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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Congratulation with posting your 150th story.:pinkiesmile:


Did you like this one?

If so, how so?

‘No! Not now!’ came your panicked thoughts. ‘Oh God! She’s a horse and I’m getting turned on! Why boner?! Why are you doing this to me?!’ your thoughts screamed in your head.


Yes! Surrender to my almighty pony cuddles puny human. Resistance is futile

No one can resist pony cuddles.
Story is heartwarming. I love your heartwarming stories.

And worst of all, there wasn’t even any human on pony buttsex. The horror!

Diffinitely unexpected ending.


That's a video he was probably he was thinking.

Did you like the story?

This story is quite mild, compared to any other of Bendy's work. I expected some silliness and horse fuckery, but what instead it seemed like a regular fic, what gives Bendy.


No one can resist pony cuddles.
Story is heartwarming. I love your heartwarming stories.

Heartwarming. But poor Pinkie Pie didn't get sweet human on pony action.

Anon,,, needs time. He will one day have sex with Pinkie Pie.

This was just funny.

Poor Pinkie. No butt sex for her!


I like to change things from time to time. You may have noticed I have written a rather seriously story called 'Friendship And Death'.


How was it funny?

Only Sunbutt gets the buttsex from a human. :trollestia:

Why boner?! Why are you doing this to me?!

Ah life


you have broken the pony on human sex process.... this was great to read :pinkiecrazy:

Why didn't you add "Second Person" tag?

I fucking love you, Bendy.

what have you done with the real bendy!? :twilightangry2:


Now added. Forgot about that tag.


Quite different to most of my stories, isn't it?


Thanks! Hopefully my fan fiction can inspire you to write your own silly stuff.


It is me, Bendy. The no human on pony buttsex make you think it isn't me?

Combo breaker?


The no buttsex?


pretty much! XD

still that did make me laugh.



I Came For The Cuddles, I Did Not Leave Disappointed.


Very embarrassing for poor Anon. Yes?


You're welcome. Anon had kinda a somewhat realistic reaction to being cuddled by such a warm and soft body, don't you agree?

Things would get very awkward in the morning if one of them were to have a wet dream. :trollestia:


It sure would. Pinkie Pie could unintentionally soak him and Anon will shout at her. She may cry and Anon would feel bad and give her a hug... and finally have sex with her. XD

You like this story?


Well I enjoyed it. Though I wouldn't call that cuddling. It was more like a one-sided embrace. Just like a face-hugger, Pinkie refuses to let go because she is inserting her eggs into his chest.

This does NOT require its mature rating.
There is NOTHING explicit, only references to things.
This should only have a Teen rating.


Now, that's a creepy thought.


In my opinion, I'm fairly sure the mods would have rejected this if it was teen rated.

"soft fat" or "soft fur"?

Oh dear lord I died.



I like plump ponies.

I held a victory fist when I read the ending... NO POONTANG YAAAA, I was expecting it though:pinkiecrazy:

well hello Bendy why do I keep going to your stories?

Whew man, 150 stories? congratulations XD hahahaha, this was funny, and I can just imagine Pinkie's warmth, comfy and best for snuggles!


Nice job!


I bet she would feel really soft. But I imagine she would be very noisy in making love with her.

Poor Pinkie though. The mean human didn't give any human on pony buttsex.

6925299 She seems like the soft type, tehehehe, noisy but worth it.

Stupid humang! How dare he Dx *grapple hugs Pinkie* I would totes if she wanted ta. Hehehe...bubblegum.

I say this with the utmost respect, I think you are the second greatest troll this site has ever seen. The greatest is Knighty himself of course. Hmmm.. .I wonder if the -y to the end of your names grants you this awesome power?

Gets half through story- “Gee, I wonder who wro-Yep. Figures.“

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