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After throwing a New Years Eve party, Twilight wakes up hungover from the events that transpired last night.

Story prompt from and gift to TheFictionAddiction.
Pre-Read by Lead_Colored_Sky.

*This story may or may not have been inspired by the writer's own shenanigans. Enjoy! :pinkiecrazy:

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Comments ( 7 )

When did Spike and the CMC have a 'good time'?

Spike like a boss.

Uhhh a foursome? :unsuresweetie:geez Spike :duck:

Well, it's your fault that you didn't let Spike into your party Twilight. He's a damn dragon--more than likely the alcohol would evaporate in his gut and it would be no effects. Plus by throwing him out so you could have your part with the girls and everpony else, you have no right to even think about wanting to see how much Spike probably got laid because he was with the just-turned-mares Crusaders and this is how they celebrate it, while Twilight's nursing a hangover.

And it seems that Spike's not the only one that seemed to get laid--I bet ya Fluttershy did too with that line "She left with some hunky stallion"...Wonder who the stallion is, Probably Bulk Biceps...

Oh my freaking God! Comedic genius!:rainbowlaugh:

Hilarious! This story reminds me of the wild parties I used to have with my friends. I went really bad on a couple of vodka shots (can't remember how many; enough to knock me out, anyway), and have never touched the stuff since. Good times... Good times :rainbowlaugh:

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