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Virtuality Is An Art - One of My Inner Monologues ~ 2K18


Bronies. The mane six are desperate to know what the definition of this word holds, but it might not be what they think...like seriously they are gonna find some messed up things man, this fandom is seriously fu- *cough* I mean funny it'll be a great experience. Maybe. Okay definitely not.

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tell me if you got all the bronies do you know them all well you should you really should and if not tell me who you did know in the comments

comment if i should continue this story plz

Continue the story plz!!!!

The chapter wasn't meant to be published sorry lol. Think of it as a teaser? 8868531

You seriously need to work on your grammar. This chapter was extremely hard to read due to how poor it was.

I... just... Did you intentionally make this cringy to read? Because wow is this hard. Take an upvote and my shelf though since you made me smile.

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