also have real-life obligations as well.

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damn.. that was just.. wow


Glad you're enjoying it so far.

(Clicks tongue) damn, I mean great story, but... wow


What a wonderful country for families, right?

Celestia, Luna Candace and Twilight most certainly have no say on how this nation is run or how the leaders lead it, if they even know of its existence at all


The relationship between Karalia and Equestria is rather...interesting.

If you want a basic explanation, they actually do trade a lot and are on somewhat friendly terms, but at the same time, the Princesses don't seem to be fans of Karalia's military exploits.

If you want a more detailed explanation, PM me.

Thank you for commenting.



Thanks man. Glad you like the story.

By the way is there a chance princess Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadence may try to force this nation in your story to stop being a big military power that fights wars for its own agenda or do they let exist cause they do not have the strength or the military strnegth of there own to stop this military nation. I mean the reason say this is it seems that they may try get nations like to stop trying to fight wars that are either pointless or are just about power and control and resources.


The Princesses would like to stop the fighting and Equestria is strong enough to do that.

However, the cost would be too great.

The Princesses, along with their experts, estimated that if Equestria went to war with Karalia, it would last for a minimum of six years and the Equestrian losses would probably end up numbering in the millions, and that's even if the Princesses fight on the front lines themselves to bolster their forces. Not to mention such a total war would bankrupt Equestria, and total war would be the only thing that would get the Karalians to yield because they are stubborn as hell.

On the other hand, Karalia knows that it would eventually lose a prolonged war with Equestria.

Besides, Karalia's end goal is to get the Equestrians to join them as allies against the Changelings.

Also, both countries trade a ton of resources with each other. Backstabbing a major trading partner generally isn't a good idea.

So to answer your questions, the Princesses would like to stop Karalia's wars but don't want to risk the cost of doing that forcefully. They are trying to diplomatically but the Karalians are too stubborn to listen.

Hope this answers your questions.

So a war that would last six years well that's world war 2 basically sort of, but I think I would picture this like the total war games.
Also I going to assume there are going to be parts in the story where some in equestria like Twilight sparkles who will question why Karalia is allowed to be a military nation after all if the changelings and the othere nations Karlia is at war with are defeated by some chance the Karalian government might turn its attention to taking over equestria. another problem is depending on the time of your story is changelings like thorax are allies of Equestira not all changing that for sure as there are many who commanded by the queens who refuse to change to something better so that dose not help either. And if there are changlings like Thorax allied to Equestria this could cause tensions between Equestria and Karalia.

I see Karalia like imperial Germany it wants to have a powerful military it has the idea that its in honor to fight for ones country but the nation dark side is also be put in the barbaric and maybe evil area as its leaders espically in the military maybe harsh and expect its soldiers to fight to the last man and they force there sons and maybe there daughters to fight in the military at a young age now maybe it is to defend the nation but Karalia government may have bigger plans then just defeating the changelings so whats stopping them from fighting Equestria? Karalia is overstretched as is so even if they don't attack Equestria they may just tell the princess's (keep your weak petty ideas of harmony and peace to yourself for in Karalia not Eqeustria only the strong survive where we learn to work hard and fight and are willing to die for there nation) or something like that its sort of saying don't tell us how to run nation we can run the way we see fit.


You have good theories but I don't want to spoil too much for you.

Read my blog linked below if you want some information. It's not the complete explanation by any means, but it should give you an idea of the situation.

Master Codex of Karalia 1: A Basic Introduction

As for other information, wait for more chapters of this story or more Codex entries, sorry.

So how come Celestia did not help the Karalians problems with the changelings however? were there problems in Equestria that she had to deal with that she could not help the Karalians or was it cause she was focuing only on defending Equestria at the time, or did Celestia not know of the Karalains at the time they came under changing attacks till they became a military nation.

I noticed that you will let anyone use the faction created well I been making a story of my own called Half Life Equestria Divided I think I have an idea I could bring them into my story but the problem is I have to decided how I would bring them in for one thing my story is a crossover of Black mesa game and half life 2 games and of an mlp alterante history story called Equestria Divided created by poor Yorrick cause I think I have an idea how to bring them into my story later as my story is still quite new with only 7 chapters and they be the bad guys at least its goverment will be the soldiers force to fight but the imperialism Karalians have would not last but I have a reason for that cause something would have happen to change it I have to explain why that would be however and my plan to bring Karalians into my story but you have to check out what Equestria divided is first and the half life and Black Mesa games are at least enough the lore then I can explain to bring this faction in. but in secret don't want spoil my story to much.

Damn, didn't know the first chapter was up.

I kinda figured it Karalia was going to be this kind of country. Never quite figured it would be that bad. Welp, looking forward to the next chapter, whenever that may be. Until next time,


Thank you for reading, and yes, Karalia is...unique in more ways than one.

I will try to get the second chapter out as soon as I can, but college and illness have kind of hampered my writing.

8778966 Bah, it's fine, take the time you need. Quite frankly your health and grades should come before fanfic, no matter how much it pains me to say.

Until next time,

Damn, what a start. I'm dying for more.

Wrath of Angels Chapter Two: 0% Completion

Th great drought is upon us.

More please and when you gonna update?

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