• Published 1st Jan 2016
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Librarian Twilight Sparkle, Tutor of the CMC - SoloBrony

Twilight starts to feel socially isolated by her title and fame, and comes up with a silly plan to deal with it.

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Brace yourself, importance is coming

"She just doesn't seem like herself, lately. I'm worried there's somethin' she isn't tellin' us."

"I feel much the same. It's high time we asked Twilight what is 'up', so to speak."

Rarity and Applejack made their way into Twilight's crystal home, but were greeted by the strange sight of a cloud floating in the foyer. Applejack spied a wisp of rainbow tail spilling over the edge of the cloud.

"Dash? What're you doin' up there?"

"Huh? Buh?"

Rainbow Dash woke with a start, and peered over the edge of the cloud, still half unconscious. She was clad in a strange black bodysuit that neither Applejack nor Rarity recognized.

"Oh, is Twilight back?"

Applejack and Rarity traded a look, and Applejack glanced back up to Dash and responded.

"Back from where? We were hopin' she was here."

"Oh, she went to the Crystal Empire to buy a telescope... projector... pointer... thing. Darn, I was hoping to nap until she got back."

Rarity rubbed her chin in thought, responding to Dash's comment.

"Rainbow, has Twilight seemed... alright to you, lately?"

"Huh? Yeah, totally. Why?"

"Well, it's just... she seems to be acting strangely, lately."

Rainbow waved a hoof dismissively.

"She's fine, trust me."

Applejack frowned, speaking up.

"We'd prefer to judge that ourselves, if it's the same t'you, Dash. Twilight's actin' funny, and that usually means trouble."

To their surprise, Rainbow looked somewhat pained by Applejack's comment.

"Hey, AJ... have a little faith in Twilight, will ya? I mean, she's gotten in trouble before, but..."

Applejack shuffled uncomfortably, looking regretful, but Rarity narrowed her eyes at Dash, making her fidget nervously on her cloud.

"Dash, dear... do you know something we don't?"

Dash narrowed her eyes in response, chewing her lip in thought for a moment. Then she smiled slyly.


And with that, Dash blasted off at top speed, whooshing through the open door behind them before Applejack or Rarity could react. They could hear her laughter echoing back to them as the sudden wind from her departure died down. Applejack adjusted her hat, nodded to Rarity, and started to head back towards Sweet Apple Acres.

"Applejack, where are you going? We have to find out what's going on!"



"I'm stayin' outta this one, Rares. I'm sure if there's a problem, we'll hear about it soon enough."

Rarity paused to consider that, and then smirked.

"Good point."

Author's Note:

This story got its first downvote. Knowing that one day, the person who downvoted this story may come back and change their vote...