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The Dazzling sisters have been split. Sonata follows the Rainbooms as their newest member. Aria has become more reclusive and aggressive. Adagio can only bring herself to blame the Rainbooms.

Adagio finally has enough of Sonata talking about her new friends, and invites Sunset Shimmer over for a one on one.

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Are my eyes tricking me? This is completed? It was getting intriguing, yet it seems to end so abruptly. Aw...
Good first story, but I think it needs a more solid conclusion.

6866649 Well, I plan on coming back to this and expanding at some point soon, this was just to help get my creative juices flowing, and to shake off the rust. Plus I had spent about three hours working on it by the time I felt some what satisfied with what I wrote.

But to the point; I do plan on revising most of what was written.

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