• Published 1st Feb 2016
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I Forgive You - Father Pie

Rainbow writes two letters for people she knows may never receive them.

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I Was Too Afraid

Rainbow sighed as she sat down at her table, her journal of letters was getting bigger with each passing month, memories of times gone by. Taking out a new piece of paper Dash began to write.

Dear Sunset Shimmer,

Remember that night? I do, it was beautiful; the falling snow that landed on our faces felt amazing! I can hear your voice still, it sounded like music to my ears.

The feeling of our arms touching made me happy, if only we could have been together...

You talked and I listened faithfully to your stories of work with a smile on my face, soon I would tell you how much you meant to me... Then you said you were in a relationship, my heart plummeted like a rock in the water, it sank to the bottom of the depths. We stop walking at this point, I turned my head to face you... I was happy your back was to me, otherwise you would have seen my devastated expression, and when you turned to face me, I smiled for you.

I kept the tears in, and forced a cheery mood for you... Or was it for me at that point?

You confided your fears to me about your relationship and I nodded and smiled, telling you it would work out. I decided at that point that it was unfair for me to reveal how I felt about you, I'm such a coward.

As we continued our walk, maybe you figured out why I brought you out that night, or maybe you didn't... I hope you didn't.

It's my duty to back up my friends, even if I don't like it. I hated it, not what you told me, but my feelings Sunset... Why do feel this way? I feel empty and alone.

I can't talk to anybody about it, because they would tell you, and I can't just force you to deal with my feelings when your relationship is going so well.

I'm sure I'll eventually get over it... I will won't I?

Rainbow blinked as she felt tears running down her face, she had been so busy writing that she didn't notice how blurry her vision had become. As Dash wiped her eyes, more tears began to come forward, she was fighting a losing battle. Getting frustrated Rainbow forcefully pushed the paper away from and began sobbing into her hand.

Author's Note:

*Updating this because I forgot to put in some note*
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