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When planet Equus was destroyed, the ponies were sent to live in a world inhabited by creatures known as Pokémon. In a quiet little village, Lyra Heartstrings and a Clefairy named Elfa form an unlikely, musical friendship.

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Amazing! I loved it! Wouldn't mind more of this. :)

6911515 Eh, it's a one-shot, and I have two other big fanfics going on off-site.
Also, why exactly is this non-canon? I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering.

Also I'm pretty sure the Espurr in the game wasn't that weak and inept, if anything after evolving she should've been better :P

The espurr in my story is still an espurr.

6912571 Oh. Where does it say that?
6912224 ...Now that I think about it, the line about telepathy-induced headaches doesn't really make much sense. Should I remove it?

6912601 yes please remove that line

6912603 Okay, it's been removed, although the chapter's word count and the total word count aren't matching up now.

6912615 oh well, word count sorta doesn't matter now


why exactly is this non-canon? I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering.

You are kidding right?

6935210 I was referring to Clark's story, not Zeus'.

6935224 Ah, ok then.

Btw, I actually wrote the first story to send the ponies to Earth if you want to read it.

Simple but effective, I like it! If I were to suggest an improvement it would be to italicize the introduction to make it look like a narration. :twilightsmile:

6938691 That only looks good in rare cases, in my opinion. Plus, it segues into the actual story anyway.

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