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G1 MLP / G4 MLP CROSSOVER. Megan Williams is a hard worker, an accomplished writer, and a thriving member of society, not to mention the savior of the world. So why does she feel so empty? Are the adventures of her childhood over? Or is this the beginning of a new generation of harmony?

Note: In this timeline, only the first G1 episode, Rescue at Midnight Castle, actually happened. Everything else is fictional, and has been written as fiction by Megan in universe, and is only semi-based on her further experiences in Ponyland. As such, Megan is the only human in this universe to have had contact with Ponyland, alongside Scorpan.

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This story was written as my way of coping with loss, and I tried to treat it as an alagory.

Uh... What did you lose? ...If you're all right with telling me, that is.

Great to see this finally made it. And I do hope to see more stories from you later on.

6883046 You're welcome.

Does beg the Question is Equestria really Ponyland? Though perhaps when Megan stopped going to Ponyland and "grew up" she forced the Ponies to do the same, with out their savior they had to fight the monsters that threatened them themselves and build their own civilization? Perhaps Megan could return to Ponlyland because it no longer existed.. perhaps destroyed by the Windegos?

6883873 I always thought of Ponyland and Equestria as two different universes with no connection to each other.

Well bother being lands of magical ponies filled with monsters and stuff they are connected there.

This was a fun read. I noticed a few typos, it's usually a good idea to read over a story again after a few hours.

Wait a minute I'm confused. It says this is a human story and yet there's no human in it. But other than that it's a good write, not my kind of story but all in all great job. But make sure you read it over again and make sure there's no mistakes. Not like spelling errors, but things that would affect the story greatly.

6898191 You're not a fan of G1, are you?

6898197 Don't even know what that is.:twilightblush::twilightoops:

6898203 the original MLP from the 80s. Megan is a human from that series.

Not bad thanks for writing this story.
Good luck

Somehow I missed this when you first posted it and only saw it when you added it to the G1 group.

Two questions for you... where is Molly? And is the cover art supposed to me Megan or a human Applejack?


The art is supposed to be Megan, but in in writing the story I found that Adult Megan and Human Applejack were similar enough for the choice of cover art appropriate.

And as for Molly, I didn't include her because she wasn't needed, and I had a personal dislike for all of the hu!an characters that weren't Megan. This is why the only G1 specials i loved were Rescue at Midnight Castle, and Rescue at Catrina, in which the only human was Megan.

And I even tried to subtlety justify for absence in story...

She still thought of them constantly, of course. She had even been able to vent her frustrations through ‘fiction,’ and had even won a Hugo Award from her first story, ‘Rescue from Midnight Castle.’ Before the war, she had been approached with the prospect of turning the story into a TV special.

In my mind, the Megan of this universe wrote the G1TV specials as short stories, and incerted herself as the main character, along with her 'fictional siblings.' Maybe I made it too subtle, or maybe I did it wrong. But in the end, this was Megan's story, not anyone elses.

As a side note, I awarded the story story, Rescue at Midnight Castle, the Hugo Award (a real life award) as my way of saying that that was my favorite episode of Generation 1.

The art does suit her, I wasn't quite sure since Megan has blue eyes as opposed to AJ's green. Hard working farmgirl that doesn't dress like Daisy Duke is a pain to find.

Thanks for explaining.

7057715 and thank you for favoriting.

Dang it. This is great. There aren't enough megan stories on this sight.

7121118 Tell me about it. At least I can say that this is the best Megan story on the site.


There aren't enough megan stories on this sight.

Does this link help any?


Thanks, but I read a bunch of them already, and some of those stories weren't exactly the kind of ones I look for.

7121266 Well, I'm honored that mine stands out from the crowd.

So, Did she really die as she thought, or is she actually end up in G4 Equestria?
And don't say 'it's up to you' it's your story and, if option B, I want more!


and don't say 'Its up to you'

I would never do that to my fans!!

And no, she didn't die. She transported to Equestria. Because magic.

Also, did you really add my story to three lists? I'm blushing.

And just because my ego can't get big enough, what about my story did you like so much?

7329421 'Because Magic' is bestest reason.
Why did I add to the list. Because Magic...
The stories resonated and intrigued me in a way I struffle to put in words.
That sounds to flowery a reason.
My feeling sit between that and 'I don't know'

So... sequal? *hopeful face*

I needed to unplug my keyboard to wipe the tears from it, otherwise this comment would look like this:


I am disheartened that there will be no continuation, but I respect your decision as author.
:derpytongue2:There, Ya happy?


Your comment gave me a spontaneous orgasm and ruined my panties.

So as to wether or not I'm happy... meh.

My ego is stroked though.

Wow, I was fighting tears throughout the entire story. You did a very good job and should feel proud to call the story your own. Don't think it needs anything to make it better.


Thanks! Don't forget to like it.


Upvote it I mean.

Do we call it like or upvote?

Great story! I really loved all the emotion you put out there. Although I think you should use italics for thoughts, just so that you don't confuse your readers.

VERY WELL DONE !!!!! I would love to see more.


Thanks. don't forget to like!

Very well written!

she could finally hick South America,

Sorry but us Ozzies do not understand the use of hick here? I need an explanation, not thick, just from a different side of the globe.:pinkiehappy:

And then she her arms went numb

A word too many or too few here.

despite the icee sensation crawling it's way up her arms and legs slowly making its way towards its final destination


Kudz would like this as I certainly did. The G1 verse always gave me a cringe factor as portrayed in canon. Characters were way too shallow for my liking. So thanks for a credible reboot of Megan and a get out of jail free card if I ever hit a brick wall in the little fiction I'm trying desperately to pound in to something. If stuck I'll be back to beg and plead for a helping hand as I need as many ideas as possible. Thanks again for a good read, Boulder.
(liked and favouritededed...ed, yeah that word.)


Sorry I never got back to you. Thank you for pointing out the mistakes, they have been fixed.

So thanks for a credible reboot of Megan

Thanks. I tried to picture how someone like Megan would look and act, and I tried to channel the tired frustrations that someone like her would feel in a society that was practically post-apocalyptic.

If stuck I'll be back to beg and plead for a helping hand as I need as many ideas as possible.

I'd love to do a collab with you, if that's what you're asking.

You've been blunt reviewed!

An absolutely spectacular story. You get an upvote and a fave for it.


I wouldn't say spectacular, but thank you anyway.


*Reads again with soft piano music in the background*

*Sheds manly tear*

I liked it. Made me sad.

I think chapter 2 would be nice

Full review here, but in brief: even though I have a soft spot for G1, I felt this took too long to get going and didn't really feel like ponyfic (as opposed to original fiction that happens to have a Megan) until quite late on. On the other hand, I rather unfashionably do like that ending. I saw it coming, but it was sweet even so.

My feelings about this particular work of mine have fluctuated. It's mostly solid, but it's very clear I have a rigid style that's probably too obtuse for it's own good.

> "short staffed"

should be:

> "short-staffed"

I reread this because my mother just died and this story called to me.

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