• Published 1st Jan 2016
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Librarian Twilight Sparkle, Tutor of the CMC - SoloBrony

Twilight starts to feel socially isolated by her title and fame, and comes up with a silly plan to deal with it.

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Oh, importance is PERSONAL now!

Applejack knocked on the door to Fluttershy's cottage, other front hoof still occupied by the newspaper she was reading. She heard a muffled response and a flurry of activity on the other side of the door, before the door slowly opened to reveal a stressed-looking Fluttershy.

"Oh, hello, Applejack. I'm sorry, but I'm a little too busy to put any tea on – I need to leave in just a few minutes."

Applejack tore her eyes off of the newspaper and gave her friend a warm smile.

"That's alright, sugarcube. I just wanted to know if you'd seen this."

Applejack trotted into the cottage as Fluttershy resumed preparing to leave, and set down the newspaper. Fluttershy spared a moment to glance at the headline.

Ponyville librarian speaks on importance of respecting our foals

"Oh, no, I'm sorry. I've been too busy to read the paper today – what's it about?"

Applejack scooped up the paper as Fluttershy flew around the cottage gathering materials, skimming it as she spoke.

"It's an interview with Twilight. She mostly talks about how teachers and parents can get so caught up on thinking they know how something works, they'll discourage young'uns from exploring."

"Ooh, like how the Cutie Mark Crusaders surprised all of us?"

Applejack nodded, a small smile forming.

"Yeah, that seems to be the thrust of it. She mentions that, and how we wouldn't even know linked cutie marks were possible otherwise."

"That's really sweet of her! It's a good lesson to take from that."

Applejack shuffled uneasily.

"Well, sure it is, but... the article's kind of weird. I mean, they don't even mention that Twilight's a princess – this whole thing makes it sound like she's just some small-town librarian and tutor!"

Fluttershy paused in midair to consider that, and then resumed flying.

"Maybe she just wanted them to focus on the cutie mark crusaders. I mean, it could be kind of distracting for the reader otherwise..."

"Maybe. She's been actin' awfully funny lately, though... you noticed how much time she's spent this past week goin' places?"

"Well, yes, but she seems happy. Actually, I'm getting ready to go with her to a get-together in Canterlot; they wanted my bird choir to... uh..."

Fluttershy paused at the odd expression Applejack was giving her, and her words died in her throat.

"Applejack, is everything okay?"

"Y-yeah, sugarcube. It's just... you're going to the conservatory tonight?"

"The conservatory? Twilight didn't say exactly what the get-together was... do you think the birds will be good enough for them? I mean, of course they will be, but am I a good enough conductor... oh my..."

"Now don't you fret none, Fluttershy. Your birds never fail to impress. Here, I'll help you get ready, alright?"

Applejack took to comforting her now-nervous friend, and helping her get ready for her trip. If it hadn't been for Rara going to the same convention that evening, she wouldn't have even known where Fluttershy was headed. The newspaper lay on the table, forgotten...


... but elsewhere, a certain Princess of Friendship was pausing in her frantic preparations to read a copy of that same newspaper.

Inkblot came through – no mention of my royal title until the very bottom! And even there, it's just discussing my role among the... princesses...

Twilight's eyes narrowed. This wouldn't do, oh no, this wouldn't do at all. Twilight began scheming, a horrible smile forming as she stroked her chin.

"Excuse me, princess?"

One of the aides for the party was tapping her on the shoulder, looking mildly concerned.

"Oh, sorry about that. I was just thinking about friendship. Let's get back to work."


Author's Note:

What's a good chapter title convention for if not being ruined in hilarious FASHIONISTA RARITY

Shoo be doo, shoo shoo be doo