• Published 24th Jan 2016
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And Our First Step Into The Unknown - Father Pie

Twilight watches as the rocket carrying the future ascended into the unknown.

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It was beautiful.

Solar Flare stood at the graves of her mothers: Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. Solar sighed as she sat down in front of the graves, lost in thought as clouds drifted lazily through the sky above.

'I wish I could hear your voices again, just one last time...' Solar thought somberly as she watched the clouds float by.

Solar thought the clouds were beautiful, they had no worries, no commitments; they only moved through the sky. Time and again she wished she were a cloud, something she never told her mothers. Smiling slightly she looked down at the tombstones. Reaching out with her hand, she felt the stone; Cold... perhaps it was for the best that she never shared her views on death with her parents.

'I wish I could believe that you two are somewhere where that I could go... But I can't, did you guys ever wonder about that like I do?' Solar's eyes lowered as she looked at the grass. 'I also never told you guys that I almost died. I think now that... That selfish of me, wasn't it?'

The sun shone brightly in the sky and the water was calm. Suddenly the water parted violently as a body rose from the depths, gasping for air, Solar smiled. Swimming was one of Solar's favorite past times, the water parted from Solar's hair as she shook her head to and fro. On the beach sat her friends, they were relaxing on the sand. Solar was starting to feel adventurous, turning from shore she began swimming into deeper water.

Solar was so preoccupied with the goal of going as far as she could she didn't hear her friends calling out to her. Solar had started to feel tired so she decided to take a break and float in the water, She watched as clouds drifted through the sky; they were massive soft looking pillows that had no destination. Then without warning Solar felt her leg seize, panicking Solar started to thrash her arms to stay above the surface of the water.

"When I slipped under the surface of the water... I was so scared. I remember seeing my hands reaching out for the surface, and bubbles as my breath left my body... Solar put a hand on her chest, the feeling of her chest tightening. As the oxygen left my body... My vision started to darken; But I remember one thing clearly. The clouds, they were drifting through the sky... Mom, they looked so pretty, at that moment all I could think about was that– That I wanted to watch them forever."

Solar smiled somberly at the memory, turning her gaze skyward again, her eyes watched as clouds danced their eternal waltz into the unknown.

"When I watched the clouds, I was vaguely aware that I would die, and it didn't bug me in the slightest. I think that experience left me appreciating that we're not eternal, it put things in perspective... All things must end."

Solar continued to watch as clouds rolled along, she lost track of time as she daydreamed. All too soon her alarm went off. Checking her phone, she realized that she might be late for her daily appointment.

"Well, I have to go pick up Comet Smasher... I wish you guys could have met her. I'm sure she would've loved to meet her grandparents," Solar stood up and began walking away. "I'll bring her to meet you guys when she's older, okay?"

Author's Note:

I enjoyed writing this.

I would appreciate any flaws being pointed out.

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Short, but nice.

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