• Published 30th Jan 2016
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The Incredible Hulk: Journey To Equestria - GodDragonDevil

The Hulk goes to Equestria. He doesn't know how or why, and he intends to find out, no matter who gets in his way. And A lot of things will get in his way.

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The Strongest One There Is


A small, quiet little town filled with hundreds of the most friendliest and unique ponies you will ever meet. It wasn't the most advance place to live, technology wise, in comparison to Las Pegasus or Manehattan; but it made up for it in the relationship that the towns folk shared with each other. Here in Ponyville, everypony knows who you are. Its one of those pony friendly towns where you can truly rely on your neighbors to assist you with any problem. What really made this town special though is the fact that it is the home of the Legendary Heroes of Equestria, the bearers of the Elements of Harmony.

Living inside of a colossal tree, known as the Town's Library, was in fact one of the Heroes of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle. She represents the Element of Magic, and is an extremely powerful unicorn. She even saved the town in a couple of instances by herself like defeating an Ursa Minor, fixing a broken damn, and even helping the winter wrap up team meet their quota for the year. She was perhaps the most powerful non Alicorn pony on the planet, but she did have one critical weakness; her curiosity.

Twilight Sparkle was a complete book nerd. She was Princess Celestia's personal student, which I guess would entitle her to have an interest in studies and the universe. Though occasionally, or to be more accurate, very frequently, would become completely obsessed in her studies. She would even go to extreme cases where she would dive into books for hours on end, completely ignoring basic needs like food, water, and even her 'personal business', only stopping when she would eventually pass out from mental exhaustion.

Tonight, was one of those nights. She was currently currently reading one a book one of her friends actually recommended to her. She thought of the request strange but she said,

"You are going to need to know this soon Twilight! My Pinkie Pie Sense is going off the charts!"

Isolated in her thoughts and studies, Twilight Sparkle flipped through the last page of the book she was currently reading. After several minutes of reading the last page of the incredible complex but interesting book, she levitated her quill and scribbled down a few more notes onto her scroll.

"Finally! All done. Pinkie Pie was sure right when she told me to try reading "Magic And It's Reaction To Radiation" would be an interesting read. I don't know how it will really benefit me for future purposes, but I could never pass up a good book."

With that she levitated the rolled up scroll into the nearby bookcase, in alphabetical order to Twilight's delight. She looked at the clock and-

"Oh My! I spent the entire day reading that one book!...Well I did think it was interesting, but *Yawn* I better go to bed now, I'm pretty sure I have a huge list of things I need to do tomorrow."

Twilight started advancing towards her staircase when she heard a faint sound coming from behind her. She turned around to notice that her quill and ink had fallen and spilled all over her floor.

"Shoot! Now I have to clean it up. Wait a minute what the-"

Twilight was cut off as she saw several of her books fall from their respective places and hit the floor with a resounding thud. Her entire house started to shake.

"What the hay is going on!" Twilight said, while nearly tripping trying to advance towards to door. Her horn glowed as her magically opened the door to realize its not just her house, its all of Ponyville that is being shaken up. Was it those cows stampeding again from the AppleFarm?


Twilight turned her head around to see her number one assistant, Spike, run and unfortunately tumble down the stair way. Spike rubbed his head from the impact and looked at Twilight with a mixture of fear and confusion.

"Twilight what is going on! Why is everything shaking!"

Twilight looked at the town before her, ponies running around in panic, mothers and fathers making sure there young ones were safe, and oddly enough one of them was carrying a lot of muffins to what looked like a safety shelter. She then turned her head around to Spike-

"I think this is an earthquake Spike" Twilight said dumbfounded and very nervous about what this could mean for Ponyvilles citizens.

As Twilight looked back out of her door again, she noticed a certain pink pony skipping and completely oblivious of the situation that was currently presenting itself. She bounced right up to Twilight with one of the most widest smiles she has ever seen.

"Sup Twilight! Isn't this awesome!!! I thought I was the only one who was bouncing but now everypony is as well!!! Oh by the way, I hope you finished that book, because we are going to need that brain of yours soon! :D

5 Minutes ago in the EverFree Forest

My name is Hulk. So...Take me to where-

So Hulk is your name creature.

The Hulk stopped all movement at once. Looking directly up, he noticed a strange bipedal beast standing on top of a boulder. He was huge, perhaps even bigger then the Hulk, with huge arms, massive legs, and claws that looked so sharp, it reminded him of a certain X-Men member that he hated. He looked powerful, he couldn't doubt that. Drawing his attention away from the creature, the Hulk noticed that there were multiple growling noises coming everywhere. The wolves surrounded them, they were trapped.

Vekk...Grab the rabbit and run far away from here. Don't worry, I will clear a path for you. I take it this is the thing I need to kill.

Valdis jumped down from the rock he was standing on, making the ground crack beneath him as he landed. He paused in his movement and looked at the young wolf pup. His eyes glowed an even darker shade of red as anger started to consume Valdis.

So you are the one who killed four of my hunters. You insulted our honor and now you insult me by turning one of my own against us! I will rip out your heart and eat it in front of your dying eyes.

Valdis began to advance slowly towards the Hulk, anger seething through his very being. Claws fully extended, their purpose was to cut the Hulk into pieces.

Let the child go, we will kill him later. For now...I want the green one dead.

The Hulk tightened his muscles, curled his mighty hands into a fist, and stared straight into the eyes of Valdis, every fiber of his being was filled with rage and hatred.

You talk too much.

With that the two beast charged each other, gaining a massive amount of speed mixed with power.


They both raised their fist into the air, and proceeded to hit each other with as much strength as possible. Their punch met the others, the force was so powerful it shook the ground beneath them, scattered trees and wolves around them and blew them back, and even made a crater beneath them where their feet used to be. It was so powerful it created a miniature earthquake.

Both of the combatants were flown back from the result of the impact. The Hulk, only stopping when he met the resistance of the mountain side. His eyes were closed, a natural reaction for bracing one self from an imminent collision. His arm was shaking slightly, almost numb from meeting a force nearly equal to or more powerful then his own. His eyes flew open, anger starting to take over. He saw three wolves sprinting towards him while he was still lodged in the wall of rock.

He quickly freed himself, and began to advance on the three wolves. Two of them split off from left to right, and jumped at him, trying to immobilize the use of his arms. They failed as the Hulk's quickly grabbed each of the wolves head in his hand and shoved their bodies into the ground. He could feel their bodies crumble and shatter upon the massive force the Hulk was now producing. It was similar to a person crumbling up a paper ball in his hands. The result produced a sickening blood splattering sound.

The third wolf took the opportunity of his two fallen comrades and jumped straight forward to the Hulk. His hands, still in the ground after killing the other two, was unable to block the third attacker. The wolf opened his mighty jaws and sunk his teeth into the Hulk's neck, causing blood to trickle out of the open wound.


The Hulk cried out in momentary pain as somehow the wolf was able to pierce his skin. He released the other two dead wolves in the ground and grabbed the third attackers tail. With incredible brute strength, the Hulk ripped the tail out of the third wolf, causing it to yelp in pain. In the split second that caused the wolf to release his hold on the Hulk, he grabbed the wolf by both of his upper legs, and head butt the creature with so much power, that the third wolfs skull broke upon meeting its force and hurled him back through a nearby tree.

The Hulk's wound quickly healed in a matter of seconds, but he was still wondering how the wolves got so much more powerful. It didn't matter, if they could still bleed, they could die. He then jumped into the air, hoping to get a better grasp on the situation and land in the spot where he and Valdis first met. What he saw before he landed was thousands of the massive wolves, all blood thirsty and driven by rage.

The Hulk landed in the center of the crater where the first punch was thrown, only to be met by five more wolves.

I don't have time for this shit.

The Hulk picked up a tree, and launched it at the first wolf he saw, throwing the beast back to the unknown. The other four wolves formed a square around the Hulk, covering all sides, ensuring that he could not escape. They then charged at him from all sides. The Hulk punched the ground in front of him, sending two of the wolves launching in the air, while the other two latched their jaws on his shoulders.

With their teeth firmly set in his now bleeding shoulder, the Hulk flexed his muscles, breaking the fangs of the two wolves. They fell on the ground, both of their mouths spewing out blood. He then jumped several hundred feet in the air and landed on their heads, both of his feet firmly placed where their skulls used to be. The other two wolves recovered from their short flight, and were now charging the Hulk from behind. He turned around, and hit one of the wolves in the in the ribs with his now healed shoulder, cracking them in the process. The other wolf tried the leaping tactic to pin him on the ground. The Hulk was too quick though; he grabbed the wolf midair by the neck and with little effort, snapped his neck.

He tossed the other wolf on the ground and waited for the next attacker too-


The Hulk turned to his left when all of a sudden he was tackled and sent flying several hundred feet into rocks, trees, and other natural obstacles. He went skidding on the ground, his ribs hurt but were not broken...yet. He opened his eyes to see-


Valdis punched the Hulk's skull with impressive force, enough to sound like a miniature sonic boom. His skull was bleeding, as blow per blow was laid upon the Hulk. A crater starting to form around his body as each punch seemed to be getting stronger and more powerful until-

The Hulk grabbed Valdis right forearm and stopped the next attack from happening. He squeezed it with enough pressure to finally cause the bone to snap. Satisfied, he brought his leg back, and then forward, kicking him in the chest and sending Valdis flying through a nearby boulder several hundred feet away. The Hulk quickly got up, and leapt towards Valdis who was still recovering from the impact.


He readied his fist, and drove it into Valdis chest, causing multiple bones to snap and break. Valdis was flown from the boulder, blood steadily coming from his mouth. He slid on the ground with so much power rocks and trees were thrown out of the way as Valdis continued to slide. A big dust cloud was beginning to form as he was sliding several hundred feet away, and the fact it was still night time did not make it better for the Hulk's vision.

When it cleared, he was hoping that Valdis was dead so he wouldn't have to-

What the...Is that bastard standing up? And hes...laughing.

Valdis was indeed beginning to stand up, a little clumsily I might add, but he was standing. He then did something Hulk did not expect, he was laughing.

Ha...Haha...Hahaha!!!! Now I see why they died. You have some power monster. Your efforts are wasted though, the victor was already determined the moment you threw the first punch.

Watch this.

Valdis then walked over to a nearby tree, blood still coming out of his mouth slowly, and with his good arm, placed his hand on the tree. To his surprise, it began to wither and die, and Valdis was...glowing.

You want to know why they call me Valdis the Destroyer Hulk? It's because everything I touch...DIES!!!

The tree he touch was now devoid of any life it once previously had. The Hulk then noticed that he was not bleeding anymore, and that he was using both of his hands.

Shit...did he just...

I have a special ability Hulk. Everything and everyone is a source of energy for me to absorb. From the air we breath, to the ground we walk on, it all becomes nourishment for me. Ever punch you make to me I sap a little more of your strength bit by bit! You see, the longer this fight continues, the stronger I get. Everything I touch, every step I take, every breath I make!!! I GET STRONGER!!!!!

Valdis lifted one foot into the air, and then brought it back down, causing the ground to shake and break beneath them. This was more then enough to distract the Hulk. He then jumped forward, claws fully extended, and slashed right across the Hulk's face, taking an eye with him.


The Hulk was cut off as Valdis delivered an uppercut to the Hulk's rib cage, then a punch the the side of his face, causing blood to come out of his eyes, mouth, nose, and parts of his broken skull. It was a fact, Valdis was getting stronger the longer this fight continued.

The Hulk on the other hand, was getting more pissed off by the second and was getting harder to control his rage. He took a step forward, closing the gap between them much to the surprise of Valdis. What he did next, would be even more shocking. The Hulk fully extended his arms to the right and left of his body, closed his hands into a fist, and then brought the together with violent force onto the Valdis skull. He created a sonic boom right in Valdis eardrums.


Vadis backed away and cried in pain as his skull was partially broken and his eardrums completely shattered. Several other wolves joined to help his master, hoping to-

Perfect haha

Valdis grabbed one of the nearest wolves, and began to drain the life from him, he was healing himself at the expense of his pack mates life. Once the deed was done, Valdis casually tossed the lifeless body to the side and stared at the Hulk with incredible fury. The Hulk was fully healed form the whole ordeal, already charging at Valdis, hoping to not give him another chance to surprise him.

Valdis began to sprint towards the Hulk, fist raised and ready to deliver the assault. The Hulk on the other hand, had something else in mind. Valdis threw the first punch while Hulk ducked and dodged its intended target. He threw his hand back, and launched it into Valdis chest, once again breaking several bones, but remarkably finding it much more tougher than before, but he wasn't done yet. The Hulk put his hand behind Valdis's head, and brought his knee upward, causing another shockwave to occur and the ground to crack beneath them. The Hulk then brought Valdis's head back up, and thew his other hand back, tensing the muscles in the other arm. Readying himself, the Hulk brought his fist into Valdis face, with so much force behind it that it literally shoved his muzzle back into his head slightly.

Valdis was then hurled backward several miles, sending hundreds of trees to be flown out of his path. When the dust cloud cleared from the impact, he saw that at least 20 dead wolves were surrounding Valdis. He was fully healed as well and glowing even brighter. He must of absorbed all of the life out of them!

Hulk was about to advance when all of a sudden a wolf came and bit the his lower leg. In response the Hulk tilted to the side, raised his fist, and brought it crashing down on the wolfs body. Unfortunately, it was a distraction that would cost the Hulk dearly. Valdis took the opportunity and jumped in the air, and landed on the Hulk, sending both of them sliding along the forest ground. Valdis would not give his opponent any mercy. He began to hack, slash, and pound the Hulk into the ground.










The Hulk laid there, Vladis continue the onalsught onto his body. He was thinking about how to defeat this creature. If everything he touches gives him energy, then where is a place where he can't grab anything?

Banner...I figured out a way to quickly end this. I am sorry, but for a split second, I am not going to hold back.

Hulk wait, think about the collateral damage you could cause! We can't let you go World Breaker on us!!!

Don't worry Banner...It will only be for a second.

Valdis continued to lay down punch after punch, now covering both him and the Hulk in a pool of blood. Valdis stopped for a second, realizing that his opponent was just laying there, not moving at all. Had he kill him? No...he was, smiling.




The Hulk then opened his eyes, glowing a bright green of pure gamma energy, and launched his fist into Valdis lower jaw. He flew straight upward into the air with incredible force and speed, flying miles and miles higher each second. The Hulk then readied his powerful leg muscles and jumped, quickly propelling himself into the air to catch up with Valdis. Once he caught up, he wrapped his arms around Valdis waist, and continue to fly higher, and higher, and higher.

They flew up so high that they soon found themselves nearly within space itself.

Can't absorb anything if you can't touch or breath.

In the brief moment of weightlessness, the Hulk looked upon the planet he was standing on. Its continents were not like that of Earth, he was on another planet entirely he confirmed. That did not matter now though, they were beginning to fall back down into the atmosphere. Now the only thing on his mind, was the person in front of him that he would be smashing! Valdis was unconscious from the lack of oxygen, but the Hulk on the other hand, was extremely pissed off.

Falling through the sky back to the planet, and being engulf by flames, the Hulk started to barrage his opponent with a series of deadly and powerful punches. They flew back down to the forest, Valdis being consumed by the flame and his body unable to withstand the impact of the Hulk's punches. The last thing that was heard before the impact was the sound of bones being broken and shattered as a certain beast uttered his infamous words-

HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comments ( 16 )

Hulk smash.


This story needs a grammar check, other than that keep up the good work.

Awesome Hulk Smash!

P.S. Wait, scratch that...


Read the previous one and didn't know it was taken down, then found this a while ago and didn't realize it technically was the same story it is better than I remember the other one being, but it still has about the same story.

I eagerly await the next chapter.

1. Never challenge hulk smugly to a brawl
2. never assume you won because you can get stronger because of an absorption ability
and most importantly #3. NEVER challenge Hulk's title of strongest one there is
Reason? *points to story*

will you make chapter 6


Watch Hulk vs Doomsday (cartoon fight club, not Death Battle. Also, cartoon fight club made it first)

Wait if those comic strips are suppose to be a representation of Hulk and Valdis fight, then where the hell did Hulk get pants from? It was explained he had no clothing, except for some foliage that he fashioned into a make shift skirt, he should have ripped it, the second he turned into Hulk, meaning Hulk should be naked now.

7715259 personally, i say just go with it, he doesn't have the exact pictures, plus, how and why would he, he uses what he can to best portray the story

Plus, nobody wants to see Hulk's hulkjunk.

the hulk has went world breaker on the timberwolf (sp). i like it and now nothing can defeat the hulk. the reason i like the hulk so much is because of world breaker is on par with celestials of the marvel universe.



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