This story is a sequel to Finding Her Voice Again

A repentant Sonata has sought out the help of the Rainbooms to learn how to sing again. Can she use the magic of friendship to sway the hearts and ears of Canterlot High?

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AHHHHHHHHHHH... OK, not onto the story. The Mane Six are delightfully in character, and I really like how Sonata is in here. And that tease with Adagio at the end really has me interested. I don't think she's gonna be happy that Nata kept rehearsal a secret from her (even though Nata did mention bringing it up, so I guess she was just checking to see if the coast was clear before she did so). I wonder how Aria is gonna react, too.

Why do I get a bad feeling when reading that last sentence?:unsuresweetie:

Exciting. This is me following your story.

Nice start showing a time gap somewhat since your last one shot.

The Rainbooms are in character for sure with them in doubt yet willing to trust.

Maybe you can show a seen with Equestria's Twilight visiting and subtle references to Friendship Games.

The ending of this chapter is perfect. Showing that there might be conflict once more with Aria and Adagio against Sonata on what sides she's on. There's potential there for more drama and conflict.

Good Job Miles. Look forward to more

It's a good start. Take your time and keep going.

6891967 I can guess that Aria is going to "blow up" when she finds out.


Just a friendly point-out...

If you are going to use Oh, Sonata!, by the very talented DeviantArt(ist) Tarakanovich as your cover image, you should properly Source Link and credit him for it.

Ah, here we go; now we'll get some of the meat that the prequel was missing. Honestly, you could've turned FHVA into a prologue chapter instead of making a separate story, but at least now people who read it will know there's more to be had, :twilightsmile:


Because this is the face you see in your mind when you read it:

EDIT: dumb picture link is fixed, :derpytongue2:

Yes! It is alive and kicking.

Great start! I'll be tracking this! :twilightsmile:

How lovely of Fimfic to not even let me know that there was a sequel up or anything. *sigh* Ah well, I found this by luck and boy am I glad I did. Cheers, mate, I'm staying for the whole ride!

Very good, carry on :moustache:

Oh dear. Looks like Sunset is going to have her hands full with an emotional Sonata soon.Bet the one she called was Flash.

Second that. Mr. Nice Guy to the rescue! :rainbowdetermined2:

That was great Miles.

Nice continuation from the previous chapter.

The conflict Sonata has with the sirens seemed perfect.

And the next dilemma for Sonata. Finding a new home.

The ending with Sunset receiving a message from Sonata can lead to some emotional dialogue between Sunset Shimmer and Sonata later as you have written a little for this chapter.

With the other two Sirens kicking Sonata out. Maybe there can be some chapters that cut back to them with how they are doing so far without Sonata. Answer: very badly.

Good luck with the next chapter.

I'm expecting Adagio and Aria to have a shouting match with Sonata, completely fail to understand what she tells them and then go storming down to CHS to demand to know why the Rainbooms have seen fit to restore that little imbecile's magic and not theirs! Much rolled eyes will follow.

6897238 6897270 I was starting to think the same thing.

Adagio Dazzle sets a new Everfree County record for hurried and self-destructive bad decisions! I'm still waiting for her to lose her patience and demand that the Rainbooms restore her magic too because... because she said so... and... and she is the rightful ruler of this pathetic world... and... and... and... and did she mention that she said so?

ten to one odds she is calling flash sentry

Damn.....Adagio has really let that feeding off malice go to her head. Odds are she's not going to come out on top at the end of this. Maybe Aria still has a chance though : P

Nata deserves a medal for standing up to Dagi and Aria. I'm proud of her. Now, who did Sunset call...?

Wow...what those two sirens did to Sonata was awful! :twilightangry2:
It's a good thing Sonata has Sunset's number.

Wanderer D

6897238 Ye gods, I hope not. For one, he'd be coming out of nowhere. He hasn't even been mentioned. Thankfully.

I'm thinking more someone along the lines of the other girls, or if she does end up calling Mr. NoPersonality, let's pray it's just because he's also Mr. Igotacartolookcool and no other reason. :derpytongue2: But then again, she could probably ask AJ to get Big Mac to drive down with her and pick Sonata up in their truck.

yay my suggestion for photo was taken! thank you!

Please let there be some Sunata shipping!

6899402 Sorry, but check the tags. No romance or shipping this time.

6899410 Who's to say for certain? I mean later on you could change your mind.

6899417 I pretty much have most of the story outlined at this point.

6899434 I'm just saying that it could happen. What can I say I'm a sucker for Sunata fics.

Well this took a turn. I love it though.

Adagio is officially the worst. See what I did there? Because they call... Sonata... the worst... yet she just...

I'll go stand in a corner.

I thought she was kicked out by Dagio, it was both her and Aria who kicked her out?

6905969 Aria didn't really stop her or say anything either.

I don't see this working out for Adagio and Aria now. Nothing's holding them together now. Without Sonata to basically draw Aria's attention, Aria and Adagio are going to butt heads a lot more often. The Sirens are shattering just the same as their precious pendants.

Hopefully there's still something for Sonata to believe in for them, otherwise they're just going to get worse.

These chapters need to be longer cause I'm enjoying this story too much already... lol.

Fav part: Sunsets Speech.

it's a bitter truth that friendship with some friends may not last long. And I like how Sunset points out the sirens relationship was more of a partnership than friendship.

Nice to see Flash being useful for once. And the fact that Flash didn't know about Sonata can lead to another interesting aspect in the story.

The students of CHS reaction to a siren being amongst them again.

Looking forward to more.

6906342 She isn't really among them. She goes in for around 45 minutes after classes to either listen to the Rainbooms or sing with them.

Sometimes, your old life comes to an end and there is no way back and no way to make peace with the people you left there. No matter how much it hurts, sometimes all you can do is move on to new things.

Geez, poor Sonata. I hope things turn out okay for her, but I don't see Adagio and Aria coming around this time.

Wanderer D

How dare you?! Nah, it's cool. It's your story bro. Still, Sunset's on the mark here. Sometimes you have to drop some "friends" like you dropped Flash Sentry a bad habit. Not everything can (or should) end in a loving, hippy commune.

Yeesh, things aren't going so great for Nata... Well, at least she's able to hang around Sunny. How long 'til Dagi and Aria realize they actually need Nata around since, you know, she helps them pay for their bills and they don't really have much money to spare to begin with.

Sonata's better off with Sunset. As much as I'd like Aria or Adagio to come to their senses, I don't see it happening. Adagio especially is a jerk.

I like the parallel between Sonata positive surroundings to the negative atmosphere of the other Dazzlings apartment.

The idea of Sonata and the Rainbooms during a final showcase in the end of the second battle of the bands is interesting. This could be the perfect way to end the story or the end of a story arc leading to another story arc in this story.

Look forward to more.


6934698 Thanks.

I wanted to make this chapter a bit longer originally, but the plain and simple truth is that Rise of the Hutt Cartel has been taking 95% of my free time.

So I'm shuffling some more ideas around so hopefully the last chapters don't seem rushed.

6934707 Seems okay. I mean maybe you could have played around with how unlucky the other Dazzlings are without Sonata more with a little slapstick for more comedy.

Btw did you got Inspiration for this chapter with what I said last chapter? Cause this chapter seems to solve some ideas I had mention in the previous one lol.

"Ugh... Nice going, Adagio. Kicked out the one that usually does our grocery shopping and can cook halfway decently." Aria complained.

Because that's what you do, right? Kick out the one that feeds you guys.

38.media.tumblr.com/c26b20d3523d58572c00a59fabfc6650/tumblr_mtzmeqC16Z1qcga5ro1_500.gif You Adagio, the the Darwin Award for the worst sister and Head of Household.

And now the other sirens are starting to see the ramifications of abandoning one of their own. I'm looking forward to seeing where this will lead, and what their reactions will be when the discover that they may have actually done Sonata a favor.

6938655 Wonder if there could be a funny scene with the remaining siren sisters try to cook but fail miserably

Adagio's pride is and always will be her downfall.

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