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PrinceUniversa here, just your normal average brony writing stories for fun, listening to music, seeing adorable pictures and whatnot :D


In the thousand year reign of Princess Celestia, never has she felt so lonely with the absence of Luna. Although she kept a fa├žade of certainty to her subjects, behind the mask is a pony who is in need of some support.

Despite this knowledge, she has learned many new lessons from but there was one lesson written in her last letter. Lost and forgotten in time, it has been found once again by the same pony who written it. See and learn the final lesson that Celestia learned herself.

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Great story! Have a like! :twilightsmile:

7235683 Wow, first comment on this in a long time... Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Hi there! I want to say that this is amazing :3

This is just plain amazing. It was bringing me to tears just reading. This is an amazing story.
I love the way the story is written. I like the idea of the flowers. I don't know what else to say other than what I already have.
Have a favorite and an like :3

7375448 Why thanks you good ma'am I presume? :raritywink:

Your welcome :3 And yes I am a girl :3


Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart that I must conclude that this story is not very good.
It is a laudable attempt at tackling a complex and important theme, that has been touched upon many a time in this fandom - the death and immortality, as it relates to Princesses and ponies.
Even I have dipped my writing hoof in this topic, if indirectly.

However, this particular fic simply does not have what it takes to be good.
The style is very rough and unpolished, using wrong wordage that runs against it's own meaning, a pulled-together symbolism, OC character which we are not introduced to and hardly care about, and finally the message it attempts to deliver is rather confused and does not come across clearly at all.

All in all, I applaud the attempt, but cannot but note that it has - ultimately - failed.

7383181 Goodness, how long was I gone from this book? Anyway, hey I'm alright with the comment in mind! Honestly, this was mostly thought up on the fly so of course I was kind of rushing it so that it doesn't escape my mind forever.

That and this was mostly an experiment to see if I can write a legend of sorts. As it was a first try on legends and that I haven't even read any legends, I was literally going in this blind. As this was a one-shot, it was the least of my worries. I still am glad that you commented good sir :twilightsmile:

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