• Published 30th Jan 2016
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The Incredible Hulk: Journey To Equestria - GodDragonDevil

The Hulk goes to Equestria. He doesn't know how or why, and he intends to find out, no matter who gets in his way. And A lot of things will get in his way.

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A Meeting With His Own Demise

What am I?

This may be a simple question to most of you. You are Human. But me, I am something else. I tried to be a hero, I tried to save the lives of innocents. I tried to be anything but what people make me out to be; a monster. I used to be normal in the past. I was a scientist; striving to help humanity by unraveling the mysteries of the universe, primarily Gamma Radiation; known as one of the most violent and powerful source of energy to mankind. Ironically, that is what turned me into the creature that I am today.

I am no longer normal; no longer accepted by the people I loved and cared for. They fear me, hate me, but most of all, they want me dead. They see me as nothing but a threat, a weapon that aims in all direction. After many years of being loathed, hurt, and hunted by everyone, I used to wish myself free from this curse, from the beast that dwells inside of me. Now, I realize the only thing I want is to be alone.

My Name is Bruce Banner. I am not Human; I am The Incredible Hulk.

I have grown used to loud noises. Explosions, Bullets, Screams of terror and fear; but I don't hear any of that now. Its moments like these that are rare in my life. Peace. Its quiet, save for the soothing sound of the wind blowing and the birds singing.

“Wait, birds chirping,? Here in the Deser-”

His voice suddenly failed him as he opened his eyes to find himself in a completely new location. There were trees as tall as buildings and full of life with rich green leaves and perfectly brown bark. Grass, so beautiful and pure it shimmered and sparkled in the sunny clear sky. Flowers of all colors and sizes were around him ranging from large purple ones with thorns that shined in the light, to small ones that were blue and glowing.

“Where am I? This certainly isn't the Nevada Desert. Its so full of life and cool and a bit breezy and Oh My-”

Banner looked down at himself to notice that his clothes were completely gone. He was in the nude. Even his infamous, stretching pants were gone.

“My clothes are gone, but thats strange, I don't remember transforming into the Hulk. Well it does not matter now, doesn't look like this area is occupied by anyone that would notice. For the mean time I guess I will at least cover myself up with some leaves”.

After looking around for some decently sized leaves, he expertly crafted them into a patch covering his privates and a good portion of his backside.

“Well, I am not going to figure out how I got where here is, by just standing around. First thing first I need to find is some clothes, no way I can remain undetected by the military if I am dressed in nothing but a bunch of leaves.”
Unknown to Bruce, the Military would be the least of his worries for now.

Princess Celestia, the most powerful being known in Equestria, was currently doing one of the most challenging, and difficult task known to society. You think it would be raising the Sun. Nope, that is but a simple task for the God like Alicorn. She is a princess, and it is her role duty to watch and care for her subjects. While normally a Princess would act as more of a figure head rather then a government official; but unfortunately her influence among pony kind has practically made the entire society run both on her, and her sister Princess Luna’s, decisions.

Its not that she didnt take her job seriously, she loved her subjects with every ounce of her being. Its just alot of pressure on two individuals, even if they are Goddesses, they are still stressed out with day to day Meetings, Councils, Courts, etc... 

 Lucky for Princess Celestia, today has been an easy day for her so far. Only several hundred of her subjects have come to seeking her advice, help, wisdom, blessing, or anything in-between. Sitting atop her throne with two of the Royal Guards on each side, she was currently meeting with a Pony who had come all the way from Las Pegasus just to seek Princess Celestias Blessing.

He was a scrawny little Earth Pony who goes by the name of Strong Leaf, with a dark brown coat and short, light green hair, and abnormally pink colored eyes, with a cutie mark of a Wooden Leaf. Princess Celestia even had to do a double take on the strange Earth Pony. Normally Earth Ponies were known for their natural Strength and physical abilities; but this one was smaller then the average Earth Pony and had such rare eyes, something she has not seen in hundreds of years.

“Hello My Little Pony, and how may I help you today”

Inquired Princess Celestia, forming a smile that she has practiced over the centuries of her rule. Its the same smile a loving mother would give to her children. As you can imagine, meeting with a God like figure in person can be pretty intimidating, but that smile always seems to calm down her subjects and make them feel more comfortable.

“Umm hello your m-majesty. Uhh if you wouldn't mind me asking your royal highness if I could maybe ummm”

“Wow” Celestia thought to herself, this pony is very shy and timid. Reminds her of another one of her subjects, a famous hero in fact. Celestia couldn't help but giggle a little in front of her subject.

“Please Strong Leaf, no need to be so nervous around me, I don't bite and I certainly will do everything within my power to help you with your problems. Now tell me, how can I ease your worries”

Strong leaf seemed to get less tense, then Celestia could see he was starting to form a huge red spot on his cheeks. He was blushing profusely.

“Well you see Princess, I came before you today t-to, to ummm,”

He closed his eyes and then in a loud voice that not even Celestia had expected “I WANT TO ASK THIS MARE I LOVE TO MARRY ME AND I WOULD LIKE YOUR BLESSING!!!!”

Awww this is so adorable Celestia thought to herself. He traveled hundreds of miles, to ask for his rulers blessing for his marefriend. She got off of her throne, much to the Royal Guards surprised, and began making her way to see Strong Leaf. 

 Strong leaf still had his eyes closed as he waited her judgement. He suddenly felt a soft and warm feeling on his forehead. He opened his eyes and was completely shocked. Princess Celestia, the most powerful being on the planet, personally made her way up to him, and began to nuzzle him on his forehead. His Blushing intensified to the point where his face was as red as a tomato. 

“My Little Pony, I can see you are going to be a wonderful Husband, and maybe even a father someday.” Again, she couldn't believe his face could get any redder, but it did.

“You have my blessing Strong Leaf, I know you will grow around a loving family and a wife that stays true to you and you alone. Also, that blushing is adorable and you should do it more often around her.” Celestia said with a wink.

Strong Leaf gave one quick bow while still maintaing a cherry red face, and then ungracefully left the court. Celestia made her way back up to her throne and levitated a piece of paper containing all of her schedule appointments.

“Oh my, I dont think this has ever happened before”

Celestia muttered to herself in complete amusement. She looked at the paper in front of her again; carefully observing ever little detail. Celestia let out a sigh of relief and jumped off of her chair, much to again, startle the guards stationed at their post. They never saw their princess act so informal.

“I have no more meetings. No Courts, Councils, nothing!”

Celestia trotted over to the nearest window and took a good look at the position of the sun in the sky. It looked like it was just a little past noon. She couldn't believe she finished all of her royal responsibilities so quickly, and leaving so much time to spare.

“Maybe I will have some time to hang out with Woona, or maybe pay a visit to my faithful student Twilight Sparkle” Celestia thought to herself.

“Today is going to be a wonderful day”.

Unfortunately for Celestia, Fate has other plans for the Sun Goddess. For you see, today, was going to be the start of something big.

Today was a day like no other.

It was one of those special occasions where nature was in perfect equilibrium. The sun was high up in the sky, offering the perfect amount of warmth and light to those below. There was a pleasant breeze in the air that tickled your skin and brought out the most exuberant of emotions. The smell of flowers was prominent and strong in the beautiful fields of grass surrounding the citizens of the small local town known as Ponyville. It was really something special.

Unfortunately, not everypony could enjoy the natural gift that was bestowed upon Equestria that day.

On the outskirts of the EverFree forest was one Pony in particular who, for what it is worth, would sacrifice her own pleasures for the satisfaction of others. Instead of going out play with her dearly beloved friends, she spends this day residing in her cottage taking care of her animal friends. Her Name is Fluttershy, Hero to Equestria and holder of the Element of Kindness.

She is what her name implies; very shy, timid, and kinda uncomfortable around ponies she hasn't met. Though this is also what makes her connect more with the animals surrounding her that she takes care of everyday. Many of the animals she looks after are very appreciated and praise her for the compassion she has showed them. All except one in particular; the most loyal but aggressive rabbit around the quiet pegasus.

Angel Bunny was, by no means, a normal Rabbit. He was always there to comfort and cheer up Fluttershy whenever the situation demanded it. Granted, he can be rude and easily irritated, they both shared a very close bond to each other that would overcome even the greatest of obstacles. Angel Bunny also had one very special characteristic that none of the other animals shared; he was a very picky eater.

"How about- EEP!, what about-AAH!, what do you think about thi-Ouch!!!"

Fluttershy was currently being bombarded by various food items as she tired to appeal to the very annoyed and irritated Bunnys taste buds. This is been going on for nearly an hour and even the paitent and caring fluttershy can get at little tired of her companions actions.

"Angel Bunny I really want you to be happy, I really do, I just don't know what you want. Please eat something Angel".

Fluttershy offered a very sincere smile as she carefully approched the Bunny with a carrot salad. Angel Bunny looked at the salad and began to show a sign of interest. He walked toward the salad and began to inspect every inch of it, most to Fluttershys delight. She closed her eyes as she siliently gave herself a pat of the back when all of a sudden she felt something abruptly hit her face. While the salad did not meet the bunnys picky appetite, it made for an excellent projectile to the unsuspecting pegasus. She wiped her face off from what remained of the salad and turned to see Angels Bunnys arms crossed over his chest with the same, irritated expression he has been having throughout this whole ordeal.

"Angel Bunny please...I ju-"

Fluttershy was cut off short as Angel Bunny angrly trotted over to a bookshelf. Interested at the rabbits strange behavior, Fluttershy trots over to her little companion to see what he is trying to do. She finds him on the floor, flipping frantically through the pages of what looks like a fairly new and fancy book. She instantly recognizes that book as-

"Oh thats the book I borrowed from Twilight a few days ago, *Exquisit et les aliments de fantaisie*. But that book has very complicated and rare dishes in it, why would you wa-"

Fluttershy could not finish her sentence as the book Angel Bunny was skimming though was now directly in front of her face. On the page was possibly the most complex and difficult dish she had ever seen.

"Oh....My.... Angel Bunny is...is this what you want. I don't even know if I have enough ingredients to make this."

Fluttershy lowered the book from her face to meet Angel Bunny; but instead of seeing an irritated rabbit, she was met with possibly the most adorable and cute eyes she has ever seen. She could not believe it; it was his variation of 'The Stare' with the difference being it was not used for intimidation, but rather it was used to intensify the natural cutness of the Bunny. She rarely saw him use it; he must really want to try this dish out.

*sigh* "Ok Angel you win, I will have to make a trip to the market to get all of the ingredients. While I am gone I expect you to.... Wait..."

Fluttershy looked at the page again, inspecting the long list of ingredients needed to make this complex dish. She then noticed a critical error.

"Angel Bunny there is a problem with this recipe. It requires a very rare and unique ingredient. The Topaz Mushroom. I dont even know where-"

Angel Bunny put his paw up to Fluttershys mouth to stop her from worrying about the last ignredient. He then began to make alot of strange, funny, and serious gestures with his hands in an attempt to tell Fluttershy-

"You mean to tell me that you know where you can get the Mushroom Angel. Well that is wonderful! I am so happy you are willing to help me out with this dish, thank you Angel Bunny. Umm......if you dont mind me asking, where is it?"

Angel Bunny quickly made his way towards the window where he stuck his paw out to the location. Fluttershy looked at Angels arm, lined it up in her sight and found out its in the-

"EVERFREE FOREST! Angel Bunny I am sorry but I dont want you to go out there just for a Mushroom.. There are alot of scary creatures that live their and its not safe to go. I really want to see you happy Angel Bunny and I know this dish means alot to you, but I cant let you risk your safety over it. Please try and understand."

Angel Bunny Stood there, he wasn't mad or throwing a tempertantrum. No, he was looking at Fluttershy with eyes that were filled with determination, confidence, and most of all, love. He really liked Fluttershy, he trusted her with his life. Now, he was asking the same for Fluttershy, and she knew it too. As they both stood their, staring into each other, and getting an understanding of their emotions, Fluttershy realized something.

"Alright Angel Bunny.....I trust you. I just care about you so much. If you got hurt or injured I just...jus-"

Fluttershy couldn't finish her thoughts as Angel Bunny embraced her in a heartfelt hug. It was at that moment that Fluttershy realized Angel Bunny, was going to be just fine.

"Thanks Angel; I guess I needed that. Just promise me you will stay safe and not go too deep into the forest. I....I love you Angel Bunny, don't you forget that."

With one final nuzzle on the forehead, Angel Bunny with a blushing face, bounced towards the edge of the EverFree Forest to begin his journey.

Meanwhile, deep within the EverFree Forest, a troubled soul wanders and navigates through the colorful and bizarre new land.

"This is so strange" Banner thought to himself. It has been nearly an hour and nothing came to try and attack, hurt, or kill him. In fact, it seems apparent that the longer he continues his trek through the woods, the more peaceful it becomes. For the first time in his long and painful life, Banner felt something he hasn't felt in a long time. He didn't know if it was caused by the welcoming rays of the sun, or the peace and serenity that the forest seemed to be emitting. What he felt was Happiness.

It won't last.

Banner stopped all movement at once. The last thing he wanted to hear was his voice. A voice from a being who is consumed by rage, sadness, and most of all, loneliness.

"You don't know that Hulk. Look at this place, its beautiful. Everything I have seen so far here while walking is in absolute...harmony with the world. I don't know where we are, but from what I can tell we are safe, and away from any danger."

Stupid Banner.Just because this place appeals to your weak and pathetic eyes, you let your guard down. We are never safe, you should understand that by now.

"Hulk, I know you can feel it too. We share the same mind and body. This place is....... different. It offers a sense of comfort. I feel as though we can can be safe here. We don't have to always be on the run Hulk. Not here. I feel, different. At peace for once. We dont have to always be afriad."

SHUT UP! This place is no different than from anywhere else we have been. Arizona, Georgia, New York, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, It doesn't matter. WE WILL ALWAYS BE HUNTED, FEARED, AND ALONE. WE WILL NEVER HAVE PEACE BANNER!!!! NEVER!!!!........not here............. not anywhere.

Banner was shocked to find the tone of the Hulk's last words to be not of anger, but of sadness. He understood every word he said. He didn't want to believe it, but he was right. Dammit. He was right. They would always be considered nothing more than a monster.

"I wish It was different Hulk. I.....really do."

With that he hung his head low and continue this walk towards the unknown. Suddenly the once beautiful and brightforest around them seemed....darker. It lost all the appeal it had minutes ago. The trees were just what they appeared to be. Trees. Nothing more and nothing less. The grass no longer had that elegant glow to them, it was just grass. The forest didn't seem so inviting now. It just made them feel more isolated and alone.

Unknown to Banner, he was not alone. He was far from it. The EverFree forest is full of terrifying and powerful creatures; Manticores, Hydras, Timber Wolves, Trolls, Dragons, and even the infamous Ursa Major. It was only a matter of time before Banner would meet one of these fearsome predators.


Unfortuniately for Banner, that time might be now. He stopped walking immediately as he heard the sound of snapping wood. Millions of thoughts raced through his mind. Was someone following him? Was it a wild animal? Was it Hostile? Could it be the Military? But one thought that raced through his mind he knew with absolute certianty was that the Hulk was right. He would never be alone; never be completely safe.

Banner began to scan his surrounds for any weapon, or environmental cover he could use to aid him against whatever was coming up to him.


The sounds were getting louder. That meant that whatever was coming, was getting closer. What was once a leisurely stroll though the bright woods turned into a full on sprint for his life. He needed to either fight or hide. He favored the latter of the two decisions. He could swear that the faster he ran, whatever chased him actually got closer. Suddenly it was starting to get brighter.

"Oh Crap, I am about to run out of forest area. Whatever is chasing me, it can see me plain as day once I get to the clearing" Bruce thought to himself.

The closer he got to the clearing, the more he would hear this strange and steady sound. The soil below him was starting to get more loose and a bit more moist. Hope was returning to Bruce as he put the dots together. He realized that it was not just any plain clearing, but it was actually-

"A water current. Of course! There must be some sort of river or other water source up ahead. I have to get there before whatever is chasing me, beats me to it."

He was close, 100 yards away. He was starting to get tired.

"Can't give up, I will not get captured again!"

His speed increased to its max. Blood Pumping and full of adrenaline, Banner gives it all his little body is capable of.

50 yards away.


The roar of the angry beast behind him made Banner come to a startling realization. That whatever was chasing him was not only going to catch up, but was not alone. The creatures that chased him were not only fast, but they were big. Banner was starting to feel the very earth shake from the beast heavy footsteps. Suddenly his chances of escaping seemed to get lower with each passing second.

25 Yards away.

Banner was at his limit. He was so close to freedom. Suddenly, it seems like they were so close that he could feel the breathing of the hungry predators that chased him. Curiosity overtook him for a second as he wanted to grasp how close he was to escaping, or to meeting his doom. As he turned his head around he was completely terrified. He was met with over a dozen of the most massive, angry, and savage wolves he has ever seen. They were somewhere between 8-12 feet tall, easily rivaling the size of the Hulk. He was quiet shocked when he noticed another prominent physical feature that each of the colossal beast shared; they were made out of what looked like wood.

He did not have enough time to truley marvel at their unique and frightening bodies, he didn't have time to think at all. All he needed to focus on was running and making to the river.

5 yards away.

Banner makes his way to the clearing only to be met with a frightening suprise. There was no river. What Banner heard was indeed water. A Water Fall. Banner, through the heat of the moment, could not process the information his eyes were recieving fast enough until it was too late. He ran past the trees to the clearing, and straight off the edge of the forest decending to the water abyss below.


The very last thing Banner was able to hear was another voice. A voice he and he alone recognized immediately.

Puny Banner

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