• Published 9th Jun 2012
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No More Tears - The Last Raven

After a scaly life-form, Twilight Sparkle is close to, is brutally murdered right before her eyes, she sets out on a quest. A quest to find

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The Opposition

Chapter Two

The Opposition

"Two pairs" Spike shouted playfully.

"Oh darn, looks like you win again." said Twilight still cheerful. "How did you get so good at poker anyway Spike?" asked Twilight.

As to which Spike replied, "I guess I'm just a lucky guy."

"Well it's getting late; we should probably be hitting the… hay." Twilight said as she held back a laugh from the terrible pun she previously uttered.

"Aw man, can't we stay up a little bit later. I mean is there even anything to rest up for?" asked Spike followed by a yawn.

"As a matter of fact, I still haven't thought of anything to write in my apology to Princess Celestia!" replied Twilight with a stern voice.

"Alright, alright, calm down." replied Spike.

"Good night Spike, I love you." Twilight said in a sweet voice.

"I love you too, night." Replied Spike right before plopping onto his bed. They both fell asleep very quickly; Spike enjoying his dreams of Rarity, and of course, Twilights dreams of studying with the princess.

Suddenly, there was a monstrous bang that shook their entire home. "SPIKE!" screamed Twilight. Spike immediately jumped out of his cot and stumbled over to the edge of the stairs. "He's got a knife!" Twilight was repeatedly screaming. Suddenly Spike grabbed a book off the shelf and tackled the mysterious figure in the house; beating him unmercifully with said book. The intruder evaded spikes grasp, reveling himself as a wolf.

He lunged at Spike with the knife yet missed when spike swiped the wolfs feet with his tail, tripping him. Then spike stomped his head over and over until the wolf lied motionless. Spike walked over to Twilight to make sure she was okay. "Spike! Look ou-," Screamed Twilight in panic.

But before Spike could react, he felt a sharp pain in his back following through to his chest. The knife went completely through his body, fracturing his ribcage. Twilight stared at the blood drenched knife in horror. She then looked up at Spikes face as he showed signs of pure anguish. The wolf, realizing what he'd done, ran off looking disoriented.

"Spike?" Twilight said in a soft voice, holding back a sob. Spike dropped to his knees before falling forward at Twilight's hooves.

"Spike!" Twilight screamed at the top of her lungs, shaking Spikes static body… there was no response. "No no no! Spike please no!" she said weeping. Her mind began to race: what is she to do now? How will she go on without Spike? Is this really it for Spike? Is he really dead?

Twilight then felt an intense pain in her stomach. She started to feel woozy until she completely blacked out.

Twilight, starting to regain consciousness, felt a chilling sensation on the left side of her face. She opened her eyes. Her head was lying in a pool of Spikes blood. She immediately tried to stand back up on her hooves but she couldn't grasp the strength to. She looked up only to be blinded by the light of day. Twilight with all her might yelled, "Help!" but it wasn't any louder than one of Fluttershy's screams. She lied there helplessly for hours upon hours. Suddenly, there was and knock on the door.

"Hey, um… Twilight?" Twilight recognized the voice coming from the other side of the door as Rainbow Dash. "I'm, um… sorry I ran off like that yesterday. I was a real jerk and I know it. So do you think I could, I mean… I don't know… come in and we could maybe… discuss the new, Daring Do novel or something?" Twilight tried to cry out but she couldn't make a sound. Rainbow Dash was growing impatient. "Come on Twilight, I'm trying to apologize." Rainbow Dash said sounding frustrated. "I know you're in there!" she screamed at Twilights front door. There was only silence.

Rainbow Dash bowed her head in remorse. "I'm… I'm sorry." Rainbow Dash started to walk off. Twilight had to think quickly for she wasn't sure that she would get another chance to be found before she starved to death. She summoned all of her remaining strength and uttered the word, "Yay!"

Rainbow Dash immediately spun around with a look of pure hatred. "Oh! So you'll have a slumber party with Fluttershy but not with o'l Rainbow Dash! Who else are you partying in there with huh! Rarity! Pinkie Pie!" She bucked the door wide open just for her face to turn ghost white after gazing upon the slaughter she saw before her eyes.

"Oh my gosh! Twilight! Spike!" Rainbow Dash shrieked in terror. She galloped over to Spikes corpse then touched and examined the knife. "Who did this to you?" she uttered to herself.

"What in the Devil is going on here!" said a complete stranger coming from the outside. He was a slightly over middle aged stallion with a blue coat just a little darker than Rainbow Dash's. His cutie mark was a big red cross letting Rainbow Dash know that he was a doctor. "Oh my" he said acting surprised as he ran over to Spike and Twilight.

He checked on Twilight first. He pulled out his flashlight and positioned his head right over Twilights. "Alright, she's still breathing" The doc said as he shined the flashlight in her eyes for a few seconds. "Pupils dilating so she is still conscious. Hold on sweetie, you're going to be okay. " He said pulling out a small radio and saying, "This is NCC-1701 requesting immediate medical assistance and two ambulances, how copy, over?" There was a reply from the radio that said, "Acknowledged, we are rooting an ambulance to your position, control out."

The doctor put the communicator away and checked on Spike. "I'm sorry ma'am, he's dead." The doctor said pitifully.

"But you're a doctor! You're supposed to save ponies!" Rainbow Dash yelled losing her temper.

"Listen ma'am, I'm a doctor not am miracle worker. I'll do what I can for your friend here," The doctor said pointing at Twilight, "But I'm afraid that this one's gone."

About ten minutes later, two ambulances arrived. Medical staff rushed into the house and put the immobilized bodies on stretchers and loaded them in. "Wait for me!" Rainbow Dash shouted getting in the back of the ambulance with the doctor.

The journey to the hospital only took about fifteen minutes but to Rainbow Dash, it felt like an eternity. When they arrived at the hospital, the nurses and staff rushed Spike and Twilight into the emergency room, forcing Rainbow Dash to wait in the waiting room.