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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!


There is something bothering Princess Luna.

Every night she goes down into the Hall of the Elements, and sits a lonely vigil as her heart turns with confusion and fear. Not matter what she has tried, she has gone there night after night, a single question eating at her.

Why, of all the villains the Elements of Harmony have punished, was she spared?

Written between Season 2 and 3.

Part of the Shelf Cleaning Initiative.

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the Elements were not used on Sombra

The elements were only used on Sombra to lock him in the frozen north the first time. And the second time was the Crystal Heart.

They were used to seal him into ice, actually. Then the Crystal Heart was activated when Sombra came back, and...well, we all know how that turned out.

Speaking of the Crystal Heart...anyone else realize that, while the Elements have a sense of irony, the forces of love and happiness(?) have a tendency to go "DIE, YOU EVIL @#$%!^*"? I mean, with Chrysalis, it was just launching her and the changelings out of Canterlot and into the badlands, where there was no love to feed on, meaning that Chrysalis would - best case scenario for the ponies - starve to death. And with Sombra, it just outright killed him. By shattering him into a dozen pieces.

6844362 the animation suggests to me that Celestia and Luna just blasted the crap out of him with their own power.

...Ooooooookay, you have a point; it doesn't actually say they used the elements...

Chrysalis was not defeated by the elements, she was defeated by Shining Armor and Cadance

6845715 He never said that. He was making a comparison between how the Elements operate to how the magic of love operates.

6846335 You're right i read it wrong. sorry.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

wlam #11 · Jan 19th, 2016 · · 5 ·

I feel kind of "bleh" about this. That was kind of just... no. Discord? Horrible asshole who needs to be tortured for his assholishness. Sombra? Horrible asshole who needs to be tortured for his assholishness. Nightmare Moon? Horrible asshole who needs to be placed on the moon so the elements can find her some pwetty wittle fwiends! That entire reasoning was honestly just dumb. The fact that the elements start talking did it no favour, either.


Discord also came out of his stone to find a friend in the end.

That doesn't help the reasoning this story actually gives for it.

Luna stood and stared at the door.

She had heard certain philosophical and was at the moment feeling very existential and confused.

Take, for instance, the case of Discord. What was he, exactly? Discord was Discord. He was the Spirit of Disharmony. The God of Strife. Suffering and Malice were his stock and trade, and his bread and wine.

Discord and Charnel don't look that much alike do they?

Discord, a creature who never knew rest, who schemed and spun endlessly, who made sure that no creature he could lay his talons on knew an iota peace, was doomed to the eternal serenity of statuary. The idea nearly made Luna snort the more she thought about it.

Sounds more horrible to me really. Maybe there's still a bit of villain in her after all!

Why? Why banishment to the moon? Why redeem her? Why show here leniency? Of all the sinners to face judgment on the altar of the Elements, why was she the one spared? Out of all of them, she deserved to suffer the most!

Well, one thought that occurs. Wasn't Luna also using the elements against those others? She did just snort at the irony of Discord being turned to stone. Might be their use has something to do with who is using them...

“You were telling me an hour ago how as a filly you nearly leveled the school attempting to hatch an egg. I'm sure my sister would forgive you for singeing a few fibers and getting wax on a rug she doesn't like anyway.”

Tensions were pretty high with Saddle Arabia after all.

“Of course, you're my P.P.B.F.F.!”

Post Patented Bakery Failure Finder. It's an inside joke that's too hard for Twilight to explain to the readers. Or Luna even.

Hmm, found the scene, and maybe it's implied the Elements were used?

I mean, on one hand, they don't say they used it and you don't see any Element regalia or stones floating around, but on the other, why wouldn't they use them? Like, if you got them, might as well put them to use on every big baddy you come across.
I suppose it could be that, since this was a "1000 years ago" Luna was already on the verge of Nightmaring, so maybe she couldn't use them.

the sarcastic quotation is for the fact that I know this or the Nightmare Moon initial incident was not a thousand years ago, because if it was exact, and since the Empire just returned, it would mean it vanished after Luna's thousand year banishment since she returned before it.
Celestia, and know it sounds a lot more dramatic, but does everything has to be a thousand years? If the Empire was lost a thousnad-and-ten years ago, just say, you drama queen.

An intriguing line of thought and a very sweet conclusion. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

I'm shocked I didn't comment this earlier, from Frost:

Nothing can make injustice just but Mercy.

Hmm clever , very clever. Never thought of the Ellen's like that.

Good read :pinkiehappy:

This needs the AU tag. I say this because there's no evidence that the Elements were ever used on Sombra. In fact, in canon, there's a ton of evidence that shows that it was just Celestia and Luna that struck him down, and the Crystal Heart that finished the job.

6849640 Luna was never really evil. Discord, up until season 4, was an irredeemable piece of garbage.
Actually, he still is.

"I'm going to freeze this world solid because people aren't giving me the attention I want" is about as evil as it gets. Say what you want, but justice is supposed to be just. If everyone gets a different punishment for doing the same thing, then it isn't justice at all. Either it applies equally to everyone or it doesn't actually apply to anyone. I'm pretty sure I could come up with some contrived Freudian excuse for the other two as well.

7555046 Luna experienced remorse. Discord never has. Seriously, has Discord ever said to the Mane Six "I'm sorry I mind raped you into complete madness?" No, he's been an unrepentant monster for four seasons.
Sombra doesn't have enough character for me to judge.

The worst thing he has ever done to most people comes down to an elaborate prank - and non-lethally incapacitating the only six people capable of operating a superweapon against you would be considered pretty damn restrained by any kind of human standard. Nightmare Moon tried to murder them when she dropped them down that cliff. Say what you want, but when it comes to the consequences of their actions? Luna was worse in every sense. We don't punish people on the basis of how bad of a person they are, we punish them for what they actually do.

7555504 Discord essentially violated the Mane 6 in the worst possible way. Luna just wanted to be loved, Discord does what he does out of pure sadism.
*Sigh*Look, I'm just never going to like Discord.

No one is expecting you to, I'm just pointing out that evil is as evil does. Stalkers also just want to be "loved," for a given value of love, but that doesn't make them good people. The point of my original comment was that for a story called "Perfect Justice," there isn't a whole lot that's actually just in it.

This was a wonderful story.

The first half looks absolutely amazing. Then Twilight shows up and suddenly, the fic changes. It's like you gave up and decided to go with a heartwarming ending instead.

The NMM timeline showed otherwise.
Equestria being completely fine despite it being eternal night and NMM mentions its been years since she booted Celestia to the moon, so she must have thought something up in order to prevent everyone from dying.
She wanted to be loved and her night loved too, it will be contradicting her goals if it ends up getting everyone killed.
So she had to have thought up some way to prevent that issue there.

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