• Published 14th Apr 2017
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The Ponified Snake - Dark Nightshade

Luna creates a snake pony via the animation spell to help fight Slam.

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Training dummies and naming snakes

As Luna, Nightshade and Hebiihime walked into the training room, Nightshade asked Luna a question that had been bugging him.

"Why a snake?" he asked. Luna looked surprised at the question.

"Well, a snake is a powerful creature," she said. "They're sneaky, and can be surprisingly strong. Now, you're the expert with this arena. How do we start a test?" Nightshade looked around the room until he spotted the switch, and pointed at it.

"That switch right there activates a bunch of training dummies of varying difficulties," he said. He looked at Hebiihime as he flew over to the switch. He was still getting over that he had a daughter, and with the princess of the moon, no less! "Hey, Hebiihime, are you ready for some training?" Hebiihime nodded.

"No time like the present," Hebiihime said. Nightshade flipped the switch, and a bunch of different colored pony training dummies appeared in a flash. Hebiihime glanced at the training dummies. "So how do I activate them? Do I just punch it?"

"Attack that blue one over there," Nightshade said, pointing to a dummy. "That's the easiest level in the room." Hebiihime nodded.

"Just punch it!" the short snouted snake head said. "You can do it!"

"Yes, hit it!" the longer snouted head said. "You must learn your abilities so you can improve on them!" Hebiihime looked at the longer snouted one.

"You're very smart, aren't you?" she asked. The long snouted head nodded. "I think I'm going to call you.... Sumāto."

"Japanese for smart," Sumāto said. He bowed his head. "Thank you, most honorable one."

"Hey, what about me?" the short snouted one asked.

"I think Corto fits you," Hebiihime said.

"Corto?" he said with a frown. "Isn't that Spanish for short?"

"Yes," Hebiihime said. "Just like your patience." Luna and Nightshade snickered.

"Now, let us practice!" Nightshade exclaimed. "Punch the dummy!" Hebiihime faced the blue dummy, pulled back her hoof, and socked the dummy in the face. It's head flew across the room and splintered against the wall. Everyone gasped.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said snakes were powerful," Nightshade said to Luna. He looked at Hebiihime. "Ok, that was really good. Now, how about you use some magic on the next one."

"But I don't know any spells," Hebiihime said. "Knowledge is power, and I have no knowledge of any spells."

"That's a good point," Luna said. "I should've brought some books down with us. I'll go get some." There was a flash of light and Luna disappeared.

"You are very powerful," Nightshade commented.

"Thanks," Hebiihime said, a light blush on her cheeks. "You are my father, after all." Nightshade pointed at her horn.

"Yeah, that and you're an alicorn," he said. "Alicorn's are much more powerful than any other tribe."

"Thanks," Hebiihime said. There was another flash of light, and Luna was there again.

"I have gotten the required books!" she exclaimed. "Now, let's get practicing!"

Hebiihime and Luna spent the next hour or so practicing magic. Hebiihime destroyed the training dummies-both literally and figuratively. She was great at magic, and very powerful, almost as powerful as Twilight already, despite having just being created. Finally, Hebiihime was on the final dummy. This one was bright red, and fought back, both with magic and hooves.

"You can do this!" Sumāto exclaimed. Hebiihime got into a good stance, popped a few joints, and fired a beem of fire at the dummy. The dummy reacted instantly, and dodged the beem. It twirled and threw it's hoof. Corto managed to redirect it by punching it with his face. Hebiihime fired another beem of fire at the dummy, this time successful in hitting it. It's head was now in flames, and the fire was spreading. Hebiihime charged up a beem and released it, this time blasting the dummy with ice. The ice spread, until it cam into contact with the fire. The fire and ice met and started fighting to gain ground. It was the ice that won, which began to in case the dummy entirely. A few seconds, the ice started cracking, until it (and the dummy inside of it) shattered. Luna and Nightshide started stomping their hooves.

"Impressive," Corto said. "Using opposite extreme tempatures to destroy it."

"That was awesome!" Nightshade exclaimed. "The most that had ever been destroyed in a day by one pony before was only to 30- the orange one. But you-" Nightshade shook his head in amazement- "You destroyed them all! And all within like, 3 hours! It's a good thing Princess Luna is here to testify, because that is otherwise unbelievable!" Hebiihime blushed.

"Thanks!" she said. "That was really fast, but I hade good teachers-you two!"

"And parents," Sumāto said. "You have brought great honer to both families." Luna and Nightshade blushed.

"Thanks," Nightshade said. "Honestly, all this is happening rather quickly."

"Like a bad storyline," Corto said.

"Or a writer who doesn't know how to pace the story well," Sumāto said. "But I think either works."

"Well, as confusing and intresting that is," Luna said. "We need to figure out Slam's attack pattern."

"If we figure that out, we could figure out where he'll attack next," Nightshade said.

"And then we can prepare for him," Corto said.

"And we fight him," Hebiihime said.

"And hopefully we free all those soulmated ponies," Sumāto said.

"Let's figure this stuff out," Hebiihime said as Luna teleported them.

Author's Note:

Have a good summer!