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British, so be warned that I spell colour with a 'u'.


After wishing she could be anywhere but the dusty old farm in Kansas, Twilight soon finds herself in a magical land filled with witches, talking scarecrows and a lot more colour than she's used to. Desperate to get back home, she must journey to the Emerald City to seek out the mysterious 'Wizard of Oz'.

Note: The forth wall will be broken somewhat.

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Um... What?:rainbowhuh::unsuresweetie::facehoof:

possibly too much confusion and forth wall breaking, also is this an adaptation or going in it's own direction.

still good chapter.

It is probably a little confusing. Most of the forth wall breaking would work better in a visual medium than through writing, but I wanted to do something different rather than doing a straight forward adaptation. The plan is that the characters will be sticking to the plot whilst commenting on things they deem worth commenting on. If I get a good enough idea there may be some tangents, but not by too much.

Thanks for getting through it.

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