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A Belgian Brony, who wants to give writing a shot.


Doing his best to ‘fit in’. Lone Wolf tries to prove himself worthy of the reputation of Crystal Prep Academy.

Though it’s not always studying and hard work. Lone spends some of his free time with his friends. Particularly more with a certain girl that has an eye for fashion or should I say has ‘an eye’ for him....

My Little Pony and Equestria Girls belong to Hasbro.

I only own Lone Wolf and his family.

The other Oc's belong to their respective owners of the PoME universe.

New Cover art made by Snow Bullet

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 77 )

This chapter was pretty good won't lie loved how the others were in the background. One question do you know what Rapid looks like?

well that was a different beginning, and i really liked it cant wait to see what happens next for lone wolf.

6816901 I was only able to read the first chapter. As far as I know Rapid Shadow is a guy with orange flamed hair and midnight blue skin. He has good grades and has a good athletic ability. but what is his eyecolor, his regular clothes and his personality?

6816949 Yeah sorry took down second chapter for editing purposes his eye color is Magenta like Rainbow's regular clothes are usaully just a black t-shirt with a flame on it and his personaility is Shy but willing to stand up for friends gets nervously easily gets saddened easily and usaully jumps to worst case scenario when things are unknown to him usaully happy but has a bored/annoyed exspression on his face because nothing's going on that's interesting.

An excellent introduction, I look forward to seeing what happens next.
Oh boy, another one gets sent to Crystal Prep. Get ready kid, you'll need it.
Eclipse, be nice to the young man.
Midnight, I'm just giving him a warning.

6816975 Lone Wolf: Thanks for the warning. :pinkiecrazy:

6816975 Oh, I just realized this is before the Friendship Games. So Eclipse should be attending Crystal Prep.
You're correct boss, I did attend Crystal Prep before attending Canterlot High, though I didn't meet Midnight there.
It's OK hun, you have me now and that's all that matters. *kisses Eclipse*

And so it begins. Great Chapter and Awesome start Frost and welcome.

Artemis: Frost and Wolf welcome to the Family:twilightsmile:

6816994 Thank you, both of you. It's a great honor to join you guys. :ajsmug:

6817133 Lone Wolf: Relax dude, I'm not that kind of guy. :unsuresweetie:

Nice chapter man and good luck in crystal prep.
Alchemy: Ya good luck.

6817239 Lone Wolf: I appreciate that guys thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Matt Lowell: Oh, alright. :pinkiehappy:

6817053 Yup! One of my favorite bands. :rainbowdetermined2:

Well, welcome aboard the S.S. Motherf*cker!

Treble: So if this is before Friendship Games, then, oh boy.

Muffin, for the last time, that's not what it's called!

6818062 Then what name do you prefer? The S.S. Warhawk? :twilightoops:

That would be a good step in the right direction.

6818145 Well whatever makes you sleep, I'm still calling it the S.S. Motherhumper.

I will say, this is a rather unique writing style, and I actually like it. I look forward to seeing more of it in future chapters! :twilightsmile:

am I allowed to use you guys's OCs automatically?

this is going to be good, great chapter
mise: welcome to canterlot lone wolf, now I have someone else from Europe to share stories with!

Lone Wolf: So you're from Europe too Mise? Great! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Canterlot is a great city so far! :pinkiehappy:

6833834 you're welcome
Mise: aye, I'm from ireland, and yes it is a great city.

Good chapter, but there is one small thing that I don't get. His ears wouldn't be popping on a plane. The cabin is automatically pressurized to the same levels as that on the ground. His ears would be fine.

Although there are a few points where I think you went into too much detail over something trivial, I'm overall thoroughly impressed with this first chapter. These PoME stories can be a bit hit-or-miss with quality, so this was a refreshing read. I'm looking forward to reading more, and if you know anything about me, that's not something I say to everyone.

and being a Code: Lyoko fan is nothing to be ashamed of.

The boy with the bad attitude and the cheerily girl?

Pfft hahaha nice. Great chapter Frost, cant wait for more.

Well the original had almost nothing with Sunny and im glad she has more scenes in this chapter to help her deveolp. Nice chapter Frost. If i may make a suggestion i think he should hang out with the other Shadowbolt OC's a little more before interacting with any CHS student.

“Did my father went to Crystal Prep too?”

Might want to fix that to go mate


Uh oh, NOW Sunny Flare is acting like a token rich bitch.

This is looking good so far!


Ah no, he's succeeded. And now we get to see them push back the Wondercolts easily once again. This can only end in either hilarity or drama, or both. Either way, it's going to be good! :twilightsmile:

I actually thought he was gonna get away without getting caught this time. Also i was shocked to see Cinch acting nice, this re-write does show how diferent is going from the original. Can't wait for more.

Thanks for the cameo

Comment posted by Haseo55 deleted Jan 12th, 2018

Oh my God those references. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, oh fuck. As expected, the Wondercolts failed. :ajsleepy: DAMN it.

Also, this universe is interesting me more and more by the minute.

Keep going!

Well this time most remained unpainted and almost got the heart (thanks to sonata and warhawk).

Neon warning Lone about Sunny makes me wonder what she could have done to others.

Also just a question. Did Indigo just called Bronze because of the monster mask or it was something else?

The reason why Indigo recognized Bronze is that she heard that he's a fan of Lordi. How? through rumors and gossip. Every school has rumors about certain students. And Indigo had a hunch it could be him and she was certain of it when he removed his mask.

Also, I wanted to add the scene to show Sugarcoat doesn't believe the rumors about him and shows her support to Bronze in her own way.

Nice(also well since you saw his shirt it has the band's logo on it XD). One thing i comented in a PM is that also this time Warhawk's jeep escaped unharmed.

I really was surpriced by Fleur knowing Lone. Im also curious about what she stoped Lone from saying.

Neon comes really diferent that your original.

The last part Im really interested as how Lone and Sunny come out of it.


Very nice. Now things are REALLY getting interesting. And oh fuck Sunny's the token rich bitch instead of.......never mind.

Keep going! This is getting good!

Nice chapter, love seeing Sunny getting jealous over Fleur.

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