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This story is a sequel to Arête - Princess Alicorn of Hackers

The Dream-Web — a virtual dream world utopia, maintained by the Starswirl Conglomerate, for ponies and other species to explore and enjoy. Or so the advertisements claim.

Behind the flashy facade battles rage between dream-hackers and the divisions of the Conglomerate for control of this virtual marvel.

Twist, a Starswirl intern, stumbles upon information about an ominous cult that has infected the Dream-Web with King Sombra's essence and plans to bring him back to life. Targeted by cultists, hackers, and competing colleagues alike, Twist must shuffle between her real and professional life as she investigates both worlds in an attempt to prevent the return of the King from happening.

Art by Equestria-Prevails

The story starts place shortly before the events in Arête - Princess Alicorn of Hackers takes place.

Marked AU because of season 5 episode 18 - Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

Special thanks to Elric of Melnipony, Swan Song, Doccular42, and Kaelenmitharos for pre-reading and advice.

Special thanks to Malefactory for editing.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 54 )

Whaaaaat!! You wrote a sequel?! Hell yeah!

6853420 :) I started a sequel, yes :D
Must show the Conglomerate side of things :) Hope you enjoy.

Once again, another brilliant story Lise! I'm loving your dream web world!

6853462 The place where dreams are slayed ... I mean made! O:)

Looks interesting, but I read it's predecessor first.

As usual, you've given us over hell of an opening chapter. I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole story unfold!

And now we all love Twist!

Another brilliant chapter Lise!!! Can't wait for more :D

Intrusion Cointermeasures Division

Um, countermeasures? Is auto-correct a problem?

I have to say that, in retrospect, it seems a little strange for so many of the characters to seemingly still be in what amounts to elementary/middle school and yet they're allowed to mess around in this 'Dream Web'. Oh, and the main character's mother here leaves her own home to encourage partying. An explanation of your notion of adult in MLP/this AU would help (i.e. at what point does a filly become a mare).

It's pretty concerning that someone just tried to off Twist and nobody even noticed.

6994084 :) I probably missed it... again :(

Everyone is in the 18 range (final year of high school), right before collage. That's pretty much the time they are mares (just 1-2 years shy of MLP mane cast age :))

Well, someone did notice :)

last sentence: The second held four words that made her pulse pulse quicken.

Double pulse?

7283087 :) The virus pulse has been deleted :)

Shivers! This is pulling me in deeper!

Oh. Snap. I'm liking the fanfilly princess!

Another amazing chapter Lise!

7295222 :) It's Clairvoyance, isn't it? ;)

7295299 :) SB makes even alicorns faint :)


It really is! SO much mystery around this one character! I love it!


I love seeing that even a Princess is still just a pony. :D

Oh. Snap. Excellent way to end a chapter Lise! I need more!!

Well done as usual! I am really loving this story!!

7309788 :) Next up... something unexpected :P

Oh My... Sweet Celestia!!! All of the yes this chapter!

I can't wait for the next one!!!!!

Excited horse noises

So we're jumping straight into the plot, I see. No easing the reader into it. Alright, I'm game.

I'm left wondering how exactly does this line up with the timeline of Arête, though I guess I'll have to read on to find out.

School. There was something about it that never changed. Twist had always found it enjoyable, if a little elementary.


I'm liking the mix of Arête's cyberpunk setting with a dash of corporate bureaucracy, it gives a new way to look at the universe you've crafted.

Many questions arise, surely the answers will follow soon enough. :pinkiesmile:

7716501 :) No rest for the Webers:P

7718838 Bureaucracy? You know nothing yet, Zaid Snow! :D

Boy, Shimmy Shake is just a few grandfoal-less years away from just straight up setting Twist on blind dates.

I like the small hints that tie this story together with Arête. They're not obtrusive, but not too sutle either. And hey, that's an enticing cliffhanger you have there. Thankfully I can just read the next chapter right away. :pinkiesmile:

Yeah, that'll suck the life out of a party.

I was originally going to point out the drawbacks of an assassination attempt in the middle of a party, but now that I've reached the end, I can't help but wonder if that stallion wasn't just sent to create a distraction while Twist's data wells were being hacked. Guess I'll have to read on to find out!

Also, I wanted to be noticed that I avoided a cheap twist ending joke. :twistnerd:

7778569 The king demands sacrifices! Also, what drawbacks could there be? The party is inside. :P


The party is inside.

That's the logic of a serial killer in a slasher movie. I expect better from my zealous cyber-cultists.

7780165 but... James anime villains do it all the time... O:)

C ᴏ ɴ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ᴜ ɪ ᴛ ʏ ~ !

So! Clairvoyance is out and about, huh? Guess Twist didn't see that coming. :eeyup:

I stand by that joke. Anyway, this was a dense chapter, lotta things to unpack. I find the idea of a centralised hub for dream hackers and (I assume) illegal activities a bit odd. Though, seeing how careful most hackers are with their dream web activities, the risks are somewhat low. Still, I imagine we'll be visiting the forums at some point, whether it's before, or during their stay at the Crystal Empire.

"Throwing paper planes

She did it! Twist got over her lisp!

"Cloudchaser?" she asked in disbelief. "Why are you here?"

You mean Stormwalker?

The idea of a cyberpunk Crystal Empire makes me feel giddy when I think of the aesthetic possibilities. Also, since I never found out what's the exact constitution of Crystal Ponies, I can't help but wonder what their physical reaction to that technology would be...

Oh, well. In less grim topics, I was right about her visiting the Everfree Forums. Can't blame her for wanting to play with her shiny new toys. I'm somewhat surprised Clairvoyant left records of his activities, I would've gotten rid of any sort of trail just to be safe.

It was also nice to see Flurry Heart fangirling so hard just at the prospect of Sweetie Belle paraphernalia (though that's an entirely justified reaction, if you ask me.)


You know, I had this whole little skit planned with Silver's morning routine since it reminded me of Patrick Bateman's morning routine in American Psycho, but then I got to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's little conversation in the bathroom and my heart did a sad. I even went back to Arête and check Scootaloo's reaction to finding out DD's identity. Part of me feels bad for Diamond, though I've got to commend her for being strong in the face of disappointment, and possibly even hurt.

Oh, well. Life goes on. You do you, Diamond.

It's always interesting to see someone navigate the incompetence-filled eschelons of the bureaucracy. I like Silver Spoon's jaded but grounded view of the Conglomerate, her brother, and high society as a whole.

Back to Twist, I can only imagine how energetic a five year old alicorn Princess can be, so she can't be blamed for feeling plumb tuckered out. However that nice message at the end is as effective a pick-me-up as any. Besides, something tells me she won't be keen on heeding that request.


Don't break the table

Or, for that matter, the stallion. How durable are crystal ponies anyway? On a somewhat related note, I'd totally read a story where Flurry Heart and Lily open a detective agency to investigate the seedy underworld of the Crystal Empire.

Anyhoot, the plot thickens. I like the idea of species specific webgear. Does this mean that a fringe earth pony engineer managed to make a web gear entirely out of produce?

"Hear songs from artists such as DJ Pon3, Vioflash, Neon, and also, for the very first time, the rising game idol Sweetie B."

I'm a musician now!! :yay:

Still an amazing read... Even if I have to write a story to get you to finish this one :P

Things are starting to heat up! Keep it going!

Ooooo I'm stealing that cloudgear idea for my headcanon for this story.

One month till this has gone a year without any updates haha

8138531 I know :( Hopefully, it wouldn't get to an year...
I'm so terrible :/

8139368 You're not terrible, in fact I think that this is one of the best series I've seen on FIMFiction. No matter how long it takes you to write out a chapter, I'll be waiting patiently for it's release. :)

This is even scarier than the Conglomerate office. Silver swallowed, then gently knocked on the door.

I think you meant (Twist) .

I was really hoping for more Harpy, but I suppose that Twist will do.

HOWEVER, I must say that you certainly know how to grab your reader's attention with a chapter like this! Regardless of wanting more Harpy, I am VERY interested in how this story will develop!

I agree! At first I was like "BRING BACK HARPY!", but now after this chapter, I feel like Twist has really come into her own. Though so far I haven't seen very much to really signify this as a sequel just yet.

I feel like it's one of those doctor Who moments, where you're like "Grrrr! Bring back the old one!", but then after awhile you're like "You know! I really do love this new one!"

Actually it's a different Neon:

Also it's great to start to see real references that says this is a sequel! <3

I'm wondering if a certain Alicorn Hacker isn't continuing on the work of our mysterious dead hacker! o.o

I mean that WOULd make a certain amount of sense. Unless of course this was one of those "To be sent in case of my death" type things.

Also, I would think that Clairvoyance actually had Twist as towards the top, but put her on the bottom as a security measure.

I am really digging this great mystery! <3

Oh wow this just keeps getting more and more crazy! I really do wonder what will happen next! <3

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