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Two unique qualities I like about this Sawyer character: his glasses and his ability to read into actors. Certainly, if his glasses were prescribed in his stable days, then he has done well to take care of them. Cause God knows how difficult it is to acquire an intact pair of glasses in the wasteland with the perfect prescription. And his ability as demonstrated in the bar scene provides the one skill to this character that could save his life. It adds a new layer of intrigue in future interactions.

But it remains difficult to care about this character, especially when Sawyer goes out of his way every other paragraph to describe how depressed he is and how much he needs his drink. Usually this kind of character is presented with some sort of enjoyable tic -- a self-endangering, but funny snark or a darkly poetic narration style, etc. I can get that Sawyer is playing more the hungover wet towel who is forever determined to make it to the nearest bar. The sheer number of times he points out this role in dialogue and narration starts to bother me, and it makes the opening scenes feel longer than they are supposed to be.

I begin to care less about how he got this way and more about when he will stop talking about drinking himself to death.

I really liked the brief mention Sawyer gave about the pegasus. That little detail that he reads into gives insight to the character that is about to be introduced.

6791790 Thanks for commenting! Gamma and I will try to tone down the "woe is me" in future chapters, though it does need to remain a little bit as that is part of his character at this current time. Once again, thank you for commenting and leaving feedback! Almost no one does this anymore and it's really good to see comments like this :pinkiehappy:

Eeee! Inky pinky! I gonnareadit when it will be 20k words long I swear! :pinkiehappy: Fuck not realy remembah blyat what was in old version. Beda!:applecry:

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

an alright start, nothing with a bang, but the main character is solid, and the pacing is good. I'll keep on this,, like with the last one. :pinkiehappy:

another good chapter, and I have to add, the new perk is awesome. Good job.

love the characters so far. It will be interesting to see how Sawyer changes as a character.

A nice chapter, and it looks like the supporting cast is going to be fun. Also props for the star-trek reference.

Heh, I am both glad, and a bit disappointing that it didn't start singing. overall a fun filler chapter.

Okay, I'm finished reading all that's out for Second Winds and completely done False Dawn, so I'm back to read more of yours and Gamma's great stories, I like it so far, but I'm not sure what to make of Sawyer. His whole "MOAR ALCOHOL!" attitude is a little over the top in a couple places but still pretty funny with the whole, "After last night?" thing. Also I'm pretty sure I know who Banshee is. Anyways, I'm liking it so far, so onto read more I guess! See ya next chapter!

Okay, another chapter down, however many more to go! It was a great chapter, it didn't fly by so fast I couldn't tell what was going on, or drag on for hours and hours, and the whole raider chase and battle was really well written, and I could get a really good picture of what was going on. Then he held a foal hostage and I was like, "This is f**king intense!" Anyways, great chapter! Moving on to the next one now!

That's three chapters down, and things just got a whole lot more interesting. Also, is that really Bluejay? If it actually is then hell yeah I'm so happy! Anyways, good chapter, and I'm onto the next one!

Yay more interesting stuff! I really hope Sawyer ends up changing his act, because omg it would be awesome having Sawyer and Bluejay meet up after all those years apart and become best friends again! Huzzah! Next chapter!

It's just one awesome thing after another, Bluejay is here and now they're off to find PC and they meet Gauge and PAI! I freaking love reading stories that are part of a series, since I get to read more and more of certain characters. But I really hope Caltrop comes with them.

Ok this chapter was a little on the, "Oh dear God why?" side of the whole chapter style spectrum thing, but still good. I thought they were gonna try and turn him into a plant at first but nope they were feeding people to the plant.

Yay! PC and Caltrop are back! (Pleasedon'tkillthempleasepleaseplease)
Also I forgot that PC is missing her legs. :facehoof:

Alright, things are going pretty smoothly... Which probably means that everything is going to hell in the next while...

Oh my God Infrasound is adorable! Anyways, awesome chapter, that fight was awesome!

Oooooo. Plot deepens...

Ok! I'm all caught up for now, (Both in this story and the other ones in this series type thing: MoH, TLW, and BD) I look forward to more chapters for this story, it's been fun to read the whole way through. Also I loved Caltrop's little talk with Sawyer.

Oh, i just fuckin read all of this. :rainbowwild:
What can I say. He so fuckin remind me of Ace from Tales of a courier. This rare type of stallion protagonist who is too impulsive and making stupid decisions half of time. His way to survive is right and fast decisions in really fuckin dangerous situations. I like how you write him.:pinkiehappy:
A lot of fuckin old faces. I will be one who fuckin sceptical about fuckin that. I am glad to see PC and Cal but fuck i know them so good already. I would prefer if you add newblood in group instead. Itsa fuckin no way there are no another decent and skilled mercenaries there. Remove poor PC from her foals for this. Oh i dunno.

And what? Keep fuckin write it!:twilightsmile:

Any idea when there will be new chapters for this?:fluttercry:

Hello there,
Just checking in to see if your story is on hiatus or cancelled?


It's still unfortunately on hiatus for the time being.

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