• Published 15th Jan 2016
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MLP - My Little Pony - Ponyess

Ponies had become the latest rage; such adorable little companions, there seems to be nothing stopping them. I ended up acquiring my very own little Rarity. Little did I know, just how fashionable a little Pony could be.

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Author's Note:

Rarity's POV

I am a white Unicorn, an equine or Pony. My name is Rarity. I have a fashionable and beautiful deep purple mane and my eyes are a lovely deep blue. Like all the Ponies on the farm on which I live, I am one and a half foot in height; measured in quadruped terms as the Pony I am.

Since I am a Unicorn, I am not quite as bothered by the small box in which I live; compared with the other Pony types, particularly the Pegasi and all the other avian Ponies.

I am served a fairly stylish and fresh salad; five times a day, which is right for any Pony such as myself. I am even blessed with being served tea, which I will have to heat up to contemptible temperature by myself as a Unicorn.

At least, there is a yard behind the building, where we are permitted to have a daily stampede. As an earth bond type, I have no problems with the low clearance of the yard, as opposed to the avians. Flying is close to impossible, when the ceiling is at seven feet from the floor.

The yard is covered with mainly green grasses, but there is a stream along the southern wall with a waterfall to my delight. We have a few diminutive trees and even bushes along the walls.

Today, like most of the days when the store at the farm is open; they pull us in to parade for customers, people who are interested in purchasing a Pony such as me. Sometimes, one is picked out; we never see the Pony again; unless the buyer goes back on the deal for one reason or the other.

Of course, just like everypony else, I have been born here on the farm. Like most other Unicorns, I was born by Unicorn parents; even though there are the few exceptions. Some are praising them and the possibility; while others are ridiculing them and what they are said to be. I don’t really care. I am a Unicorn, pure and simple; what my parents may have been doesn’t change who I am, only the choices I made. As a Unicorn, I try to live up to the high standards of it, and to be the lady it entails.

Like everypony else, I am on the parade; I don’t particularly hurry off of the farm, I have a fairly good life; knowing it could be both better and worse, it is a bit of a lottery. I do not favour the chance; but I am not shying from the possible opportunity, when the day comes and I am chosen and selected.

For all I know, I have everything I need; even if I guess I could have had a better life than I live here.

Today is a new day, and a parade had been announced; thus I am trotting out with the best, proudly presenting myself from my best side as it goes.

You never know, they don’t pick one at every turn; but when the word is that one Pony had been acting poorly, he or she is said to have been punished that day. I don’t know if I believe these words, but I don’t take the chance. My meanest Judge is myself, I don’t like to fail my own judgment.

As I look up, I see a pale girl with bright blue eyes. She is wearing a light purple suit; a short jacket and matching skirt. Once she had gotten closer, I can see the hat, gloves and boots matching the initial view of her suit.

She is slender, and walks with high class. Even when she is looking down at us, I know she isn’t looking down at me in the figurative sense of the word. The suit she is wearing is tight, not the mishmash sloppy fitting set of ill-fitted garments of the lower classes. As she walks, she is wearing it proudly; it had been chosen to serve a purpose, even if it is mainly in pronouncing her and make her shine in the light of my eyes.

I feel her winking at me, and instantly blush; even if I know it can’t be seen outwardly through my thin, shiny, white coat of fur. It is more in the warm fuzzy feeling one has, when one is in the presence of someone, or somepony special, like that special somepony.

Just as she is making eye-contact with me in person, I lift my right forehoof and push up the curls of my mane in a bouncing move; before I twitch up my tail over my back in a more cuddly stylish motion. I can but hope that I am actually catching her eye in the final analysis. There is no way of knowing, I have no such powers. A Unicorn only has her stylish finesse, as opposed to certain Earth type Ponies. Thankfully, we do not have the more brutish variety of the type on the farm; for which I am eternally grateful, I have nothing to spare for the ruffians in the first place.

I rarely have a problem with the other Unicorns; not that the Earth types or the Pegasi are bothering me either, as if I gave them a chance to in the first place. I am not lowering myself to the level it takes to invite the behaviour in my presence.

“Rarity!” I hear the girl pronounce; as she is looking towards me, nodding approvingly.

“That is me, Lady!” I responded; before I had had the time to consider the likelihood that she would even hear or understand me, in the first place.

I could see her blinking, once, twice and thrice; as if considering what she thought she had heard. If she had heard me, or if she had merely imagined hearing something at just the time.

“Rarity!” she said, once again; lowering herself in order to have a better look, or if it was to ascertain herself that she had or had not heard, what she thought she had heard.

“Yes!” I spoke up, in the hopes I had been right in my assumption in the first place.

First after I had pronounced the response the second time did it hit me, I could have scared the poor girl. She may not have expected to hear and understand what I said, what if I am a mere pet to her; even if my looks and style may catch her fancy. In the case, she may have been running of, screaming at the top of her lungs. On that note; had she done that, she would never have been right for me in the first place.

Maybe I had been right in my initial assumption? She had not ran of, and she most certainly is not screaming; let alone at the top of her lungs. From what I could see, she is looking curiously at me with a smile on her face. At least; that is my impression of the expression, on her face. I may have been wrong in the past, but right now I truly hope I am right.

I had seen her winking at me, but this time it was a very different wink. Then she walked out in the direction of where the office is located; the office empowered to release a Pony such as myself to the Human interested, for the small compensatory fee; but who am I to protest, they have been feeding me and cared for me tirelessly for years. Just as they have for all the other Ponies in their care.

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Nice. I hope that the Rarity has a good owner who treats her better then the pet shop does. I look forward to more of her adventures.

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