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Fluttershy, always being the timid, quiet pony she is, never gets out much. During one fit of boredom, she reluctantly goes clubbing with her gang of friends, and enters the delusional world of rockin' bass and drunken party ponies. When she becomes scared out of her wits, the pony to come to her rescue is a unicorn who is absolutely taken with Fluttershy's beauty and personality.

Featured on Eqd! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/11/story-vinyl-scratch-is-in-wub-wub-wub.html

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Its a bit strange, but I liked it.

37814 haha thanks! I guess, as long as I had fun writing it, eh?

Im liking the idea of this pairing, I'll be sure to follow this as it further develops. :pinkiehappy:

Interesting pairing. Hope you'll play Fluttershy's timidness and Vinyl's bashfulness at their fullest. It'll be fun to read.:pinkiehappy:

Yes, interesting, very, very interesting.
VinylShy? Excellent :moustache:

38010I think I'm thinking of officially dubbing it FlutterScratch. It has a good ring to it.

37998 I'll try! I'm trying to improve on my fanfic writing, and I thought the pair would go together in a sitcom-y kind of way. They are also my two favorite ponies!

I kinda thought Fluttershy might recognize Vinyl from "Suited for Success," but decent fic so far!


I agree. 'Flutterscratch' sounds the best.

As for the first chapter? Overall I liked it. You're description of Fluttershy (over)reacting to the stimuli of the club seemed very in character and spot-on. As was the dream-like atmosphere (at least from Fluttershy's perspective) that you give to her rescue by Vinyl. I only have some minor nitpicks:
1) "The stranger merely lifted Fluttershy onto her back, like it was a small animal," probably should read "like she was a small animal" or if less personal "like a small animal." The 'it' really doesn't make sense in this context (unless you're referring to Vinyl's back, but then I take doesn't make sense either).
2) How did Vinyl know where Fluttershy's cottage was? They just met and barely even talked. :rainbowhuh: (Or is this going to be elaborated on next chapter.)

Still a modest but strong start. It'll be interesting to see what you do, particularly since I haven't seen this pairing before. From what I've seen in the fanfics, Vinyl can about as a free-spirited and bold as Dash, but sometimes more sensitive and supportive.

38210 Flutterscratch just sounds cool. I went back and fixed the grammatical error, and as for the cottage thing, I'm trying to explain it in the second chapter. This is by far a work in progress, and seeing as I don't write often, It's going to be a little bumpy, and I'm really nervous about my writing, but hey, can't improve without criticism. I started off with a few ideas, and even started writing a chapter or two, until I realized I was writing a Mary Sue knock off. I started to think of a good idea, when I saw in the corner of my screen, Vinyl working the turntables, whilst fluttershy was laying down next to her (Desktop Ponies.) Not only did it seem like a good pairing, but they are my two favorite ponies! :rainbowkiss: Anyway, no one had heard of it, so I thought, why not! Let's give it a shot! I really appreciate your feedback, and I couldn't wait to start on the second chapter.

nice chapter~! ooh but hows dash gonna take this?
keep 'em coming!

38419 Thanks! I thought I would add a flair of sad and depression to it!

I freaking lost it at Tom Dan's Club. Brilliant throwback to the fanon and canon name for Dan and an obvious Rarity facial tic coming from it. Rainbow Dash not even waiting to get out from under the wreckage to shout an invitation was pretty damn entertaining. I also think I'm way too happy about Vinyl practically using the force to save a huddled up Fluttershy from a legion of ravers... Needless to say this had me grinning from ear to ear for many reasons through and through.

Her head hung solemnly off the edge of the couch in a state of blissful couch.

Entertaining as all hell but you might wanna fix that with something like slumber.
Bounder ponies as well. Sorry if it seems like nitpicking but I just wanted to help out a bit, this one is going great. I like the turn you took with Dash even with it being an obvious one. Handled very well from her character, seeing things from the polar opposite of the mane six actually flows very well as people tend to put on a particular outward appearance in public when in truth their mind can't be farther from it.

38697 I have to agree, fix all the syntax errors and awkward phrasing, and this'll be perfect

38697 Nitpicking helps more than you would think. Feel free to nitpick! I'm not usually one to do a through job on editing and sentence fluency, so seeing these errors really helps me go back and fix it. Growing up, I remember how often I put on a smile, when inside I was dying. Even for a pony as arrogant and cocky as Dashie, ones mind can still wander, usually into a very depressing and pessimistic place, because Dash has feelings too. I'm an absolute fan of ponying, and puns, whether is be subtle or not, (Like I nearly died from "Whinny Hendrix" when reading Allegrezza.). Anyway, thanks for the feedback, and for leaving your thoughts. I never expected this, but every time I see a comment or rating on my work, especially my first publishable fan fic, my heart does a Fluttershy yay!.

Damn it, I had a similar fan fic idea I was going to do! :P Oh well. This looks good; I'll read it when I have more time.

lol wub wub wub clever. :rainbowlaugh: Yeah I'll give this a read. :trixieshiftright:

41210 Haha... sorry! Where did you get the inspiration? I saw the Fluttershy asleep next to Vinyl on my desktop ponies and thought it was brilliant!

41216 Some people in the chat room helped me. There are tons of throwbacks and puns. It's my hobby. :raritywink:

Awww, that was a nice chapter. :heart:

really good so far but i still think rainbow and vinyl is better but this is a close second.
great job.

41614 I personally just think that Rainbow and Vinyl are too alike. For one, opposites attract. Rainbow and Vinyl would be like trying to fit together puzzle pieces that don't fit. You need that someone who completes you ~ :heart:

Vinyl Scratch: Check.
Fluttershy: Check.
Dubtrot: Check.

Trifection: Achieved.

This is actually pretty damn awesome.
I haven't read much fanfic's, but I'm starting to get into it.
And Fluttershy's my favourite pony, with Vinyl being my favourite backround pony... I sort of HAD to give this one a read.

Loving is so far. Although I get the feeling I have many sad feelings coming my way when I see how Rainbow Dash will take all this...

It's a great story so far, though.
Can't WAIT for more!

Interesting. Found a few errors as well...

"slowly loosing consciousness" :flutterrage: losing, not loosing! I can't tell you how much I hate that error~ :twilightangry2:

"Rainbow looked back, momentarily stooping." stopping~

"Slowly, the pink headed filly" should probably be pink HAIRED. Headed doesn't sit right :x

"and laid down next to the scare pony. " scared ;)

42691 Thank you! I'm a terrible proof reader :derpyderp1:


I was just thinking of an "opposites attract" sort of pairing I could do. I've always enjoyed Vinyl Scratch's canon personality; a bit rough around the edges but overall morally just. Fluttershy just seems on the far other end of the spectrum from her, and when I came up with a logical way that they could meet, it seemed like it was a match made in heaven. The way I was going to ship it was from the point of view of Vinyl, where at one of her shows she see's a mare in the corner of the room not dancing and generally being alone. So once her track is over she'd go over and talk and, well ya know... shipping away! I would've probably logically based Fluttershy's presence off on Rainbow Dash, saying she dragged her there or something.

Anyway, no harm no foul. It wasn't one of my major, "I must write this now!" ideas. I had several others that came before it, and I'm currently already working on a big project.

I like how you got your inspiration. I guess it can truly come from anywhere~

Nice story, you got here. Nice way of explaining Vinyl knowing here she lived.

42710 Scootaloo commented on my story. Holy crap!
42714 I hope you find a story to work on! I still kind of feel like I sniped yours.
42725 It took a while to come up with that. Not sure if people would be okay with it :moustache:

Out of curiousity, how many chapters will this be. Really liking it so far.

42753 I'm not sure. I'm going to write with this until I grow tired of the topic, and even then, I'll try to write an ending with the best of my ability. :pinkiesmile:

There are a few grammar errors, but let's see what ya got. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

you were in my house.
where is placement, were specifies a point in time.
Flutterscratch, for the win. :moustache:
P.S. Why do i have a feeling everyone's going to use that now? :twilightoops:

you were in my house.
where is placement, were specifies a point in time.
Flutterscratch, for the win. :moustache:
P.S. Why do i have a feeling everyone's going to use that now? :twilightoops:
I failed

Hey, a shipfic with Vinyl where she isn't dating Octavia.

42794 :rainbowlaugh: It's all good! I'm horrible at grammar, so that confused me too. I think I just invented a new ship~
42802 I thought I would change it up. Instead of the whole musical aspect, I paired the up on being near polar opposites. Not to mention they're my favorites!! :yay:

I think you meant "equestria-to-fluttershy" not "Earth". Wherever that is :pinkiecrazy:

42840 Thanks for catching that! I rewrote the line/ :twilightblush:

why is vinyl scratch so awesome

42909 Cause she's a bad ass techno DJ with awesome glasses and red eyes.:raritystarry:

this actually looks kinda cool n shit.

i cannot wait for more

42962 Thank. And shit.
43039 I'm workin' on it, but I got some other stuffs to take care of too.

*waits not so patiently for part 3* :trixieshiftright:

I would call the pairing "DJ Flutterpon-shy


hmm, i don't think I've seen that ship yet :yay:

43413 Most people go with FlutterScratch or VinylShy, but whatever floats your boat :twilightsmile:

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