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I saw that.


A half-crazy scientist builds a machine with a secret purpose in an attempt to regain something she lost long ago.

The description is intentionally vague. The only real point to this one-shot is the (hopefully) surprise ending, so if you're interested you'll just have to read it.

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Favorited for the twist.

6824343 Thank you. I had no idea if I was giving the right amount of hints.

"I'll make my own rainbow."

With blackjack and hookers? :pinkiehappy:

wait was this a reference to one of the older Gens? or to something else because I have re-read it like four times and I still don't get it....I may just be a little slow

6830363 Short answer, yes. I apologize for the obtuse writing style, but that was one of the things I was trying to practice. I can PM you a more detailed explanation if you like.

Oh man, what a twist.
This is worth a fave! Well done!

-Zeph the Editor

A cute story. :pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed the story. I'll admit though, the ending was as I expected. Call it a hunch I had about how it would play out.


Once I saw those names about half way through, I knew what was going on.

Simple but well done.

Like! But yeah, sad's hard to write...

haven't read yet




The surname made the ending obvious. There's enough G1 crossovers, and when a name "Williams" appears, this is the first guess.

6880843 Yeah...I wasn't sure how to make it any more obscure without people acting weird for no reason and lots of people don't know/remember her last name; I had to look it up myself.

Well, I knew what the twist was as soon as I saw the initials, but that's because my own fics have a ton of references to that, too. [/brag]

Even if the twist didn't surprise me, I still loved the story and really feel for the character. I so want to know what happens next...

Yeah, unfortunately, I saw that twist coming a mile off but only because I recently researched it. If I hadn't, the twist wouldn't have been a twist at all. You know, I have this other weird head canon about those characters: Megan is actually Celestia, Molly is Luna and Daniel is Discord.

7765549 Haven't heard that one before. Personally, I'm pretty sure the Moochick is Discord.

Thanks for reading.

That is one smart person, wanting to go back to Equestria, even if it is not when they were before.:pinkiesad2: Heartfelt.

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