• Published 10th Jun 2012
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Perihelion - InTheStands

Twilight can't help but recognize her new crush from somewhere.

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Chapter 2

"Peewee, come on! Playtime was hours ago! Bedtime is now!"

Spike jumped up in the air, flailing his arms, hoping to at least brush at the phoenix chick that was in flight right above his head. The chick, instead of returning to its master, perched itself on top of a bookshelf.

Finally, Spike gave up. "Okay, fine! Be that way! But you'll need to sleep eventually. And then where are you gonna go? Huh?" The dragon turned to look at Twilight, who was still looking out the window of the library. Spike rolled his eyes and approached her. "Are you STILL thinking about him?"

"What?" Twilight looked at Spike. "No. Kind of. Yes," She sighed. "He said we met before, Spike. I'm still trying to find out where."

Spike joined her in thought. "Wasn't he here when those Flim Flam guys came to town? He shouted something about dreck?" He then recalled another memory. "Oh! He was in the crowd when Applejack left for that rodeo!" He then grew sly as he added, "In the crowd next to you, if I recall."

Twilight scoffed. "Spike, you can't possibly be any more immature about this. Just because we were standing next to each other doesn't mean anything!"

"Ponies said the same thing about Lyra and Bonbon."

"Ugh!" Twilight vocalized. "Look, I need to get ready for bed."

"Uh-huh," Spike put his hands behind his back. "Don't want to look too tired for your DATE tomorrow."

"What?!" Twilight grew defensive. "It-it's not a date! He's just coming over to show me a book!"

"So...you two. Alone. Doing something that both of you enjoy. I dunno, sounds an awful lot like a date to me."

Twilight stammered before sighing exasperatedly. "Just let me go to sleep."

"Okay," Spike stopped his teasing. "And don't worry, I'll try not to be too obnoxious when he comes over. I know what this means to you."

Twilight couldn't help but smile at the dragon's words. Within a few minutes, the unicorn, dragon, and their pets were fast asleep.

When morning arose, Twilight and Spike made absolutely sure everything was neat and tidy for Comet Tail's arrival. Once the library was to their (more her) satisfaction, they waited until there was a knock at the front door. Spike opened it to reveal Comet Tail, wearing a saddlebag that sported his cutie mark.

"Come on in!" Twilight announced. "I hope I didn't throw off your day plans too much for wanting to look at that book."

"Actually, I didn't have any plans for today until last night," the stallion admitted as he stepped inside. "Besides, you're the first person in town to actually want to look at this apart from me."

"I don't see why," Twilight shook her head. "I can't begin to imagine what insight it could have into how life was like a millenia ago. I'll get my notebook, just set it down on the table."

"Uh...about that..." Comet Tail suddenly grew uncomfortable. "I was kind of hoping...maybe..."

Twilight grew curious. "Maybe...?"

"...Maybe if we could read it over a quick bite or two?"

One could hear a pin drop to the floor. Spike was quick to stifle a snicker before shooting an 'I told you so' look at Twilight, who glared back at him before looking back to Comet. "I, uh...you're not worried about getting food on the book?"

"Oh, no!" Comet shook his head vigorously. "I take good care of this book, honest!" He suddenly grew quiet and dragged a hoof on the ground. "Mmm...I understand if you don't want to. Where did you want me to put it down?"

Twilight gave it a bit of thought. "Nowhere. Because I'll accept your invitation."

Comet Tail's face beamed. "Really?! Oh, thank you! I'll be right outside when you're ready!" He turned and exited the building, closing the door behind him. Twilight looked down to Spike.

"Not a date, huh?" Spike grinned.

"You are having WAY too much fun with this," Twilight took the defensive again. "We both know I haven't eaten out in a while. Now seems as good a time as any." She prepared her saddlebag with her note papers and writing utensils. "I'll be back soon, Spike. You know what to do."

"Oh, don't worry about me!" Spike replied. "Take all the time in the world!"

Twilight shot another disapproving glance at him before closing the front door and joining Comet Tail outside.


Ponyville's marketplace was nothing if not bustling with activity. Ponies announced their wares, lined up for purchases, and sat at the provided tables to discuss whatever was on their minds. Two ponies in particular discussed the contents of a very old book.

"Look at that," Comet Tail pointed out to Twilight. "Nopony's seen that constellation since Luna's banishment. And here on this page...this shows the trends in meteor showers..."

Twilight listened intently as Comet flipped page after page, showing off a seemingly impossible interest in celestial bodies. Taking down notes as he went along, Twilight couldn't help but be impressed.


Oh no. Wincing, the unicorn mare turned around, laying eyes on a cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail. "Uh...hi, Rainbow Dash. What brings you to the market?"

Rainbow put a hoof to her chin, smirking. "I was getting lettuce for Tank. What are you doing here? And, uh...who's your new friend?"

Twilight sighed. She could tell by the tone in Rainbow's voice that the playful teasing was imminent.

"Name's Comet Tail," the stallion answered. "Twilight and I know each other from way back."

What? Twilight turned to him. Way back? As in a few years? More? Less?

"Really?" Dash started to smile more. "You two went to school together or something?"

Comet Tail then did something that confused Twilight even more: He nodded, positively answering the pegasus' question. He continued, "And after last night's meteor shower, she wanted to take a look at one of my books. It's the oldest one I got."

"M-hm," Dash smirked. "Yeah, Twilight's weird like that. Books are to her what picnics are to ants - no matter how hard you try, you can't keep them away."

Comet Tail laughed. "Yeah, believe me, I know!"

Why was he doing this?!? Twilight's thoughts raced.

"Well, I got what I came for," Dash gestured to the vegetables in her saddlebag. "See you later!"

Twilight was so focused on her thoughts, she failed to notice Rainbow Dash speeding upwards in a bolt of rainbow-colored light. What was Comet Tail doing, acting like he knew her for so long? Did she suffer from some kind of amnesiac attack? Or did she just-

"Twilight? Twilight!"

She snapped back to reality as Comet Tail waved a foreleg in front of her face. "You alright? You look dazed. Was it that pegasus?"

"Huh? Rainbow? No no, I was just thinking."

Comet Tail nodded. "I know you love doing that, believe me."

It wasn't a joke, Twilight thought. He seriously remembers me from something long ago. But where?

Realizing these thoughts were doing more harm than good, Twilight cast them aside for now, instead focusing on the book in front of her and Comet's colorful commentary on its contents, all while they enjoyed the meal in front of them.


Evening had begun to fall. Twilight couldn't think of a time she was out of the library as long as she was today.

Over the course of her reading with Comet, several other of her friends passed them by. She could tell by their faces that she had a bit of explaining to do with them.

Regardless, the two unicorns made their way to the large tree of a building, Twilight's bag filled with notes. They made it to the front door before turning to each other.

"Hey, Twilight," Comet Tail started. "I, uh...really appreciated you spending time with me. I know I get annoying, but it's a passion for me. Stars and such, I mean."

"It's no problem," Twilight reassured him. "I learned so much today from that book. You, um...wouldn't mind if you were to loan it to the library sometime?"

"Oh, not at all!" Comet shook his head. "Trust me, if anyone knows how to take care of a book, it's you!"

Part of Twilight continued to wonder how he knew this. But part of her also felt herself blushing in response to this compliment. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Comet said. The two stood there, staring into each other's eyes before shaking themselves away. They said their goodbyes, and Twilight entered the main room of the library.

The sight was to be expected: Spike, sleeping like a baby in a chair, with Peewee and Owloysius, Twilight's pet owl, perched on either end of the chair. Smiling and shaking her head, she let her saddlebag fall with a thump, startling all three of them.

"Bwah! Abandon ship!" Spike blurted out before rubbing his eyes. "Twilight! You're back! Wait..." He looked out the window. "You're back? You were out for THAT long?!"

"Stop acting so surprised," Twilight used her magic to pull the notes out of her bag. "You forget that ever since moving here, I've been getting more of a life. Besides, Comet Tail's book was a practical trove of information."

"Hoo," Owloysius responded.

"Hey, since we're talking about him," Spike stood up from the chair, "You figure out where you know him from?"

"That's just it," Twilight sighed. "I don't. And today, he acted like he knew me from back at school at Canterlot. He acted like I knew him for years. And I...just didn't have the heart to tell him I didn't know him." She put her notes and bag away. "You got the mail, right?"

"Oh, that's another thing!" Spike ran to an envelope on the table, picking it up. "Read this!"

Twilight lifted the letter from his grasp and floated it over to her. Her eyes widened as she laid eyes on the signature. She quickly opened the envelope, pulled out the letter, and skimmed over it.

The air of the library was filled with noise again as Twilight let out a joyful shriek.



Next: Shining Armor's arrival for the Siblinghooves events gives Twilight an idea. Could Shining help her remember Comet Tail? And if so, what memories will surface as a result?