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Starlight Glimmer has the forgiveness, love, support and friendship of Twilight Sparkle and her friends. The townsponies of Our Town had welcomed her back and helped her rebuild her life anew, just as she had endeavored to return the favor and make up for past mistakes.

But in all the happiness that surrounds her, Starlight still sees a shadow of what could have been, and more importantly, what she caused to happen in other versions of her world.

Now she has to decide: should she stay home—safe—or face her legacy?

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It is a good fever-induced Starlight Glimmer fic, though. I enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:

Ah, a Starlight Glimmer story by Wanderer D!

Gotta love the other, other use of the Alternate Universe tag.

Decent enough take on things, especially by AU!Celestia.

Clearly I'm falling behind; everyone else has written a Starlight Glimmer story. I'd better catch up!

Wow, that was that was ... that was inspiring! :raritystarry: Truly a message of hope. A sad tag just doesn't seem appropriate here, but I can't think of one that would work.

You should run hot more often, D. Quality work here. I really like the idea of Starlight having insight into the potential of things rather than Twilight's raw skill. It's a great shift in the dynamic of Twilight's foils.

I guess he's not really a foil in usage, but her name makes it hard not to come back to that idea.

Isn't her village called Pleasantville?

Okay this was really f:yay:king well done! Keep going!

This story is so deep and beautiful!

This was a great story.
Because sometimes, you have to hear it from someone you never expected that the punishment you seek is not the one you deserve.

Also that ending... wow. That was amazing.

I think the long description's first paragraph would read better if it was all in present tense.

Darn, this is nifty. :twilightsmile:


I don't know why this just made me laugh so much :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting! I like Twilight Sparkle, the Combatant Secretary, and the way Celestia handles Starlight's lingering guilt is very good.

A well written and thought out story. Thank you for a good read.

I've toyed with the idea of Starlight and Twilight exploring the possibilities of the other timelines. More specifically: "What would have happened to Starlight if she had remained in the new time she had made." The way she had written the time spell, it seemed to me that she had no intention to return to the present she left behind. Once Twilight gave up and didn't cast the spell to return to the Rainboom event, I suspect that Starlight meant to stay in the altered time and start over. What would have been her fate if she had remained in a world where Sombra took over the Crystal Empire? Or where Chrysalis conquered Equestria? Or where Nightmare Moon defeated Celestia? Food for thought.

I'm liking the idea that Starlight's talent is adjusting or augmenting magic rather than raw power (Twilight and probably Sunset have that covered already). Interesting way of Starlight wanting to pay for her crimes- everyone in the "prime" timeline quickly forgiving Starlight still feels too easy, even to her. And she chose the one timeline where Celestia was still ruling Equestria, even if trapped in a losing war against Sombra (though this is one of the happier conclusions to that war I've seen).

Also liked Celestia's "sentence" to her. Its sometimes easier to just to be punished rather than actually trying to live with the guilt. I wonder if Starlight got really desperate if she would try to jump to one of the worse timelines. Just glad this didn't turn into an invasion fic, like if someone else got their hands on Starlight's notes or her (between Sombra, Chrysalis and Discord's abilities to mess with ponies' minds).

You're still a bitch to me, Starlight.

And upon returning to her world Starlight was found six hours later with a rope around her neck.

"The wasteland."

I've played way too much Fallout.

D, writing a fic about Glimmer? :rainbowderp:
I don't really know what to expect... I mean, you're not the biggest glimmer fan out there, to say the least.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

While I do think this sort of thing is needed and would be a smart thing to show in season 6, there's a certain thing I can't stop feeling towards Starlight, and don't really want to stop.

It's called schadenfreude. Go ahead and look it up.

If it was me, I would not forgive her. Doesn't mean that I won't give her a chance at redemption. And also hate her.
She doesn't deserve forgiveness because her action has cause so many pain amd suffering to others, even cause apocalyptic end. But she atleast deserve to atone for her sins, fixing her mistake, etc. Do not forgive but do not hate as well.

6874049 I hate and don't forgive, which is why I think she should be made to do this sort of thing

Not starting an argument, that's just me


Wow, you did an amazing job at addressing the issues I had with the finale. By showing that Starlight still feels guilty over her actions, and wishes to atone them, you give her character depth, and help address the strange "Easily Forgiven" issue that was the crux of my problems with the finale.

Bonus points for some beautiful world building. I want to see more of this reality.

I wanna read it now! I can't but I'll remember. And I like how instead of messing with Equestria's city names, you just put "Our Town", like in the show. :twilightsmile: :raritywink: :pinkiesmile: :heart:

Best Starlight fic I have read. I don't often do this but I'm adding this to my favorites.

Holy fuck.

That was...really sad, yet hopeful. Guilt is a powerful thing indeed. :fluttershyouch:

"Is that a bad thing?" Spike asked. "Like... can't you be happy that you've gotten your life back and old friends and new friends?"

Spoken like a dragon. Wondering if he says that every time.

Not a fan of casual time line creation, nor of it being a crime, but good.

Truly a life lessons thing in there, self-depreciation is so vain. Ah, is she going to be the princess of timelines? Wandering forever?

I sorta hope so, but in large Starlight has so much potential... Almost want to orientate whether I should...

Anyhow, most decent and truthful lesson. Neat, nifty and delicate.

Damn. I know it made front page, but this story needs more support. Then again, it does have more serious themes, which require a more serious investment. I'll be sure to show this to my friend.

Complete? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :raritycry:

You have to write MOAR!!! She has to go into each and every timeline she created and have life-changing adventures and affirmations!!!

Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase???????????? :fluttershysad:

Sooo... I'm thinking that you're a Dislestia shipper? :raritywink:

I agree with your core point: Starlight is still too proud by half. She still thinks that the world revolves around her and that she can somehow undo or make amends for the sins of many. The fact is that only the inhabitants of those worlds can undo what has been done to them and only they can make things better, if they can and suffer in the doing.

This was all written while I've been fighting a fever on and off.

Even while fighting a fever, you still produce an outstanding story. Very well done. :twilightsmile:

I'm a scared of reading this. Can some one give me a summery?

schadenfreude: pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune

aka casual sadism

anyway, wonderfully written story

i'm sort of hoping for a sequel, at least for the sombra!timeline


It isn't bad, certainly not as you fear. It's very well written, and raises many good points about the realities of Starlight's actions. Give it a try; this story is poignant and touching, but not scary.

6872661 You're still a bitch to me, Unique. :trollestia:

I dunno. I'm American so I'm required to hate English people.

6885957 Oh Well good news for you then. I'm not English!

I'm British!

So sit on yer bike and ride it outta ere, gov'ner!

6885982 English people can be British. The real question is, if you're not English, are you Scottish or Welsh? (Or Irish if you count Northern Ireland.)

6885987 No dey can't skunt. Dey be one or dee other, mon.

6885992 So you're a Jamaican mafia?

6886011 Whatchu talkin' bout n****r?

6886030 Now you've taken it too far.

And this is coming from me. The guy who doesn't know the definition of restraint.

Wanderer D

6886054 6886030 Guys, this really isn't the place, if you're continuing this, go to PM if you don't mind. :twilightsmile:


Yeah, you're right.

Come on dude. Let's not incur the wrath of Wanderer D.

We're sorry about this man. Are we good? Are we ice?

Get it? Cause' I mean cool, like ice?

Never mind, we'll just, um, excuse ourselves.

6886061 Hi.

Good story, by the way. #Latias

Quite an interesting read.

And so you have sent her to be judged, and the characters have responded. It must have been a cathartic exercise for you, D. Perhaps you should now write a letter to the Princess on what you've learned about friendship. :trollestia:

Though I too personally found Starlight Glimmer to be somewhat of a lesser pony, and would rather have seen the likes of Sunset Shimmer becoming the mane six's new auxiliary at season's end, this is a fine piece of character fic and I enjoyed it greatly.

The Celestia and Discord at the end though. :pinkiehappy:

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