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"There is no feeling quite as thrilling as the feeling of overcoming life's greatest challenges."


Luna was banished to the moon 10 years ago, and since then she's made two new friends. This is the tale of how she came to regret her actions, and what her thoughts were for the remaining 990 years of her banishment.

This story is inspired by Disturbed's cover of the Simon & Garfunkel song titled "The Sound of Silence." In fact, parts of that song are inserted within this short story. I do not claim the song as my own.
All credit for the cover image goes to Elkaart.
Rated Teen for slightly darker tones.
Also, I apologize to all of those who followed me for my writing, as I have been absent from this site lately. I look to remedy that, and am using this story as a stepping stone back into the realm of pony fiction.

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I like this. I have only read a few fictions that deal with Luna's time on the moon seriously, and this one is a great example

Short but beautiful. Got me to shed a few tears, well done my friend! :twilightsmile:

Thank you. ^^, I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you, too. ^^, My goal was to explore Luna's darker side (the dark side of her moon, if you will. :P), and that's exactly what ended up happening.

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