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Shorty Sparkle

I am a Brony from Florida here to spread the Fanficion love. I plan on writing some awesome stuff for at least the next month. I hope you all enjoy my pony stuff.


After the events at the Canterlot Takeover one changeling finds himself in the city of dreams! This city wont be as great as it is all cracked up to be this visit however. This is because changelings are being hunted down by special ponies hand picked by Princess Celestia. Will the changeling be able to escape. What will he learn in this epic adventure?

Thanks to stabzor at Deviant art for the picture. I am looking for one made specifically for this though.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

you should change the descriptions since the word soilders will scare away most people. and thumbs up

726791 Thanks for the info! I went ahead and changed it. I guess that soilders didn't really fit anyway.

yeah sounds kinda nasty keep writing i wait til next chapter before deciding to fav it

726818 Alright, I should be updating again sometime in the next day. This story will be a side thing for me while I wait to get back to the computer with Origins of a Rainbow on it. Curse me and my lack of thinking straight.

Alright! I look forward to reading more of this! =D

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