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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!

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Everyone's got a yang side to them good story for being uncomfortable with the subject the writing doesn't show. The character's are nice, scenes make sense no unneeded dialogue or fluff in general overall 9/10

This came out pretty good. Rather dark, as we were all warned--and yet those who proceeded, well, we found what we expected to find. Have an upvote, and a further vote of confidence if this was indeed uncomfortable to write.

This fic almost demands a sequel...
Normally don't say that bout -insert warning tag - fics but this was very good


Honestly, the writing itself is not uncomfortable to me. It's really not. However, re-reading it, and editing it, and going over the plot. Just...bleh, not my cup of tea. But I enjoy challenging myself with different topics, and this was an interesting and fun challenge!
Not my usual comedy, not anon, not gross fun, not weirdly fun...so yay for a change of pace I guess?

Also...usual readers...Where the FUCK are my puns?!

6787944 Puns require a bit of our soul that stays oddly quiet when we approach these sorts of things.

I wrote a story about miscarriage, and the puns for that were immaculate.
I have faith in my horrible horrible readers who I greatly adore.

6788062 How the heck do I phrase this...

Miscarriage is a horrible thing that can scar a person for life, sure, but quite often the chances of it happening are in the capricious hands of fate. Rape though...that isn't chance. That is one person quashing the little voice in their head that keeps them sane and inflicting suffering on someone else. I remember watching a comedian who I quite respect on Youtube and he tried to make jokes about rape: I enjoy this guy's work, but nothing in that video made me laugh.

Apologies if I'm bringing you down. I personally have never been targeted by something like this, but nevertheless I do feel rather strongly about it and hopefully I haven't overstepped my bounds by bringing it up here.


Not trying to get serious here. Just saying, there's a few folks I know have a pun or two in em for this.

I'm sorry, but this was... a little dark. Still good writing though and it wasn't as dark as it could have been for something like this. I'd rate it 8.5/10. Also, Hate to say it about Lily and what happened, but that's one lily that's been de-flowered.

Well played, well played.
And yeah, heh, the dark tag is on there for a pretty good reason this time.

There was a certain point that I didn't want to keep going, but this story cast a spell on me.

6788731 Stories involving rape ain't my cup of tea as well, but still i'll give it a 9/10.

And sorry for the lack of rape puns in the house. I have been trying to write a few, but they all look a bit forced.

brzy #13 · Jan 2nd, 2016 · · ·

I find this one a little hard to make puns for. I mean, they come from a very special place, often unexpectedly. They're often friendly at first, maybe funny or charming, to get you to lower your guard. Then they're suddenly inside you, and you find yourself groaning. You don't really want them stuck in you, but there they are, just pounding away. By then all the good will is gone, the welcome long worn out. You really just want the ride to end so you can get off and wash away the pain.

But enough about rapists, didn't mean to force that on all of you.

I'm nominating this comment for "Best Comment of January 2016"

I'm more okay with this than I expected to be, probably because the hypnosis was so complete. Lily was enjoying herself so much that I just kinda wanted to be her.

This is some pretty good writing. Uncomfortable subject matter, but we were told and you delivered. Sometimes I like to read stuff like this, I completely condone this in real life but I am not a total fucking idiot who can't understand the difference between fiction & reality.

This is an important comment and I approve of it wholeheartedly.

Well, this story is a change of pace for him, I'm not sure he would be comfortable getting forced into it. It isn't like he can just erase the memory once he's done, now is it?

that hapend so other changlings...

6790801 don't you mean condemn instead of condone? :trollestia:

Shit! Damn auto-correct finishing my words for me.:twilightoops:
Yeah I do mean condemn.


I knew what was meant there, but well caught.

Yeah, but still. Best to correct things like that, stuff gets weird if you don't..... experience just leave it at that.:facehoof:

Don't feel the need for a pun here, maybe because it is so dark. That's okay. A rapefic well done is definitely something that holds one spellbound, drawing us in - partly willingly, part unwilling, but too entranced, or let's be honest here, too hot and bothered, to resist. I so wish more of the King Sombra clop/rapefics were done with this kind of skill and attention to detail and motivation. Very, VERY well done. If you pushed your boundaries, did this well with such sensitive subject matter and got this sort of reception, it was well worth the effort!

I completely condemn this in real life but I am not a total fucking idiot who can't understand the difference between fiction & reality.

See someone is doing it right. Never understood why people get so squicky with incest, rape, and other taboos in a fictional story.

6795594 Fictional wincest is freaking hot.

Hmm, Wonder how many times he has already done this.

6790674 I don't know how or why, but this made my day XD

I'll start off by saying I don't agree with nor support rape in anyway.

Now that I've said that, this was amazing. Well written, good character development in such a short amount of time, and well done Clop. I did see one to three very small grammar errors, but who cares. :derpytongue2:

Very good, Mr Anon-Pencil, well done. You get a 9.9/10 from me.

All my rapefic puns are forced and usually contain little joy for whoever my... err.... the victim is..... :twilightsheepish:

7359478 Why does everyone call me Jesus? I mean, it is great to be compare/confused with Jesus, but I don't feel as if I can live up to it.

7360740 because its either that or blessed, bliss, and last but not least tbo:moustache:

6789954 from puns to rape in -10 seconds as that describes both.

7448272 Those are all very horrid names... good point. Jesus it is, I guess. :scootangel:

7448384 sorry that I had to point that out, but hey could been worse cus my nickname on roblox is tears or send and those ate literally the only things you can make from my account name. So in the regard of nicknames it could be worse:derpytongue2:

Well, like a Catholic priest once said: All love is good love.

7493893 ...Except forced love, which isn't love at all; Just a sick, perverse imitation

Why the heck am I attracted to this kind of stories when I positively wish the Changeling to be caught and duly punished?

Why am I attracted to this?!

Any psychiatrist out there, please? :-P

Into the 'read it later' folder it goes

you deserve feature on the front page:trollestia:


best story write more plz


This is my favourite story

>inb4 featured

This has changed my life.

My wife came back from the dead, my husband divorced me again, my children love everyone involved, and everyone gained a fetish for bugs.

10/10, would read again .

What is WRONG with you people?!

I am sad, I believe that probably it will not be featured:fluttercry:

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