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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


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Huzzah~! Now I gotta wonder, what's Treehugger's angle on all this?

you asked for it. :ajbemused:

Gimme a couple of weeks, I'll get something done, kinda running catch-up on Chrysalis' Paradise Lost at the mo'.

Also Scariest Cave, "SQUEEEE"

The dusk of one adventure signals the dawn of another. The circle of life continues.

I like the inclusion of the dirty thunderstorm, don't see that get depicted often in fictional work.

Heheh, that volcano name will forever go over ponies heads :P

We begin again...

Fasten your seatbelts everyone! When are in for another great and bumpy ride! Whoohoo!:rainbowdetermined2:

And we're off on another adventure! :pinkiegasp:

Am I the only one happy to see this is mature for the simple desire to see how he makes a smut scene with Maud?

A nice balance of whimsey and horror.

Mount(ing) Maud and the Volcano man cometh.

6825449 Ill admit i was looking forward to something like that. in the weed. I like a bit of wet and sticky in my story but not so much that it gets out of hand and takes away from a good read.


Need I point out that "The Weed" has the exact same tags, and no hot 'n' Sticky scene in sight, just lots of glorious dissolve cuts, and bluepalps.

True that may be but it was originally rated "T" with no sex tag. That's a result of the moderators for ill or good.

The Weed was originally T not m with a sex tag

So. I saw this yesterday and seeing that it was a sequel I went ahead and read the first one in the span of about 12-15 hours. It's rather odd in the early chapters I had certain disdain for Tarnish. It took me a while to realize it was because he reminded me of myself when I was younger. The good and the bad, I don't particularly know how to describe the feelings the weed pulled out of me. Or rather what I pulled from the weed (i enjoy lame wordplay). I've walked some roads. I've felt wanderlust and regret and even love. I've felt despair. I guess for all the messages one could have pulled from ths weed. The theme of coming of age resonated with me. I think that's why I was so engrossed. I can't really think of a higher praise to give you as a writer. You made me feel.

Ooh, am I glad this is already started! Tarnish and Maud are some of my favorite characters to see you write! I loved The Weed in its entirety, though I know I didn't comment that often. I look forward to seeing how this one goes! One question, though: does the promise you made on The Weed apply here, too? Will the black plot-bunnies be strangled to death?


There is no dark tag.

Now the question is why did Fluttershy faint? Too much bloodflow to both her face and wings, maybe? :trollestia:

Welcome to the
Explorer's League
And we are in need of explorers♪

Stiff Upper Lip Society


So yes.


Ponies of every stripe and hide, 'cross the land of Equestria.
We harken you to our side, from Las Pegasus to Fillydelphia.

No cave too deep and dark, no mountain cold or tall.
Our mission is no lark, we staunch cartographers of all!

With maps and charts all packed. And supplies strapped on tight.
Being slogged by weather or attacked. We bring knowledge to the fight!

We honor the present and the past. Raising a glass with the utmost propriety.
Then it's bottoms up, until the last. Huzzah the Stiff Upper Lip Society!

6837506 all my yes.
Also I require another Dosage Kudzuhaiku

6837027 Fair enough! I should have been paying attention to that. I blame lack of sleep.

Well AJ, life ain't fair (most the time),

This going to lead to a little Pie someday,” Maud replied

"is" Almost forgot bout' it too.

Welp, this sounds like every bad buisness venture ever, but actually seems legit. Hmmmm...
(Still has melt with you stuck in head) *sigh*

So when will they get invited to join the Pathfinder Society?


Pathfinder Society? Vague reference out of context, no idea what it is.

Oh come on twilight! It isn't that weird. Every filly likes to dress pretty. Even better when they get to be dressed pretty next to their handsomely dressed husband.

........ The semi elemental, magicla ponies who, often enough, have primary jobs in sustaining the environment, have connections to nature and weather, would not care about what would happen to the environment....

There is applying human elements, then there is ignoring the non human elements.

Also doesn't Twilight already have the answer? The tree of harmony contains the Everfree forest. Likely something like itself would either have attributes, or would actively, disrupt evil magic pouring all over the place.

I was thinking the exact same thing while reading this.

Stiff Upper Lip Society

That just smells of 'inevitable betrayal', under the table deals, and backstabbing


Evil magic?

The magic isn't evil. It has no intentions. It is not a mustache twirling villain. This is ridiculous. This is simply magic in an undiluted form that is troublesome, problematic, and dangerous. There used to be the means in place to make it safe, but those have been disrupted.

But to call it evil, that's just silly.

A sewer treatment facility turns waste water into drinking water. The filtration system gets broken and now, the drinking water is contaminated with poop. IT'S EVIL!

No. This is not how it works.

The balance is broken, that's all. You have stable magic, and then you have raw magic, which isn't stable, but you run it through the right filters, it disperses, giving magic to everything that needs it, including magical life. The raw, dangerous magic becomes safe, brought down to safe, manageable levels.

Calling it evil just plain silly. :derpytongue2:


Um... you are going to be disappointed. They're actually the good guys. A.K. Yearling is one of their prominent members, AKA, Daring Do.

I'm trying to introduce the good guys here and everybody thinks they're bad! :raritycry:

6839165 i mean that the magic is unstable and aberrant, toxic even. they used the word Bad after all.


Raw meat can cause all manner of sickness in people. But you cook it, prepare it correctly, it's fine.

Raw oil poured into a gas tank of a car will kill the car, but you refine that crude oil into gasoline and it's fine.

6839173 Oops. Besides, new groups to a story are just asking for "go find the mcguffin thing and bring it to us and suffer our inevitable betrayal for evil stuff" ect.

The Pathfinder Society is an organization within the fictional world of Golarion, home setting of the Pathfinder pen & paper RPG which originated from Dungeons and Dragons. Members of the Pathfinder Society go delving into the less traveled (by "civilization's" standards) areas of the world send reports back, which are then complied and published.

6839414 lol all this talk about raw meat makes me wonder if eating sushi is a bad thing.. lol

And what an egg it is.

That is an... eggcelent wagon. I bet many ponies, once it becomes more common, will be scrambling to get one.

Yes. There is a special spot reserved in pun hell for me.

Beside him, Tarnish heard Maud make a peculiar inhalation sound.

Is... Maud turned on by how practical the new wagon is?


I guess that's one way to fritatta the time away between Kudzu's posts.

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