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One day i'll get around to writing more.



Hello & Welcome!

A Romance & A Slice of Life story, following Spike on his own little adventure!

"Putting a background Pony in the star light, Sunny Rays!"

Noting this is my first Fan fiction story, but dont think I am using that as an excuse, if it might be bad, if anything, if I have made a spelling mistake or something let me know :)

The cover art was made by myself.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 16 )

A few grammer problems but it's a nice story

Brah, you're following a good path with this one. I love shipping Spike with background ponies. Gonna follow this one.

no problem, it was just an idea i had in my head for a while

Haven't read it yet, but commenting anyway: you're already a pretty good artist. Loved that cover.

thank you for the comment :)

Awesome story cant wait for you to make a sequel :twilightsmile:

Sequel please!!! ♧

Comment posted by Csanimations deleted Apr 22nd, 2016

Awesome indeed!

Will there be a sequel to this?

To be honest I haven't really thought about it, im not sure where I'd take it.

You could just have Sunny and spike dating, getting married, having children. That kind of thing

Sorry I didn't reply after your last reply but i have good news, I have wrote a sequel from { The Rare Kind Of Guy } just got to read through it and it will be up :)


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