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My version of the history of the Friendship is Magic Universe starting when a final attempt to save humanity from an endless war goes slightly wrong and ends up releasing humanity and the elements of harmony into a world of ponies. After this, the story follows many different characters throughout significant events in the history of Equestria, including the discovery of the elements of harmony and their uses by the original owners. Later on, it documents the families of the mane six and the background characters, and also some original characters that play a part in Equestrian history.

First Published
8th Jun 2012
Last Modified
22nd Oct 2012

I can see this leading somewhere good.  Great writing!

Impresive but will there be more "Humans" showing up. Like the apparition of humanity to the ponies. Also do the princesses know that the elements are the representation of humanity?


Thank you for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated =) This is my first story and I'm not entirely sure of all of the details for future chapters, but I was planning on having the human race becoming extinct which is why the ponies now have taken over humanity. I would have thought that two races with intelligence and developed emotions could not survive together, although thinking about it, this could lead to some interesting results in the future... I suppose you will just have to wait for the next chapter, but I will happily take suggestions and criticisms =)


Oh your welcome. Oh and by the way I didn't expect the humans to appear totaly, they are extinct and that is perfect for me. I just though it would be interesting for some sort of, remnat of the dr. concience to be able to appear. I will eagerly await the new chapters =)

Not bad. Short but not bad at all. It was a good way to start. I'll wait for the next chapters and give you my two bits about them.


Thank you =) I really appreciate your feedback.

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