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New Lunar Principality

Siege Luna! Siege Luna! Siege Luna!

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Y'know, I think "Gigantic" is a bit informal for that acronym, especially when it has words like "Unrestricted" and "Divine", maybe "Giant" would be better.

I was going more for a golem than god motif (at least at the time of coming up with acronym) but I think you're right, and I kinda want to change "Divine" to "Divine Servant", since I am going for the god motif now.

Thanks dude

Wouldn't that be "GUNDSAM"?

Nope it's in lower case so it's part of the D

That's not how you typed it in the comment...

My bad, its like 3:00 am where I'm at

It's 2:00 am where I'm at.

I'm very tired. Still thanks for commenting man

Why does Deva, at level 14, have stats Charisma, Intelligence and Luck over 10? Does she not have any perks? How many times has this character selected Intense Training?

I'm using the fallout 4 stats, she starts out with 28 free points at level 1. She's level 14 because she's actually 14, all characters aside from a few exceptions well have levels be there actual age

If your unfamiliar with the fallout stat system, I apologize for not making that clear.

I know about Fallout 4 and the perk tree. I'm just surprised that her Charisma, Intelligence and Luck are so high. It seems weird for me that someone at level 14 would have stats that high.

In fact, I just checked a character creator and at level 14 with no perks would leave a standard character 9 points short of Deva's stats. Has Deva found all the bobble-heads already? Is she wear stat boosting gear?

I could double check my math, I wrote those stats like a year ago.

I wrote up hers alongside everyother characters stats and math has never been one of my strengths.

If you basing the stats on Fallout 4 then I'd recommend using this character creator calculator found here:

It where I checked Deva's stats and found that at level 14, even with Charisma and Intelligence capped at 10 Luck is left at 6, meaning you need 9 more points to get Intelligence and Luck to 12 and Charisma to 11.

Again, does Deva have stat boosting gear because I'm not sure any stat can naturally go beyond 10.

....oh right it caps at level 10.

Fuck I was an idiot when I wrote that.

Thanks I'm gonna use that for all the character stats

Don't forget stat boosting gear. If your stats are at 10, any +1, +2, ect. item can push your stat to 11 and above, same with chems.

I suppose I can make her custom Pipbuck a stat booster. And yeah Pipbucks don't qualify as items but they really should.

That sounds cool. What kind of customizations does it have? Does it have apps?

Music files, unique songs, might be a good icebreaker for boosting charisma. Statistic calculator might be a way to boost luck. Deva seems to be good with hacking systems, is that all her or does she have special diagnostic programs on her pipbuck that makes it easier to study and unlock more complicated computer systems?

The diagnostic programs and several connecting ports allowing her to download from and upload from multiple systens that aren't compatible with the normal pipbuck port. It boost her intelligence by +1 and increase her hacking ability.

I didn't take a second look at the stats before because I thought they were okay, yeah I'm gonna change all the stats of all characters now.

Cool, sounds like you've got a bit of work to do, good luck with that.

I wrote stats for 13+ characters :pinkiecrazy:

you got it out nice. I cant what tell you cach up to were left off keep it up :twilightsmile:

and if you need any help all got do is ask.:rainbowwild:

I look forward to the next chapter!

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