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Finally succumbing to her crush on her dear friend Fluttershy, Rarity swallows her pride and asks the pegasus out on a date. But Fluttershy, the sweet and innocent mare that she is, seems completely oblivious. What will it take for Rarity to win her shy friend over?

My entry in Everfree Northwest's Scribblefest 2016

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Fluttershy is ever the mistress of passive aggression.

6988768 I hear you, I guess I tried too hard to keep the sentences diversified. Thanks for the advice, and thanks for reading!

6989049 :yay: You know she is! Thanks for the read!

What an amazing read! Sooo good!

6996138 Thanks a million! That means a whole lot!

I know Applejack's the honesty one, but I can't really see Fluttershy intentionally stringing Rarity along that way...

This is the most amazing Flarity shipfic I ever read! This is just what I've been looking for! Sweetie, Pinkie, Rarity and Flutters in such a cute and comedic story! We really need more of these! :raritywink::pinkiehappy:

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