• Published 14th Apr 2017
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The Ponified Snake - Dark Nightshade

Luna creates a snake pony via the animation spell to help fight Slam.

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About 3 hours later, Hebiihime was shaken till she was awake by Nightshade.

"I'm up!" she said. "I'm sorry I fell asleep!" Nightshade frowned.

"Why are you apologizing?" he asked. "You're, like, 15, and you were created yesterday. You've been testing for a few hours as well. You don't need to apologize." Hebiihime nodded.

"Ok, sorry," she said. "Now, we need to figure out Slam's pattern! Where has he attacked so far?"

"He has attacked 9 cities and 5 towns," Luna said, pointing at some cities on the map. "He seems to be coming here, to Canterlot." Hebiihime nodded.

"Yeah, that would be the logical thing, I guess," she said. "But it's kind of a zig zag pattern, and in case he's not, what's the population of each city he has attacked?" Luna frowned.

"I'm not sure," she said. "But they are pretty big, and he did soulmate almost every pony in each one. I'll check."

"Actually, I know," Nightshade said. "Each city had a population of about 40,000 ponies." Sumāto frowned.

"And saying that he missed, let's say 2,000 ponies at maximum and 1,000 ponies at minimum, he could have anywhere in between 342,000 and 351,000 ponies, give or take a few thousand," he said. "And that's not conting the towns he's attacked!" Luna's jaw was wide in surprise.

"That's massive," she said. "How has he managed to soulmate this many ponies in this short amount of time?"

"Magic, probably," Corto said. "A crazyton of magic."

"That's about half of the Royal Guards and Night Guards combined," Nightshade said. "So he's probably not going to attack Canterlot, not yet."

"So he'll probably try and take the next most populated city," Sumāto said. "Where's the closest most populated area to where he attacked last?"

The wasted remains of Appleloosa lay at Slam's hooves. He had rounded up every last pony living there, and unfortunately, that had meant having to destroy a few buildings. Not that it mattered. They could be rebuilt. The next place on his list to attack was Cloudsdale. Fortunately, it had been a few miles south of Appleloosa the last time he had checked.

The Royal Guards had been debriefed, and were marching towards Appleloosa. Of course, when they saw smoke rising from where it was, they started going faster. It had been destroyed. Nopony was there, either, and was eerily silent.

"He's been busy," Nightshade said. "The entire town. Wow." Hebiihime hung her head.

"Where's the next nearest city?" she asked.

"I think-" Nightshade started to say when a guard shouted out "It's Cloudsdale! Their under attack!" Everyone looked up to see that Cloudsdale was indeed under attack.

"That would be the next nearest city," Corto said. "We better get up there!" Hebiihime unfurled her wings and started flapping.

"Wait, we need a plan!" Luna said. "Not everpony here has wings!

"I'll cast a mass teleportation spell!" Hebiihime said. Her horn started glowing, the spell charging up, then was released in a bright flash of light. Then they were all on Cloudsdale. There were some gasps as the non-pegasus ponies gasped, expecting to fall, but Hebiihime had thought ahead and casted a cloud walking spell on them as well. Hebiihime faltered and almost fell over.

"How did you do that?" Luna asked. "You just teleported a hundred guards!" Hebiihime shrugged.

"I guess I have a lot of magic potential," she said. "That or maybe because I was angered by seeing that town in ruins and that gave me some kind of boost."

"Anyway, now that we're here, what's the plan?" Nightshade asked.

"Why not just attack?" Corto said. Sumāto made a tsk sound.

"Because we have the element of surprise!" he said. "We should use that to our advantage!"

"Sumāto has a point," Luna said. "We should use that to our advantage! Everypony, gather round! We need to make a plan!"

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