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This is the best clopfic ever! <3 Can't wait for ch. 2~

6819789 Well, that's the third time I've enjoyed this chapter and I haven't even finished it yet. Might be one more sitting left xP almost finished reading it lmao~

You actually wrote quite a lot so I wouldn't blame you if chapter 2 took a while o:

6829814 Glad someone is having fun XD. Its not just length that make these chapters take a while, its that I have a busy life outside of pony and I usually don't have much time for writing unfortunately.

6830144 Ah that's a shame but I understand. Some things have to be prioritized over others. And I guess that means life in general has to come before sexy, dirty, incestuous, scat clopfic writing lmao

with it now separate it begins very awkwardly. It seems like the start of a chapter rather than a story by itself.

Also you need to split up some of your larger paragraphs.
I would think SB would have to help pay for the diapers.

I can't follow the story. It jumps from Rarity in that cat suit to without the catsuit and then with the catsuit. Is part of it dream or something?

Perhaps she should try to find some diapers in a size that would fit her some day.

what does that mean? does or doesn't Rarity make her own diapers?

6833517 The "*******************" lines separate sections which take place roughly five years apart. They alternate. Section 1 takes place five years after section 2, and then the cycle repeats. If put in our years it would be like 2016, 2011, 2016, 2011, 2016, 2011 and so on. If you thought each section took place after the section before it then no wonder you are confused. Also I state this same thing in a different way in my author's note at the bottom of the chapter. Did you read it?

um, you really need to change that, that's just far too confusing. Even if I read it it's still very confusing to jump around in time like that. You should make the sections fit and meant to be read one after another.

6836516, I agree.

6833706, that's not really the best way to go about writing a time skip. I suggest making clear (without resorting to author's notes) that each break represents a different time.

You should make it chronological. Jumping in time in a story is a bad idea because it can be very confusing for a reader. You should avoid it whenever you can and if you have to do it you should be very clear as to how much time has passed.

Remember that the reader has no idea what the story is about. It can only know what you've written down.

Don't get me wrong, I love your prose but the story structure is just too confusing.

Great story, good word count, yet the pacing isn't too slow. Some really hot stuff, sharing a diaper isn't something I've ever thought of before, props for that.

As for the structure, some people are complaining about it being confusing, but it's not. If you simply read it I think the context is wayyyy enough to tell what's going on, making the two parts chronological one after the other would detract from the flow of the story a lot, I think.

Also the thumbs down on this story makes me sad, completely unwarranted.


6844098 I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the compliment. I know that a story always makes the most sense to the person who wrote it, but I agree with you that it should not be so difficult to understand that every other section is essentially a flashback. I wanted the past scenes to weave in and out of the present scenes so that by the end the reader understands exactly how it is Rarity and Sweetie Belle would up together like that are.

Also I do believe it is much too easy to downvote a story simply because you don't like the fetishes involved. But in such circumstances I just go with the motto: "Let your haters make you greater!"

The context can tell me what's going on but I get confused when it's jumping all over the place without explaining it.

Maybe you should make it more obvious that it is a flashback. Like literally say that it's a memory or something.

Also your diaper story is quite extreme.

pure, innocent, technically virgin, sister

what exactly does that mean? Has Rarity only been fucking her through her anus up to this point?

6964703 It simply means that Sweetie Belle has never done it with an actual true stallion, even though she has been doing it with Rarity, not to mention probably having regular lesbian sex with other (Applebloom?) mares.

Isn't that stretching the definition of "virgin" pretty far?

Also it would be much better if you would put those author notes at the top of the story rather than the bottom.

I don't understand why this story has so many downvotes. Typically, water sports and scat aren't my thing, but I really enjoyed this story. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who absolutely loved the idea of Sweetie Belle in diapers. So adorable! I am so facing this, especially since I love this pairing and find it really HOT!

7221350 Thanks for enjoying my story! The down votes are almost always from people who don't like the fetishes mentioned in the description and down vote it simply because of that. It has nothing to do with the quality of the writing. And yes, Sweetie Belle in diapers is a beautiful thing!

7222587 Glad you agree. You'd probably like my story "A Mother's Touch", which I really need to expand on.

7222606 I actually have read some of it, Its well written. Though it seems its written more from the AB perspective, which I understand, but personally I'm just a DL and diapers are a sexual thing for me, nothing more. Meaning that unfortunately I can't appreciate the feeling of the characters as well as I might otherwise. Also I tend to shy away from stories with tragedy or sadness in them. I've had to deal with some of that in rl, so reading about it is...unpleasant for me. I hope you understand. Fortunately I'm not an ass and won't down vote a story just because I don't completely 'get it'. Admittedly I'm surprised that you like my story so much based on what I have read of your work. Other than a bit of filly diaper wetting our stories don't seem to have much in common.

Any idea when the next chapter might be finished?

7309127 Thanks for enjoying, I don't give out expected completion dates but it so happens I am working on the next chapter right now.

another great chapter, loved the history and world building. wish i could like twice :twilightsmile: thank you

7536566 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! There isn't enough world building in these types of stories imho, so I try to do something about that in my own.

awsome, i love it :D

we all wait so long , and now come a awsome chapter , really, great work

i hope the other chapter come soon :D

7536716 So very glad you like it! I only wish I had the time and energy to write longer chapters.

The best filthy pony writer I know strikes with another gem.

lol, great so now an aroused Twilight is unable to sleep and unable to get in on the fun poor Twi

Thanks for another wonderful chapter and so quickly too :twilightsmile:

7540024 Actually the implication is that Celestia did wake up again and knows what Twilight did in her diaper and wants to have fun. So Twilight no longer needs to go see Cadance. Twilight will have more fun this night one way or another!

7540413 oh great :twilightsmile: I read it as Celestia doing it in her sleep :facehoof:

This is very very hot. :pinkiecrazy:

And I though your Futa Cadance on Diapered Twilight Sparkle was hot but this was just....unf! :twilightblush:

Super great as usual!

Next chapters gonna be good.

great work.
This greatly reminds me of the story Tarnished Silver. Maybe you could check that one out as well, it's very powerful.

I really enjoyed this. The only thing that kinda bothers me is Rarity's weird anti-stallion opinions. Either that or I'm misinterpreting them to mean "you're a fucking white male" instead of "I am a lesbian and I hope that the object of my affection returns my feelings instead of being interested in a stallion, which would imply she is heterosexual and thus out of my reach".

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