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Mister Phoenix

Since the show over, I'm gone, no more stories from me


After learning about Looker and Rarity. Spike is heart broken. Trying to hold back his tear of pain and regret.

Spike travels to an secret hidden waterfall, to try and heal the scars left in his heart. The young drake maybe heart broken and tear up from the inside. But can an farm mare help him out?

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 7 )

Cool, I wonder why 10 downvotes?

6980569 Most likely because this was a sequel to a story that many didn't like which is deleted now, so that's why maybe :applejackunsure:

What kind of writing style is this? :applejackconfused:

7160051 Mine, but this was me trying to get back into Applespike after not writing it after awhile, The Dragon and The Farmer is better in every single way :raritywink:

I thought this was cute! I like this pairing. :moustache:

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