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Nova, Scootaloo's daughter, will begin to learn what being a murderess is all about.

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Scootaloo's daughter

The fire quickly spread throughout the colt’s body, he tried screaming but the cloth in his mouth wouldn’t let him. “Shhhh. It will be over soon, and you will be with your family once more.” She dowsed the flames with vinegar. He only bit down on the cloth as hard as he could. She then started to heat up a small metal object. He struggled against the straps that held him to the table.

“Now, I am going to be a doctor and you will be my patient!” She came over to the now burned colt with the now red hot metal object in her hoofs. “don’t fight it now. I will only mess up and will have to start over!” of course the colt didn’t listen, he was to busy trying to scream through the cloth and shake out of his straps. She started the torture. The steak knife glided easily through the burned skin of his chest. Salty tears formed in the colts eyes as he struggled more and more.

“Dammit! I thought I told you to-“She stabbed him in the leg with the burning knife, sizzling the skin around it. “-Stop!” He did as he was told and just stopped moving, his eyes closed and his heart beat slowed down. “Ugh! Almost EVERY colt that comes in here faints!” the filly grabbed a needle from a small metal red shelf and walked over to the colt. She stabbed him in the heart and her jumped back to reality, at first he was confused and disoriented, the filly sat on the a duplicate table next to him.

“Hello, again.” The filly said as she saw him look at her with a confused look, then at the straps then realized he couldn’t speak. “Yadda yadda yadda, you’re not dreaming and all that crap. You were chosen to become a cupcake. Now I am going to ask you. Do you want out?” The colt pupils grew small as he remembered what happened not moments ago. He nodded quickly pleading to get out. “Yeah well I can’t have that happening. What would you do if I unbuckled the straps? Run away? I just stabbed your leg, not like you can heal fast or anything. Come to think of it, that would be awesome! Hehe, but this is reality and you can’t do any of that. SO! I’m going to kill you now as you watch!”

She held up a rather large mirror on the ceiling reflecting the table the colt was currently on. What he saw was horrific. His chest was horrible; He had a huge flap of bloody skin hanging by a single thread of blood covered skin. He saw the knife still in his leg, burning. He could feel little after the fire and vinegar but what he did feel was horrible. He couldn’t bear to look at himself, he tried looking away but the small filly held his head with some kind of metal device.

“Oh stop your complaining! I’ve had enough of you. You are going to feel more pain than ever and all that st-You know what?! You are one boring cupcake! I mean COME ON! You barely did anything to the straps and you didn’t even try to head butt me! Not once!...Time to make this a little more interesting. Hehe.” She undid his straps and the metal device holding him in place. “I will give you 30 seconds to run, fight, or hide. It doesn’t make a difference to me. Well, I am going to be sitting in the shadows. Waiting for you to do something.” With that she did as she told him she was going to do, she walked into the shadows.

He didn’t know how dark it was in the room until now. He always had a rather large light starring him down while he was lying down. He didn’t dare speak, in fear of his neck being cut. He sat up on the table that once held him down to the torturer. His leg was not dripping blood, the steaming knife was in it. Sealing the wound, but his chest was. His chest was gushing red internal liquid. He knew if he tried to step on the ground he would fall, making him an easy prey. He grabbed the knife out of his leg with such force that it ripped some of his burned skin off making him cringe. He quickly got the cloth that was held in his mouth and tied it around the wound on his leg.

He was ready, when the little monster came out of the shadows he would kill her, it would all be over. “Oops, did I mention that we are ten feet below the surface of Equestria? Should have also mentioned that the only way out is through me.” The room grew bright; he thought maybe he was seeing heaven. Then his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw the filly blocking the him from the stairs, she was standing on two legs as her other two held knife’s. She had a blue mane and a yellow coat. She was a pegasus, not old enough to fly. He started thinking that maybe he could knock her to the ground and run to the door, she wouldn’t do a thing.

He smiled best as he could at the small pegasus are jumped off the table only for his snout to greet the ground triggering pain in every muscle in his body. He forgot about his wound, now he was a helpless ‘cupcake’ he didn’t know why she had said that earlier. The colt didn’t want to know why; maybe it was some kind of sick way of telling him that he is delicious? He quickly grabbed the end of the table and pulled himself up as he heard the sweet laughter of a filly behind him. He gave up his hopes to get up and just sat down, facing his soon to be killer. He couldn’t see her face anymore; she was standing in the light. The broken colt only breathed heavily as he twirled the knife behind his back.

“Really? After all that you STILL fall on the ground? Thought this would a bit more fun, but you ju-“Her sentence was cut short as the colt flung towards the blue maned pegasus with his knife, he sliced her cheek! He fell to the ground, once again he cringed. He looked at the filly which was now standing on her four legs.

“You cut me…” the colt would have stabbed her again if he had the strength, the only thing he could do now his lay there and realize the blood from his chest. “I can’t believe you cut me…Ha… Ouch! That really hurt!” The filly touched her cheek. The place where he cut her, she was bleeding…she never bled. She felt her own blood on her hooves, it wasn’t much different from when she stuck her hooves in the skull of a dead corpse, but it was hers…her blood from her own body. She couldn’t believe it.

“I..I don’t know what to say…Good job?” The yellow coated filly said as she turned around to face the burned colt. She took on a grin that could rival the devils, spreading the cut as she does so. “Just for that, you get to die quicker than the rest!” The filly trotted slowly towards the colt which was agony. She raised her left hoof to touch her cheek once again. “I also noticed you have not vomited. That saves me time, but you did manage to get on the ground. Which my mother is going to have to clean by the way. Why not make it bigger?” She then lowered her bloodied hoof from her cheek and then quickly threw the knife at the colt, slicing a little bit of skin off his shoulder. He would have screamed if he had his breath, all he did was show more fear in his eye’s than ever before.

“Dammit. I missed, I have to keep to my promise you know, can’t have my reputation being tarnished.” She went back to the red metal shelf. “Ah! Here we go, well. I will stay here while YOU go somewhere else.” She held in her hooves a small jar of green liquid. She started to trot back over to the scared colt. “I said it will be quick, nothing about painless” She said with a happy tone. All he could do was try to crawl away, making the cut on him grow wider. “Now you try and run… A bit late for that, don’t you think?”

She grabbed his head and forced his mouth open, she shoved the jar in his mouth and forced his mouth closed, breaking the glass and realizing the acid. His face started to burn and melt as the some of the acid splashed his face, the rest went into his mouth, burning the every living cell.

“I’m sorry, I should have told you my name before we started. My name is Nova.” Nova then laughed as she watched the colt die of the acid, his face was burned and she could tell his throat was burnt to a crisp.

She watched, waited, sat there. She waited for him to die, she watched as he did, she sat, enjoying the smell of burnt flesh. She touched her cheek again, she couldn’t believe she was bleeding. She heard so many bad things about bleeding at school and how you could get a sick if it wasn’t patched up in time. That’s when she heard hoof steps coming down the stairs over the sound of crackling meat. “Mom!” Nova said in joy, waiting to hear herself praised for her work.

“Nova!” A full grown pegasus came down the stairs. “I love what you did! I saw everything” The mare had an orange coat while her mane was purple. “I would never have thought to let the victim go! I mean that was pretty sweet how you knew he couldn’t even get off the table yet give him the hopes that he can. I love how you smashed the jar in his mouth! That was probably my favorite part. Hehe, I love you the most.” Scootaloo hugged her daughter then realized about the cut on her cheek. “How does it feel? The cut.”

“It feels fine. I love you too. Could you um…let go?” Nova said as she hugged her mother one last time before the larger pegasus let go “I swear I did not plan any of that!” the yellow coated filly told her mother.

“I never plan my sessions either! It just happens and I go with the flow, though I’m more then sure that you better at it then I was.” Scootaloo said as she grabbed a bucket and mope.

“Mom, you taught me how to do this. I could never beat you at your own game!” She said as she hugged her mother one last time. “Whats with the mope and bucket?”

Scootaloo handed her daughter the mop and bucket. “When I was your age, I cleaned the shop. Now that you are my age, that means you clean the shop too.”

“Uh! Why do I have to do it? Why don’t you?” Nova told her mother.

“I have to go see a friend Nova. Now, I will only be gone for a couple of hours. Remember to finish your homework and brush your teeth.” Scootaloo said as she trotted towards the stairs.

“Fine, but don’t expect me to clean the entire shop!” The filly said as she started to mop.

“Oh but I do.” Scootaloo left her filly to clean the mess she made, then the shop. As Nova mopped, she touched her cheek again and smiled.

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So, a Cupcakes sequel? Hm...

Okay, Scoots is apparently Pinkie's daughter, then? Okay...

This is good, just the grammar issues and the wall of text make it not as fun to read. Thumbs up from me.

A description would be nice

Thanks for giving a slight description

:ajbemused: Patragraphs would be appreciated. :facehoof: Walls of test are not fun to read.:pinkiecrazy: and blood.....

711331 Okay, I fixed thy wall of text :pinkiehappy:

seems intresting I'll have to give it a read

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