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Coming from a proud family celebrated for their ability at helping ponies fall in love, Archer wants nothing more than to be able to carry on the Cupid tradition. What helps is that her mother is one of the most successful Cupids to ever walk Equestria.

What helps less is that Archer is possibly the worst.

But that's not going to stop her from trying.

Pre-read by Astrarian and Winston, to whom I am grateful for both quibble-spotting and for stopping me from ending the story in an unsatisfying manner. Special thanks to Astrarian, who also indulged my short notice request for a second pre-read, and for general supportive discussions about the nature of the story itself.

Further thanks now go to Pre-readers Ferret and 63.546 for their invaluable editing advice.

Featured on Equestria Daily. On Hearts and Hooves Day no less.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 46 )

I love this story! You set up a very interesting story that is fun to read. I loved the development of Archer in this, considering she is barely seen in the episodes themselves.

I also adore the idea of cupid ponies, and the different ways of being successful in the Cupid business. Very creative!

Overall, I loved it! :pinkiesmile:

That's the weird different colored Scootaloo seen in an episode, right? It's so cool that you would get an idea from just that!

Woohoo, it's here! And still fabulous :pinkiesmile:

6891665 Thank you for the kind words and I'm so glad you enjoyed reading the story. Yeah, I kinda just ran with an idea and it ended up in a very good place. This has been my favourite story to write so far, and it was fun expanding on such a minor character.

6892146 Yep, it is indeed Scootablue. Given the nature of the show and her cutie mark design, I thought it would be a fun direction to take her in. I'm just surprised it hasn't been done before. Thanks very much for the kind words. I hope you enjoyed it.

6893331 Aw, thanks! And thanks for all your hard work with it too. The site went down just after it was published, and then it promptly disappeared from the new stories list. So my plan for high visibility failed haha.

Strange but very cute. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of the Cupid ponies.

6898861 Oh that's really good to hear, as I was toying with the idea of expanding on the Cupid family a little more in another fic. Thank your for reading and commenting, I do appreciate it.

6900003 Yes please! I love the idea of ponies with unique linked talents like that. Cupids especially sound like fun and I adore the characters you've dome up with. Archer is so sweet and I love her disaster dating concept. Her mother cracks me up with the gingersnaps. They have such a fascinating dynamic and I'd love to read more about them. Perhaps more about how Archer's dating is turning out, or their ancestors, or maybe more of her mom's history? Or something else I haven't even thought up n___n

(Sorry for not leaving a better comment earlier, I was sort of in a rush. Hopefully this one makes up for it.)

6900760 Oh, thanks for the more detailed feedback! It gives me a very warm and fuzzy feeling to know someone is interested in reading more about the elements in the story, and I'm glad you enjoyed so much of it. :twilightsmile:

Thanks also for the suggestions. :yay: I'll definitely be considering ways of expanding on the antics of Archer and her family further. I enjoyed developing her character too much to leave it to a single one-shot.

I'm also chancing my luck with EQD with this one. I managed to sneak one in once before, but I do feel this has been my strongest piece to date and I'm going to try and get it out there more.

Have a nice day!

6900906 Pshaw, sorry my first comment wasn't the detailed one ^^;

And I'm definitely looking forward to more Archer and family antics, as well as anything else you end up writing I think n_n

And you're not chancing anything. You submit to EQD and worst case is that you need to polish it up before resubmitting. The only reason we'd say a story couldn't be resubmitted would be if it was breaking the rules (too much sex and gore for example.)

If you don't get as much feedback as you want, you can always ask us for more. We don't always give lots of feedback is because sometimes people simply ignore it and that's really discouraging y'know?

6903702 No apologies needed. I appreciate you commenting full stop.

Yeah, I had some pretty good news and feedback, so am just making a spit and polish. You're always learning, and it's great to get such comprehensive feedback. I'm surprised that people ignore it, to be honest.

I might return to the Cupids after Gilda-fic. Or maybe I'll do a collection of short one-shots about them. That way it could fit into the background between other fics.

I love Archer and her interaction with Pinkie Pie :)

6932818 Thanks for reading/commenting. I glad you enjoyed that aspect of it. Dialogue and interactions were the two areas I was working on improving in this story, and I'm appreciative of your kind words.


So...basically, Archer's talent is to pair ponies up through causing disasters?

Nice job. I cute little Slice of Life.

That said, you shattered my headcanon for Archer. I always thought she was an incorrigible asshole with a taste for violence and alcohol.

Archer is actually really good at this... horribly good.

But those puns, man, those puns.
Someone call Sans and Papyrus!

Welcome to Archer's Disaster Dating Service
It has been [0] days since our last accident.
We have had [0] fatalities so far this year.

6937312 :rainbowlaugh: Thank you. I'm pleased to hear that you enjoyed reading it.

6939198 You know what they say: all good puns are bad puns...

... or maybe I just made that up. :ajsleepy:

6939355 :rainbowlaugh: Brilliant.

I like to think there's the potential for a injury claims/legal drama spin-off. Read on, with baited breath, as Pro Bono investigates the spate of ponies who were seeking to mend their broken hearts, but ended up with broken other things instead.

Very nifty, I'm looking forward to seeing more of these folks.

I'm surprised that I didn't see Lovestruck from the blind bags name on this list considering her theme.

6946230 Thank you! :twilightsmile: I'll probably return to them after a couple of stories. Got quite a few ideas simmering away.

6948582 Oh, y'know, I just didn't want to link in too many ponies in one go...

... Totally wasn't an oversight...

... Not at all.

Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

Damn... that's some serious character plotting there...

6967120 :twilightblush: It ran away with me a little, but I took it as a sign I was enjoying the concept.

6982556 It's symptomatic of the kind of world-building Tolkien did. Now you need to write out every major event for 5,000 years! :raritywink:

And Archer somehow gets Twilight Sparkle romantically involved with the hydra... :twilightoops:

The most frightening part is that it somehow works between them... :fluttershbad::raritydespair::applejackconfused:

7075456 Goodness. A sure fire way of getting Archer's business kicked out of Equestria! :pinkiesick:

This story was featured in the Everfree Northwest Fanfiction Spotlight #41! :pinkiehappy:

(Because I was asked to do a guest review and this story, being criminally underviewed, is the one I chose)

7129339 Oh goodness, how kind of you! Thank you very much for giving it such a great review too. I really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to warrant taking the time to do that. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

This is really something. :D

Author Interviewer

For some reason, I want to know more about Common Ground. c.c

I just sort of figured Harmony Hearts was Lovestruck. Though I'm not sure now if LS is a unicorn...

7227334 :twilightsmile: Thanks for taking the time to read my work; I very much appreciate it, and I'm glad it entertained you enough to warrant a follow. Double smiles for me!

For some reason, I want to know more about Common Ground.

Your wish is my command! My notes for Common Ground, meagre as they are, describe her as a court-hired mediator for instances of dispute over shared/common land. She's been busy working things out between an earth pony clan and developing yak settlements. She met her wife on the road; she was learning about rare flowers to grow and use in her romantic bouquets back home.

Thanks for taking an interest in the extended world of the Cupids! :pinkiesmile:

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later #47.

My review can be found here.

7236156 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it. :twilightsmile:

A bit late to the party, but it's still worth showing up, I see. In brief:

Lineage cutie marks/callings are fascinating as a concept for me and you really scratched that itch nicely. Your Pinkie is vibrantly written without being annoying, which is a hard balance to pull off. Archer and her mom are great fun to read about. You subverted my expectations twice concerning Archer's route to fulfilling her calling which is a task indeed.

Lovely work.

Naming a wannabe-romancer "Archer?" Kinda risky nowadays, isn't it?

It kinda puts you in a zone...

...of danger.

Heh, get it?...

...dan-gah zooooone!


So... Was she going to end up getting Vinyl and Octavia together at the end or causing them to find other ponies? And how much of an item were they before that in your fanon?

7780406 Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Really appreciated. As to your question, it's likely given Archer's track record that Vinyl and Octavia will be finding true love in the arms forelegs of other ponies. Are they an item in my headcanon? Not overly, no. I've written a (unpublished) Octavia x Cheerilee story that suits my preferences more, but I appreciate I've got the weight of the fandom against me in getting that ship out into the great wide world. :twilightsmile:

You know this was a GREAT story! I'd LOVE to read more sometime! <3

7927045 Well then do I have some good news for you! A sequel is currently in development. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for reading this one though. I'm delighted you enjoyed it.

You can't bake a cake without breaking a few eggs. So to with relationships, at least if you're Archer. Bringing ponies together as tightly as an arrow in a wound means... well, driving an arrow into somepony's flesh. Metaphorically. Usually.

This truly was a delight, especially since I was sure for most of it that she would end up a love-baker. Thank you for it.

Well that was a super cute gem of a story, I just love Archer and Pinkie's friendship felt so natural as if they've been close for years.

Archer's mom great, those treats seem to be the source of great power indeed.

Wish I could gush more over how super awe'dawwable, which is awesome and adorable, which is totally what Archer is here!

I'm really happy to have read this. I wish this filly had more adorable stories like these more often back in the day.

Cheers on such a fun story you have here.


Firstly, thanks a bundle for taking the time to read my work and comment; it does an old heart see good to read that you enjoyed (and got sufficient awe'daww-age from) one of my stories, especially one of the older ones. I really enjoyed writing this one. :twilightsmile:

Noticed also that the links to the family tree on this page are broken. I'll have to try and dig out the old images and update them.

Again, thank you. Super appreciate your time and generosity!

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